Meet Jenna Douglas – Human Design & Astrology

We welcome Jenna Douglas into the business spotlight this month, and are super excited to dive right into the intriguing world of human design and astrology!

Jenna reveals how the work she does is a way of closing the gap between ‘who we think we are’ and our authentic true soul nature. So good!

As a huge fan of all things self-development, energy, spirituality and the stars, Jess from Jess McEachen Copywriting was so pumped to chat with Jenna! From talking about self-responsibility and the journey inward, to how Jenna escaped burnout and the 9 weeks of lockdown that closed her bricks & mortar business put her on this new soul-led path.  And, how most importantly – that with human design, Jenna was finally able to stop pushing, forcing, hustling and live in alignment instead. Jenna mentions how the woman in the SA Woman membership are all incredible lighthouses – and we think Jenna is definitely one of those herself!

This is an incredibly inspiring read with real heart, warmth & depth. We love getting to have Jenna Douglas with us in the Business Spotlight for June.

// A big welcome to you Jenna as you step into the Biz Spotlight in June! Can we kick things off with an introduction – tell us about yourself & your biz, and what lights you up the most about what you do?

Thankyou for having me here – very grateful! Ok so I will start with the important parts – I am an Aquarius Sun, Libra rising and Gemini Moon 😊  a lot of air there I know! Haha!

I geek out on human design, astrology, energetics, and all things spirituality.

I didn’t know the meaning of this at the time but for me the journey really began 2 years ago and at this time I was in the Profection of my 9th house.

What that means is during that year my major themes playing out in my life were around the 9th house themes of higher learning, spirituality and astrology – fast forward 2 years on and I now look back and smile thinking ‘of course it was’ and so since day 1 with my coach back then named Kat – I am still down the rabbit hole of spirituality and I think I wont come out anytime soon!

So, I have a Human Design and Astrology business, and whilst astrology is a little newer for me, I combine the two together to read charts for others and to allow them to meet their soul and what they are here to do in this lifetime.

I believe that we cannot unknow what we know – so once you know the work its hard to ignore it and this is what I love the most!

I love seeing the true deep ‘ah ha’ moments of people and be here as that gentle but also firm reminder that this life is for self-responsibility – within every moment of everyday you are making choices and making energetically aligned choices is super important.

I love watching people accept who they are and also step into their life and take the steering wheel rather than sit in the passenger’s seat and wonder why they don’t have control.


// “I believe human design is an incredible tool to uncovering your own unique, energetic flavour of who your soul chose to be in this lifetime…” Oh my goodness this sounds amazing! I’m so intrigued by Human Design, yet it’s something I haven’t dived right into yet. So, can you please let us in on what Human Design is all about?

I like to think of Human design as a tool in your spiritual toolbelt that you can use alongside so many other beautiful modalities to begin the journey inwards into meeting your soul.

Through human design, energy work and astrology it creates a portal where we can land and begin to explore deeper aspects of what makes us, US! Uncover the flavours that make you the special human that you are but also begin to understand others, be it professional relationships, employees, friends, intimate relationships and even pets.

Because we are not here to change another person but to see another person.

It is so beneficial to understand how your energy best works with others and possibly where you might have your challenges and so then you are aware of those and then you know how to navigate them that honours both individuals and their souls.

We take your birth data and we create your own energetic soul blueprint, which encompasses the ancient systems of Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakras and the Kaballah (tree of life) with contemporary systems of Quantum Mechanics, Astronomy, Genetics and Biochemistry. This all meshes together to create your own human design chart and a snapshot of the energetic blueprint of who you came here in this lifetime to be.

A beautiful way of thinking about this is as a way of closing the gap between ‘who we think we are’ and our authentic true soul nature – this takes you a step closer to soul alignment and knowing the best ways to apply your gifts and skills in this lifetime.


// And better yet – how can having a reading with you and discovering these elements enrich our lives, both in business & in everyday life?

Once you know, you cannot unknow and believe me I tried for some time in the beginning!

I believe that you are called to a certain person and energy at a certain time for a reason and I believe that uncovering who you are in which every modality you choose is a nourishing, honouring and enriching thing you can do for yourself and the collective.

It all starts with you, you must be the lighthouse in order to guide and show others the way home – it must always start with you and so uncovering who you came here to be is the greatest gift you can give not only to yourself but to the collective as a whole.

I could talk about energetics, spirituality, and intuition in business all day long – haha – it’s a big, juicy topic!

I think that when it comes to business one thing is important is to understand your soul, your employees’ souls and how all this energetically intertwines.

The moment I started to lead from design was the moment that some things and also relationships disintegrated that had to go and the moment that I began to stop feeling like I was pushing, forcing, hustling and it felt like the clouds parted and I could see the sun. I started attracting in the right clients, abundance was coming in with ease and flow, work relationships deepened, and the list goes on. 

It takes you out of the reactive state of thoughts and into the intuitive, aligned flow of what is here to come through for you in this lifetime.

I could talk about energetics, spirituality, and intuition in business all day long – haha – it’s a big, juicy topic!

