Our 2022 Business Spotlights

We’re so excited to shine a light on these incredible South Australian women across the year. Diving deep into their stories and giving them the opportunity to share their wisdom and the passion for what they do.

Sandy K. Conveyancing

February ~ Sandy Rollison + Sandy K. Conveyancing

Whilst I am located in Walkerville, I provided conveyancing services internationally – to anyone transacting property in South Australia.  We have clients all around Australia, and around the world.

We love to work with anyone who values a relationship with their service provider – whether new home buyers, developers, or those transacting estates.

We work to take away any confusion, stress or anxiety associated with property transactions, and educate along the way.

Read Sandy’s Business Spotlight Q+A here: In this chat, Sandy reveals how 7 years ago, she left the corporate world & it’s the best thing she ever did! She busts the top conveyancing myths, shares how 2022 is the year of growth, and digs deep into what she’s learnt from running her own biz. Sandy is also someone who loves to give back in so many ways…

SA Woman Directory: Sandy K. Conveyancing

Website: www.sandykconveyancing.com.au

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Human Brands

March ~ Emily Hilder + Human Brands

I’m the Head Human at Human Brands: spot the person who got to choose their own job title!

My awesome team and I are on a mission to help heart-led people grow thriving businesses, doing the work that they love.

We’re all about helping purpose-driven people unearth their magic, say goodbye to the hustle and scale their business with authenticity and grace.

We specialise in thought-leader brands and purpose-driven businesses: our clients range from startups and solopreneurs (sooooooooo many SA Woman members among our lovely clients!) to well-known brands like Flinders Uni and People’s Choice.

Read Em’s Business Spotlight Q+A here: Today, we dive even further into Em’s work of ‘helping purpose-driven people unearth their magic’, and what that truly means for her and for them. (Seriously, what a bloody great job!). Not to mention her biggest note to self – Do What You Love.

Em tells us all about her Northstar:Create and Northstar:Grow programs and how they’re generating such meaningful and mind-blowing results. Em also discusses the shifts the pandemic has created and what marketing & branding trends she thinks we’ll see emerge in 2022…

SA Woman Directory: Human Brands

Website: www.humanbrands.com.au

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Meet Desiree from Desiree Beekharry Coaching

April ~ Desiree Beekharry Coaching

Desiree Beekharry Coaching exists to coach women back into the workforce, and my ideal clients are women who are 40+ and who want to return to the workforce after a divorce/separation.

Following a divorce, women often have low self-esteem, low confidence, feel rejected and suffer from a range of other health impacts like stress, anxiety or depression. Returning to the workforce at this stage can leave women feeling overwhelmed, fearful and almost paralysed, especially when dealing with other personal life transitions, such as divorce. In working with each client, I help her have a better understanding of her skills, her experience and her worth. As she becomes clearer about where she wants to go and who she wants to be in this new life, I help stop the voice that says, “I’m not good at X”, and change it to, “I’m willing to give it a go and see where my talents lie.”

Read Desiree’s Business Spotlight Q+A here: Here, we delve right into Desiree’s powerful work with helping women over 40 who want to get back into the workforce after divorce or separation. She’s so passionate about helping them become their own hero. Empowering each woman and coaching them through what can be such a rocky time – to regain their confidence, self-esteem and a true sense of clarity about their life and their own talents. Just so good!

Desiree also dives right into the journey that brought her out of the corporate world and the racism & sexism she has shut the door on. To now having a world full of choice in her own business. We talk proud moments, business birthdays, life on different continents, lessons from divorce, her Lady Power Club and so much more!

SA Woman Directory: Desiree Beekharry Coaching

Website: www.desireebeekharrycoaching.com

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Quintessential Being

May ~ Nikki O’Brien + Quintessential Being

Quintessential Being started out as a podcast – having conversations with like-minded women who have overcome the challenges in their life and mindset so that I could offer myself and my audience fresh perspectives that cultivate awareness and invite more self-love and acceptance into their lives.

My business is about helping other women to launch their own podcasts so they can connect more intimately with their audiences, putting out content and conversations that really inspire, transform and uplift their audience.

I love to help soul-led business women start their podcasts, and really meet them where they’re at so that it doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly techy, or hard. It’s this really beautiful, easy process of recording conversations and sharing them with their audience.

Read Nikki’s Business Spotlight Q+A here: Nikki takes us right into the raw moments in which Quintessential Being was conceived, and how her business began with what was not just a podcast – but a huge part of her own healing journey. Get ready for the goosebumps moment when you read  how podcasting has opened Nikki up to her own magic, has allowed her to feel more whole and has given her the roadmap back to herself. Ooft, so good.

