I love watching individuals, groups and companies focus on ‘giving back’ rather than just ‘getting’. This is especially relevant in the entrepreneurial world as small to medium businesses focus in on who they are and aim to show the world their own values and ethos. Nothing excites me more than watching these brands work with causes they are passionate about and make a significant difference.

Why give back?

Here’s my theory, we’re all born with a desire to give, to help, to show, to share. Life gets very boring when everything is about you. In fact, often for our own health, we need to look outside ourselves and spend some time helping other people to gain some perspective. It is the same for your business.

Here is a collection of simple things you can do to start creating a generosity mindset in your business.

6 ways for your business to give back

Volunteer your time – Spend a day helping a local charity with whatever they need or become a regular volunteer. Clean up their space, help them refurbish a waiting area, style a new home for domestic violence survivors, stack shelves at your local community food hub. There are so many ways to give back and charities love having people come to volunteer.

Sponsor an event – Charities are always looking for sponsors to help them create a great event, raise awareness and find new donors. Charities need dollars to put on a great event and by sponsoring the event you get your name in front of their supporters. It’s a win-win. There are usually different levels you can get involved in and even a small amount can make a difference.

Donate a % of sale – If you are selling something, consider choosing a cause you care about and donate a certain amount of money per sale or a percentage of sale. I love how Arlo and Co (of personalised wooden homewares fame) have teamed up with I=change to donate $1 from every sale to specific projects that they have chosen.

Fundraise – Find something you are passionate about and bring your community along to fundraise for it. By fundraising for a charity, you show your customers who you are and what you’re about. It also makes you look and feel great!

Join a Board – Not for profit Boards need experts in many areas including HR, marketing, policies, law and so much more. If there is a cause close to your heart, call them and have a chat, you never know where it can lead.

Collaboration – Find a way to collaborate with a charity you love. Work together to reach both your communities and make a great impact. If you make cards, why not offer to do some Christmas cards for a charity that you admire and do some joint promotion. Check out companies like Collabosaurus for lots of other ideas of how collaboration can work.

Whatever you decide, take some time to incorporate giving into your business this year.



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 Joy Rodda from Drummer Marketing



Joy runs Drummer Marketing, an agency for Not for Profits. Joy’s passion is to help charities understand how to successfully fundraise for their cause. Joy has worked in the not-for-profit sector for over 17 years and started Drummer Marketing in 2009 when she recognised how much small to medium charities were struggling with their fundraising and marketing. Drummer Marketing was born to fill this gap.

Since its inception, Drummer Marketing has worked with local and interstate clients on marketing, fundraising, strategy, brand, digital, storytelling, donor engagement and everything in between.