The moment I started to lead from design was the moment that some things and also relationships disintegrated that had to go and the moment that I began to stop feeling like I was pushing, forcing, hustling and it felt like the clouds parted and I could see the sun.

I started attracting in the right clients, abundance was coming in with ease and flow, work relationships deepened, and the list goes on. 

Jenna Douglas

Human Design & Astrology

// “A new way of being and moving in my world started during the middle of 2019, when I began to question the way I was choosing to show up in this world…I was starting to feel the burnout, the moment where you feel like the wheels are constantly spinning but you are getting nowhere at the same time…I was becoming disenchanted with life in general”

Oh, I really do know that feeling. It sounds like your journey over the last few years has been fairly epic. Tell us more about how you came to be in your current biz and how you knew you needed to let go of the old.

I think so many people do know the feeling, however they either leave it too late or the just ignore it and accept that as their reality!

My first business and also still currently run is within the beauty industry and with a bricks and mortar business it took me 3 years to really start to notice the push, the hustle, the grind, the hours equal income mentality that I felt I had to do on the daily just to keep the wheels turning.

I was the ultimate people pleaser, I had a massive lack of boundaries and as true Libra rising soul (in the shadow) who basically looked after everyone other than myself.

I felt disenchanted with life but I had no idea how to get off the merry-go-round that I felt like my life had become as I lacked fun, joy, spontaneity and mostly my spiritual practice.

I landed into the spiritual world at the right time – in my 32nd year of life and the year of profection in the 9th house of spirituality – it took 12 months to start my business and it came through authentically sharing my thoughts, my ideas, my life and in turn I began to attract in the right clients and the invitations started to come in and all this came through the space that was created through the lockdown of 2020.

Space created a newness in my life and in landed my business and a deeper spiritual practice and the space for my joy to come in as that reminder that joy is what my soul is here to create in this lifetime.

The 9 weeks of lockdown taught me the old ways had to go, they no longer had a place in my life and in my businesses.


// Also, how has your first year been in this new business, considering the state of the world around us?! What have the challenges and gifts been for you?

The year for me has been one of the most abundant, expansive, and greatest gifts in my career.

My bricks and mortar business closed for 9 weeks at the beginning of the pandemic and that is where this soul led, heart led push come from – the circumstances out of my control ended up creating space for me to pursue a passion and inevitable saved me from burn-out.

I am a Libra rising and a 1/3 – investigator/martyr profile in human design and I had really been in the shadow side of both of those aspects for a very long time and I was near burn – out so I must say that the time and space has been my greatest gift.


// I loved reading your post about ‘Radical Self Responsibility and Self Honesty’, and the recurring theme about ‘Your Life, Your Choice’ throughout your feed. How can we know when we’re not owning our own choices…and what magic happens when we do?

Oooooo this is a great question – I love this!

This is going to be so different for everyone and it has so many variables especially when we begin to take in human design and astrology.

I believe when we are connected to self, connected to source or our higher self then we have the ability to know when we are not owning our choices.

I believe you will know in your own body more so than external to you, you will get the gut feels, the intuitive insights, the knowing – no one person is more powerful than the next, no one person can be more spiritual or connect better than the next – it just takes practice.

I believe that the only way to know when your not owning your choices is to learn to go inwards, learn your own instincts and quieten the mind. It’s a felt sense or a knowing – the more you think or conceptualize it the more it is not for you. You have to create SPACE and quieten the mind for the answers to land. 

The magic that happens is yours and yours alone – that is the exciting part of this journey, we cannot predict the magic and nor should we, it takes away the fun and what you class as magic is going to be different to mine. For me, my magic was a deep acceptance of who I came here to be.

Meet Jenna Douglas - she's standing in our business spotlight!

// Speaking of magic and possibilities – let’s talk living in alignment! Within your own life – what are your favourite ways to stay in alignment and to nurture yourself?

I love this question so much!

Self check in’s would have to be my number 1 thing and this for me is through meditation.

When I think of meditation I think of it as a moment where my mind goes still and this is my moment to connect and allow my downloads to come through.

My authority within human design is my spleen (aka intuition) and so for me when I allow space to quieten my mind, listen to my intuition and act from that place, I feel that this is alignment for me.

Nuture for me is definitely nature, Gaia, Mother Earth – when I take a moment to intentionally connect with the earth and be in nature is when my soul feels joy.

//It’s so fantastic to have you within our membership! What do you love about being part of the SAW community and what have you gained from it?

The women in here are incredible lighthouses, they are doing their thing in their own way!

There is community, connection, support and a sense of togetherness.

We are all in this together and that’s what it feels like in here no matter what business you have or where you come from.

It has created a safe container for me have to gain confidence to network, to ask, to reach out and to create connections that I may not have felt confident doing.


// Lastly, a question we do love to ask everyone – where are your favourite spots for a delish working lunch?

I live down in the Limestone Coast and so one of my favourite lunch spots is Melzars! The best Chai Latte in town!


Thanks for chatting with us Jenna!

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