On the 31st December 2019 I achieved a goal that I had set for 2018… yes, you’re reading that correctly. The goal I achieved was to climb Mt Lofty Summit in Adelaide SA. It’s classified as a hard hike and is 7.8km return; up and down very steep terrain.

Many people do this hike, it’s a tourist attraction and some people use it for fitness! Anyone who has climbed Mt Lofty knows the challenge that it is. Especially if you don’t usually do that kind of walking/hiking. 

Here are 6 lessons that I learned from my Mt Lofty Summit hike:

1. Be kind to yourself

If you don’t achieve your goal in the exact time frame… simply reflect and move the measuring stick and set a new goal.  After not achieving this goal in 2018, it would have been so easy to never climb Mt Lofty.

I’m glad that I moved the measuring stick.

2. It’s about the journey

The cliché is that life is about the journey not the destination.

Well that’s what I kept telling myself on the way up to Mt Lofty Summit because there were many, many, many times when all I wanted to do was turn around and walk back down before getting to the top.

I learned a lot on my walk so I would agree that it was about the journey, not so much the destination.

As much as I like enjoying a reward after something hard, that’s not always possible and it’s good for us to re-learn that we don’t always have to get a reward. Achieving the goal is the reward itself.

3. Avoid Comparisons

Remember not to compare someone else’s highlight reel against your own challenges.

I thought about how annoying it was when I was walking in pain going up and saw lots of people coming down with smiles on their face, laughing and having a good time.

It’s easy to think “why do they have it so easy when I’ve got it hard?” But the truth is that most of them have done the hard yards of walking up as well.

(I say most because let’s face it, some people may have been dropped off at the top just to walk down… and most of us would know people who have had an easy run at life too – but most of us do the hard yards.)

4. Keep focused on your path

There were a couple times when I was looking around at the view and with the strenuous nature of the walk, it meant I got off balance a couple times.

The lesson was to keep focused on where you’re going in life and on the walk.

When you look around too much you get wobbly and can fall off the track.

When you look around at what others are doing or where others are on their journey, it makes you question the lane you’re in and the path you’re taking. We can only take our own path, we can’t take someone else’s path.

Keep focused and try not to compare yourself and your path to others. If you want to look around… I recommend stopping, breathing and then looking – it’s much safer!

5. Celebrate where you are

Stop every once in a while, and look back and celebrate how far you’ve come.

There were many, many, many times that I had to stop (mainly due to being puffed!!), but as I stopped, I looked back and began to reflect on how far I had come, and it encouraged me to keep going.

No matter how hard the rest of the journey is, the facts are that you’ve gotten this far so who’s to say you can’t get through any other challenges that come?

6. Yes you can!

Near the end and at several times throughout the journey, it’s easy to let negative thoughts convince you that it’s too hard, you can’t go any further, you can’t do this anymore.

And yet you totally can. Yes, you can.

You’ve come so far, don’t let the negative thoughts take hold. Counteract them with the positive. You can do it. You’ve come so far. Keep going. This (pain) too shall pass.


So, there you go. There are 6 lessons from walking up to Mt Lofty Summit.

Another day, another week, another year has clicked over and we have the opportunity to start fresh. We can start fresh every single day. To reflect on where we are and where we want to go. To look at what’s working and what’s not working for us.

  • What goals are you hoping to achieve this month?
  • What are you proud of from the past day, week or month?
  • What do you want to do differently this month?
  • How can you increase your self-care this month?

Stay focused, present and kind to yourself. You are worth it and you have so much to give. You have come this far, so keep going. You make the world a better place! And remember to take care on the Journey!



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Anna Doecke is a Counsellor and Speaker and has over 15 years’ experience working with adults and young people.

Anna suffered burnout in her mid-20’s and through her own personal counselling journey and the work of Brené Brown, Anna gained confidence and discovered her true self.

Anna is now the Owner of Journeez Counselling and Personal Development and does individual counselling with women. She also takes her message to groups and organisations as a skilled presenter, delivering a strong, clear message on topics from Brené Brown’s work including authenticity, vulnerability, courage and self-care. Anna finds it a privilege to facilitate conversations around topics that are often avoided but bring so much freedom to one’s personal experience.

Anna is a proud Aunty, lover of mini-golf and dessert cafes and loves spending time with friends and family. Her life aim is to live life to the fullest.

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