Meet Jodie Nevid from The Seven Effect


Are you ready for a HUGE dose of inspiration? Together with a whole bunch of ‘give me some of what she’s having’??! This interview with Jodie Nevid from The 7 Effect is epic! 

When Jess from Jess McEachen Copywriting took five with Jodie, she just couldn’t stop smiling. Jodie’s energy is infectious and within moments of being in her company, you want to know more & more about what she does, and find out how to work with her!

Jodie has gone from feeling suffocated by the corporate world to living her best life as a lifestyle entrepreneur and business coach, and doing it all on her own terms. She’s been dubbed ‘The Fairy Godmother for Women in Business’ and loves to support women to earn more and work less, and helps women to launch or grow a successful 6-figure coaching or consulting business.

After reading this interview, you’ll feel ready to lift your game and live life by design. You’ll want to get your very own ‘Goals Club’ happening. You’ll find out why Jodie thinks her SA Women Membership is one of the best business investments she’s ever made. And, you’ll discover what it means to ‘Grow Wings, Not Balls’.  

We are so excited to have Jodie Nevid and The Seven Effect with us in the Business Spotlight for February, kicking off our 2021 partnerships in style.

// Thanks for stepping into the spotlight Jodie! For those in our community who haven’t met you, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and The 7 Effect?

Hey, I’m Jodes – a lifestyle entrepreneur and business coach and I’ll do almost anything to avoid having a ‘real job’. I feel lucky to have spent the best part of my working life running my own business, travelling the world, and doing what I love for a living!

But as they say, you create your own luck… and every one of my businesses has been strategically designed to give me the lifestyle I desire.

After years and years of business building I literally fell into business coaching when people started asking me – how do I do what you do?

I love challenging the status quo and helping women build businesses that are FUN to operate, FULFILLING to work in and designed to create the FREEDOM they crave for themselves and their family.


// Can you also let us in on your mission…because it’s a good one!

For sure, my mission is to inspire women to ‘Wake up and live life by design… not by default!’

What I mean by that is, I want women to know that they CAN.

They CAN set goals.

They CAN create time for themselves.

They CAN succeed in business…

And they CAN earn great money doing it!

Stress, struggle and overwhelm are not mandatory in business or life. My mission is to remind women of that and help them achieve their ‘impossible goals’.


// But, you weren’t always living life by design now were you? Can you let us in on what the turning point was for you, for The 7 Effect to be born?

OMG – you’re right about that! In my mid 30s I had a break up that broke my heart, and when we separated I desperately wanted to buy the ex out of the house so I sold off my investment properties, shut down my business and got my first ‘real job’ so I could show a steady income.

At first, the weekly pay cheques and paid leave was liberating but over time the grip of the golden handcuffs became suffocating.

I stopped setting goals.

I stopped travelling the world.

I stopped dreaming about crazy ideas like financial freedom and retiring at 40.

I became a workaholic during the week and social alcoholic on the weekends, and it’s fair to say I feel asleep at the wheel of my own life. 

Then my wake up call came when I heard about ‘Snow White Syndrome’ – an unconscious waiting period Psychologist Dr Martyn Newman explains as a state we unconsciously slip into after crappy things happen. I diagnosed myself with a chronic case of Snow White Syndrome and decided no more waiting. 

So, I started a Goals Club® with a group of girlfriends. 

We meet once a month, to set goals and there was 7 of us so we became The 7 Effect.

Goals Club® was so profoundly life changing for me I wanted to start a business and share this simple practice we’d created with other women. 

And as the saying goes the rest is history.

The 7 Effect launched and back then my focus was purely on helping women design their dream life and set up their own Goals, Club®. By 2016 a lot of my clients started asking for my help to build a business and that’s what inspired me to create The Lifestyle Business Builders Mastermind.

My mission is to inspire women to ‘Wake up and live life by design… not by default!’

I want women to know that they CAN.

Stress, struggle and overwhelm are not mandatory in business or life. My mission is to remind women of that and help them achieve their ‘impossible goals’.

Jodie Nevid

The Seven Effect

// *Happy dance time!* You recently let us know you’re an approved service provider with The Department of Innovation & Skills to deliver growth related services to SME’s of SA! Woohoo! What kinds of services are you looking forward to providing?

I know this is a HUGE woohoo!!

Already some of our clients have had grants of up to $10,000 approved to help them grow their business.

My 3 favourite ways to help businesses grow are…

STRATEGIC PLANNING – Every business owner needs a game plan, however most business owners are fuelled by passion and starved of strategy. I love helping burnt-out business owners develop a growth strategy that allows them to earn more and work less using 80/20 principles.

LIFESTYLE BUSINESS BUILDER – This is my absolute favourite way to help clients because it’s an all-in experience that supports women to launch or grow a successful 6-figure coaching or consulting business. Our LBB group is like a family because my team and I work up close and personally with our members to guide them through every step of building a profitable business and living an extraordinary life!

CONTENT DEVELOPMENT & MARKETING – We all have our ‘Genius Zone’ and I’d say mine is content development and creative marketing ideas. I love helping clients find their own voice, create content that converts and build epic communities without spending money on ads. Marketing is an area a lot of people struggle with so I LOVE helping get women over that hurdle and position themselves as an expert in their field.


// Another exciting development for your business has been opening your own space in Plympton. What goodness happens at “The Life Design Studio”?

Yes, The Life Design Studio has all sorts of amazing life design and business building goodness all year round. 

It’s an old home we’ve converted into offices and a training room, which seems fitting given The 7 Effect started around a dining room table.

My entire business model is built around going deep with a few clients rather than skimming the surface with many so we run small events that deliver deep learnings in a space that makes you feel at home and part of the family.

