Travel agent, travel counsellor, travel advisor, consultant, guru, designer, ninja, travel junkie, travel professional or Memory Making Expert…no matter how you may like to call us, at Argyle Travel and Cruise, we’re living our best life and relishing in our career choice!

In times that have educated us more than ever, the past 2 years have made my travel industry colleagues and I, more grateful than one could expect, for the turn of the tide that we’re now seeing for the future.

And, thanks to our fabulous clients, firmly held business decisions, strategic planning, brand purpose and pure faith, we’re still here, celebrating our 22nd year in business in 2022!

A New Traveller Has Emerged

What we’re seeing in the 2022 and beyond traveller (2022bt), is they desires more than a flop and drop, they seek more than the usual family holiday.

The 2022bt wants to know that their travel is sustainable; instead of over tourism, they protect and respect sensitive ecosystems. 2022bt looks for immersive experiences, volunteer tourism, eco and importantly, discovery learning opportunities for their children.

Travelling with the security of a group has been popular for some time, however we see the increasing demand for this style. Tour groups escorted from your hometown are fabulous, but they can diminish the opportunity to meet other travellers, from far flung places. This is why we’ll establish the most suitable category of travel, appropriate tour company, destination, group size, with the best value for money and package this up to suit you, individually.

Change Your Life: Go Solo

Travelling solo is life changing. I can vouch for it.

You will generally meet more people and make firmer friendships travelling on your own. When you travel on your own, within a group, it is the perfect combination. It is ok if you prefer touring with travellers of the same sex, or mixed gender tours. After all, it is your holiday.

Overall, we’re loving seeing women gaining more confidence to travel on their own. Whether seeking self-care, or if you have a hubby or friends who prefer different travel styles or destinations to you, we can match a single female traveller up with like-minded, similarly aged travellers to experience a new place.

Make new friends exploring the Whitsundays or Western Europe!

Break Down Barriers

While we love mixed gender tours, as we wrote about in a recent social media post, you can break down the cultural barriers of traditional tourism with our range of all-female adventures.

Of course, we believe travel is for everyone. But in some countries, there are things mixed-gender groups just can’t do.

What if, as a female traveller in Iran, a country where in parts women still rarely get the opportunity to work, you could head down to the beauty salon with your female leader and get your hair done? The hijab comes off and there’s a real chance to connect.

Or you might prefer to learn how to make traditional Indian food at a home-cooking class in Jaipur. This limited edition of expeditions is all about breaking down barriers, fostering discussion and creating immersive experiences for women that are ordinarily off limits.

The further bonus about these women’s only group tours; you will make lots of new friends!

Immerse Yourself in Sustainable Travel Experiences

Fresh ideas for your next sustainable travel experience that merely scratch the surface, include staying on a wildlife conservancy, supporting local artists and culture, savouring local produce, visiting wildlife in the wild, finding your own place of clear running water, crisp air and the kind of wilderness that stops you in your tracks, or helping extract honeycomb dripping with honey, whilst donning a full body apiarist suit.

Find the home to Jurassic-like forests or millions of red crabs, watch the Wildebeest migrate across the Serengeti, swim with whale sharks, make an appearance in one of a limited number of walk-on roles at the Sydney Opera House!

Whatever You Do, Travel Your Way!

What we love to say, is that travel isn’t about ‘keeping up with the Joneses because, the travel that Mr and Mrs Jones did, really may not meet what Mr and Mrs Smith are looking for (even if the Joneses insist they ‘will just love it!’). We’re here to help you get what you’re looking for, even when you don’t know what that is!

The opportunity to indulge yourself in a conversation with our team means you can learn of travel experiences you may never have considered or even known existed.

And, by the way, if it is an Asian flop and drop, or a family holiday to ‘The Worlds’ you’re not vetoed from joining our exclusive circle. We’ll make your holiday extra special for you too!


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Meet Naome Burdon from Argyle Travel & Cruise


Naome Burdon, Arygle Travel & Cruise

Argyle Travel and Cruise is a bespoke travel service established by owner/manager Naome Burdon in September 2000. We service the lower south east of South Australia – Millicent, Penola, Kingston, Robe and Beachport – while also assisting clients all over Australia. 

Our team specialties are luxury travel, family adventures and wellness travel. We seek to bring the best experiences, coupled with our valued clienteles’ unique needs, to fruition.

Naome has travelled widely, having visited 27 countries during her time in the industry, and is supported wholeheartedly by a passionate team covering administration, marketing and documentation. We’ve covered all styles of travel – budget through to 6-star, cruising to adventure travel, singles tours to family holidays. Each booking favours Naome’s full attention, personally scrutinised, in conjunction with more than 22 years of industry and travel experience.