Nikki reveals the magical elements of being a successful podcast host – and *Spoiler Alert*, it’s not having a long, successful background in broadcasting! Nikki also busts the other big myths around who can be a podcaster, and you’ll be happy to hear that it doesn’t matter if you’re not an extrovert or a tech whiz for starters!

SA Woman Directory: Quintessential Being

Website: www.quintessentialbeing.com

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Amanda Horne Life Concierge

June ~ Amanda Horne Life Concierge

Some people think using a Personal Concierge Service is a luxury that only people of a certain stature can engage with, however, at Amanda Horne Life Concierge, we believe that it is an affordable option to buy back your time! The time that would otherwise be spent doing personal errands, or other tasks. It simply provides a convenient way to get things done by sending requests to your personal concierge.

What would you do with a spare hour or two per day? The time you will save by using our service can be spent on more important things like enjoying your family, friendships or participating in self-care.

Read Amanda’s Business Spotlight Q+A here: Amanda goes beyond what her fabulous services are, and dives right into what it means for women to be more organised in their life and business. No more piles of guilt and stuff staring at them, which brings sweet relief and more time to enjoy each day!

We get to celebrate with Amanda as she reveals the story behind how her new business arm was born, and how Amanda also gives us the lowdown on where loyalty doesn’t pay in our lives. *Spoiler alert* – it’s with your bills!!

SA Woman Directory: Amanda Horne Life Concierge

Website: www.amandahornelifeconcierge.com.au


Judith Jordan Family and Collaborative Lawyer

July ~ Judith Jordan Family and Collaborative Lawyer

When relationships end, disputes involving many personal and financial issues can result. These disputes can be emotionally draining and daunting particularly where children are involved or if there are complex financial matters to be addressed. I will work closely with you to establish precisely what your concerns are and I will actively listen and advise you on the outcome that you want.

I am a founding member of ResolutionSA, a group of collaboratively trained family lawyers, family therapists and financial planners who work together to provide solutions to families as they transition from one household into two utilising the collaborative process rather than the Courts.

Website: www.judithjordan.com.au


Meet Kelly Dawson-Fitzpatrick from Hydrojet Solutions Australia

August ~ Kelly Dawson-Fitzpatrick – Hydro-Jet Solutions Australia

Kelly is the Business Operations Manager for Hydro-Jet Solutions Australia and is driven to make Hydro-Jet Solutions the premier plumbing company in Adelaide. Kelly is passionate about the plumbing and construction industries but particularly about encouraging women of all ages to join, grow, stay and having fulfilling and diverse careers within the plumbing and construction industries.

Kelly is a member of Master Builders HiViz Women in Construction and is Master Plumbers SA’s representative for the industry run Crucial Women in Construction (CWIC) initiatives.  Kelly is currently undertaking her MBA at Deakin University and is married to Wayne and has two fur babies Murphy and Tigger.

SA Woman Directory: Hydro-Jet Solutions Australia

Website: www.hydrojetsolutions.com.au

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Tangled Kids Hair Care

October ~ Rachelle Lessue – Tangled Haircare

Hi, my name is Rachelle and I am the creator/founder of Tangled Hair Care. Officially founded April 1st 2015 (although I was selling products to friends and family for nearly 2 years prior to this) I am the expert is children’s hair care in Australia. 

I am a wife (married for 17 years this year to Symon)  and passionate mum of two daughters (Taylah- 14  and Ashlee -12) and a qualified hairdresser and beauty therapist by trade. Over the years with my daughters we faced hair brushing battles daily! I quickly learnt our battles were similar to what other families faced daily too. I knew I could help people I just had to develop the products to do this! 

Website: www.tangledhaircare.com.au

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November ~ Jamie Stott – Ecolateral

Ecolateral has been serving the environmental community since 1994, making it Australia’s longest running retailers specifically devoted to the supply of good quality, eco-friendly, sustainable products. You’ll find more than 55 Bulk Refill options in-store and sustainable solutions for your home & life.

With an online shop and four stores across Adelaide, our overriding reason for being is to educate, inspire and motivate as many people as possible to care for the world we live in. We exist to deliver alternative earth friendly products and methods that can be incorporated into the daily lives of our customers without compromising their desire for a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

SA Woman Directory: Ecolateral

Website: www.goecocolateral.com.au

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