You can experience all sorts at The Life Design Studio, from monthly Sound Healings with Trish Blythman, to 4 Day Business Bootcamps with me, a series of Masterclass on Coaching, Speaking and NLP, and of course our famous Ultimate Life Planning workshop happens 3 times a year.

The Freedom Awards are happening the Friday night after the SA Woman Awards – only $50 a ticket to come and learn from and network with some amazing women in business who are achieving extraordinary things in business and life. You can book here.  

Also, make sure you keep an eye on what’s coming up on the Events page of our website.

Meet Jodie Nevid from The 7 Effect
Meet Jodie Nevid from The 7 Effect

// You’ve been dubbed “The Fairy Godmother for Women in Business”, which is so fun & fitting! What do you find the most common issues or themes women are having in their business & life when they come to you? Where do you need to wave your wand?

OMG isn’t that funny! The title was given to me by a PR Agent before she introduced me to some major players in the mainstream media. The agent said “Jodie we can’t call you a business coach, journos hate coaches. From now on you’re the Fairy Godmother for Women in Business.”  

At first I cringed, then I took a deep breath and ran with it… and the journos loved it!

I happily ‘own’ the title now and my clients love it, because it really does fit perfectly with what I do.

Ok so there are 3 main areas my magic wand gets the most action in:

Pricing – a lot of women under price and over service business because they don’t value themselves or they simply haven’t done their numbers properly. The very first thing I do with all my clients is crunch their numbers and build a financial business model that’s profitable and creates freedom.

Program Design – Most of my clients are coaches and consultants and they get stuck in the trap of selling their time by the hour. HOT TIP ladies: charging by the hour is a BAD idea if you want a business you can scale. I love helping women unpack their own magic and bundle it up into one high-value program that can make 6-figures a year with 50 clients or less.

Positioning – Wanting to help anyone with a bit of everything is a mistake I see women make in business all. the. time! As a jack of all trades generalist you go straight to the bottom of the hierarchy of value. When I work with women I flap my wings like crazy to fan their fire and have them fly directly to the top of the hierarchy or value as the go-to expert in their niche.


// Your work must fill you with so much joy & life force! Can you let us in on how you stay grounded and healthy?

It sure does – I get beautiful messages daily from women who are achieving things they never imagined possible.

The joy and gratitude that comes from that keeps me grounded.  Because there’s nothing like the appreciation of a woman who never thought she could make any money, who is now doing incredible things with big numbers to keep you in check with why you do what you do.

And when it comes to health I live by Hippocrates motto – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

I’m no purist, but I do lean to healthy organic whole foods over processed and packaged food like substances.

And, every day I make sure I go for a walk, drink lots of water and bend over to touch my toes… Because being flexible matters! 😉


// Obviously 2020 was a doozie and many are still reeling. What were the lessons & triumphs that come through for you during 2020?

Wow what a year… It was an interesting one. And you’re right, for some it was a doozie. But for others it was a dream! Many are still reeling, whilst others are rolling in it.

It certainly was a year that divided business into feast or famine.

My big lesson from 2020 –  ‘Grow Wings Not Balls’. 

I can be a lot like bull dog with lock jaw when it comes to getting what I want. My determination and grit has served me well, but being forced to slow down and cancel big plans during lock down made me realise that  being ‘ballsy’ was became exhausting.

When I was ‘crowned’ the Fairy Godmother for Women in Business it reminded me that I had wings (as well as balls) and once I started tapping into the energy of achieving through flying over fighting something in me changed. It’s hard to describe but it’s a shift I’m grateful for.

I think the big triumph for me and my clients is most of us had our best year in business ever. The shift to online learning opened up a whole new world of possibilities in coaching and education in our programs went up whilst cost of delivery went down.

It was also a year that forced us to think differently about the way we work and live – and I think that’s a very good thing!

// Looking ahead, what are you looking forward to learning and doing in 2021 and beyond?

OMG I love this question – every year I invest in a ‘big ticket’ training to develop my skills as a business coach. This year I’m studying with business guru and New York Times best selling author Donald Miller to become South Australia’s only certified StoryBrand Guide.

That’s a super exciting thing for me because I’ve been fawning all over him and his work for the last couple of year. So, to do training directly with him is a big WOW and YAY for me!

Plus, I can’t wait to share what I learn with my clients and community… because everything Donald Miller does it is pure business building GOLD!

Check out his books Building A Story Brand and Business Made Simple – they’re fantastic booked for anyone in business to read.


// We’ve loved having you join our SA Woman village. When you’re someone who is so used to hosting and growing your own communities, what’s important to you about being an SA Woman member?

I absolutely love the culture of the SA Woman Community.

When I ask a question in the community I get a flood of ideas and solutions, if I post request for recommendations a huge long list of talent comes my way, and when you share a celebration the women greet you with lots of LOVE and YAYS!

In fact I think it’s fair to say, in terms of ROI my SA Woman Membership would have to be one of the best business investments I’ve ever made!

I’ve only been a member for a short time but already I’ve found amazing local talent to help grow my business – (thank you Alicia from The Ads Manager and Jade from Fable & Fig) had several new clients hunt me down to work with me, and this month several of my existing clients are finalists in the SA Woman Awards.

Now that I’m finally part of the community I can’t imagine being without it.


// Lastly, a question we do love to ask everyone – where are your favourite spots for a delish working lunch?

I’d love meeting clients at Meta Sol in Goodwood because the entire menu is divine, The Organik Store & Café on The Broadway does delicious healthy juices or the cool new beer garden at the Broadway Hotel is fantastic for a long lunch and brainstorming session with your business besties.


Thanks for chatting with us Jodes!

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