Your brand new business has launched and you’re ready to absolutely rock it as a female entrepreneur.

Business cards – check. Facebook and Insta – check. Business plan – check. 

Bursting with enthusiasm and ideas – check and check!

So, what else do you need to succeed?

We asked the SA Woman community to share what they wish they’d known. Here are 20 Top Tips for budding female entrepreneurs who are ready to dive deep into the world of self-employment success.

Carly Thompson-Barry

Head Nurturer at She Nurtures – Body + Soul + Business

SA Woman Founder

“Often our wellbeing is forgotten about and pushed to the bottom of the list. But the foundations of our business are actually ourselves, our bodies! Take care of you – body + soul, just as much as your business. And surround yourself with a team of people to help you on your way – a business mentor, great financial advisors (eg. a good accountant!), health and wellness professionals (eg. personal trainers, naturopaths, counsellors, GP etc!), supportive friends/family and of course a community like SA Woman to cheer you on and lift you up.”

Facebook: She Nurtures with Carly Thompson-Barry

Website: www.shenurtures.com.au

Jennifer Zeven

Freelance writer, blogger, creator of Blurb-ology Copywriting and #OpinionatedWoman

“Try and inoculate yourself from comparison-itus by having a clear and realistic vision. We all come to business at different stages with different levels of knowledge and skill.” 

Facebook: Blurb-ology

Website: www.blurb-ology.com

Lauren Zwaans

Brand Strategist & Copywriter – Kis Communications

SA Woman Marketing Partner

“Stick to your lane and back yourself. We all have our particular strengths, so identify yours and shout them from the rooftop – real and virtual! Also get comfortable with the idea of pivoting based on customer demand, but make sure you’re doing what you love. That passion will sustain you during the inevitable ups and downs. Businesses, like people, are always a work in progress.”

Facebook: KIS Communications

Website: www.kiscommunications.com.au

Vanessa Jones

Copywriter and author from Jones the Writer.

“Keep ideas and successes a bit of a secret. Ideally, limit you sharing to 2-3 people who you KNOW (as in, they have proven to you in the past) are super supportive and will have nothing but positivity to say.”

Facebook: Jones the Writer   


Lisa Luyten

Adelaide Newborn Photography

“Baby steps…. Each challenge gives way to the next and you will never be without challenges.”

Facebook: Adelaide Newborn Photography


Natasha Rains

Owner/ creator of The Sweet Tooth Factory (Cakeprenuer!)

“Run your own race, and find your tribe! Surrounding yourself with like minded people is crucial!”

Facebook: The Sweet Tooth Factory 


Kathy Wooller

Lead Consultant/Founder of Evolve Pro

SA Woman Learning & Development Partner

“Build your foundations, take the time to identify any areas you need to grow or develop, research, plan and connect with providers who can help you in your own unique business journey.”

FacebookEvolve Pro



Tammy Edwards

CEO of Tuckfields Conveyancing and a Facilitator of Tammy’s Table

“Think big from the beginning. Treat your business as a business, not a side hustle. Look at your long term vision and set your foundations and systems up so you can confidently have the work done by others as you grow.”

Facebook: Tuckfields Conveyancing


Rachel Reiter

Brand stylist – Hopscotch Graphic Design

“Don’t compare your chapter one to someone else’s chapter 15.”

FacebookHopscotch Graphic Design

Website: www.hopscotchgraphicdesign.com.au

Emma Fabbro

Owner and Certified Practicing Accountant – Fusion Accountants

“Be prepared for a rollercoaster! Highs and lows, wins and losses, successes and failures.”

Facebook: Fusion Accountants


Katharine Crane

Owner & Social Media Strategist – Crane Creative

SA Woman Social Media Partner

I am a firm believer that if you are uncomfortable, then you are on the right path.” 

Facebook: Crane Creative

Website: www.cranecreative.com.au

Kelly Brealey

Professional E.G.O. Consultant

“Don’t let either fear or perfectionism get in the way – be unstoppable in your pursuit of your goals. And make sure to ask for help – empires aren’t built by queens on their own.”

Facebook: Kelly Brealey

Alison Kennedy

Owner and Accountant – AK Tax Services

“Make sure your terms of service and payment terms are established before you send your first invoice. Don’t be lenient with anyone.”

Facebook: AK Tax Services



Owner & Creator of Saha Botanica

“My top tip is to invest in a diary & spend some time planning out your week ahead of time. It can be challenging being your own boss & learning how to maximise your time and not get distracted so having daily tasks helps you to hold yourself accountable. I also make sure I allocate time for my own personal appointments such as pilates or whatever exercise you enjoy. Knowing I have time set aside for my own health priorities keeps me focused and I always return to the office in a more positive state of mind.”

FacebookSaha Botanica


Melanie Hansen

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health and Lifestyle Coach & Owner of The Well Supported Mother

“As an entrepreneur we often focus all our attention and efforts into our business but forget about our health and wellbeing. Be sure to set aside time each and every day to exercise, fuel your body with nourishing foods, practice self care and ensure you are getting adequate sleep each night! Your business will be so much more successful if you are also looking after yourself. “

Facebook: The Well Supported Mother


Karen Leslie

Owner – Mount Gambier Website Design

“Know your WHY. Why are you starting this business? Being an employee can be easier in many aspects, and running a business has highs and lows. When you know your WHY, you can remind yourself when things feel tough and it will keep you on your path.”

Facebook: Mount Gambier Website Design

Website: www.mountgambierwebsitedesign.com.au

Dr Anna Kanter

Ocean View Dental – Director and Principal Dentist

“Start operating how you plan to operate once you are established. You can’t be everything to everyone. Know your target market and what sets you apart. If you don’t wish to be the cheapest, if you don’t wish to be the most exclusive that is ok. But start marketing yourself from the very beginning to reflect what is it you stand for and what you can offer your clients (patients in our case).”

Facebook: Ocean View Dental


Sonia Bavistock

Chief Storyteller, Scribe and Social

Trust your intuition. It can be an overwhelming landscape to step into and you will want to do all the things. But you must trust your gut! Set out to do what’s in your heart. It’ll grow and evolve, and that’s totally OK – but start with what lit the fire in the first place.”

Facebook: Scribe and Social


Tiffany Bennett

Marketing Coach at Savviness 

“You will get greater results with your marketing if you can get very clear on what you want to be known for, what problems you solve and who your target audience is.” 



Jess McEachen

Copywriter, blogger and words lover – Jess McEachen Copywriting

SA Woman Copywriting Partner

“Speak to a great Accountant first! Financial stress can be crippling so make sure you know the basics straight off the bat. What expenses can you claim? What structure is best for you? What bank accounts do you need? What tax do you need to put away? This last one is huge because it can be a gut-wrenching moment if you find out you owe the ATO. Believe me! Self-employment is such a different playing field to working for someone else. Knowing your numbers gives you peace of mind and confidence to get on with what you do best.”

Facebook: Jess McEachen Copywriting