Constantly evolving, as her business name suggests, Evolve Pro’s Kathy Wooller is a business coach with more than a decade of experience in adult education and training individuals, teams and businesses. In 2020, she’s taking more of her services virtual – and supporting other businesses to do the same.

Lauren Zwaans from KIS Communications chats with Kathy about her coaching services, her style as a coach, and her quarantine must-haves.

// Lauren: Tell us about your business!

Kathy: I started my business in January 2019 as I was due to return to a corporate career after my second round of maternity leave but the culture, environment and offer were misaligned to my values, capacity and needs of our young family.

Like many others my services have evolved this year to focus on:

  • Transformation projects from businesses needing to transition from face to face training to online/digital/e-learning.
  • 1:1 or small group virtual coaching/training in a wide variety of apps, tools, systems and programs.

// What do you love most about running your own business?

That everything I do is driven and aligned to my purpose – evolving people as they navigate their unique career and learning journey.

// Who can benefit from coaching?

My business is built on the foundation that everyone deserves the opportunity to evolve as they navigate their unique journey.

// How would you describe your coaching style?

I tailor my coaching style to the needs and preferences of people that I train/coach by utilising the accreditations I have in psychometric tools.  My style is customised, authentic, preventative and always evolving. 

// What does a day in the life of Kathy Wooller look like?

We approach our home life as “team Wooller”. Where everyone does their bit to help and support each other. Like most households we have been rapidly adapting to discover what our new normal is. This changes on a day to day basis.

My husband has worked for Melbourne based company Architecture and Access for more than a decade and is adjusting to working from home for the foreseeable future. He is a good co-worker to share our home office space and life with, and is an amazing dad. I am very proud to be his wife and to have him alongside me. 

We built and then moved into our house in the Adelaide Hills 5 years ago. We are slowly turning it into a home. We are thankful for wide open spaces and our community.

I am a mum of almost 6 years. Our daughter started school mid-year last year and we are blessed with the amazing support from our school for whatever term 2 brings in terms of learning.  Our toddler son also keeps us on our toes and brings joy and meaning to our days.

I am studying towards an undergraduate degree with University of New England, running my own business, and currently completing a business accelerator program through The Elevatory Academy.

So, if I was going to describe day to day life it would be evolving and full.

// What is the number one piece of advice you’d offer fellow business owners at the moment?

Take this time to focus on what you value most, be still and present with your loved ones, seek support and learn something new that helps you to adapt or relaunch your business when the time is right.

// You’re stuck in quarantine. What four essential items would you choose?

Wine, tiramisu, cheese and unlimited wifi!

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