Let’s chat about human to human marketing.

In particular how it affects your brand and the customer journey.

Human to human marketing is fabulous for creating a sense of trust, familiarity and building relationships.

And I know that you’ve heard this before. People buy from people. But, even more so – people buy from people they trust.

So how can your brand stand out from the crowd?

Marketing for small biz in 2019 is all about showing your face, your personality and relating to your audience.

But what happens when our potential customers feel overwhelmed with all of the ‘noise’ flooding their social media feeds and inbox?

If every other brand is adopting human to human marketing techniques, how do you cut through the chatter?

How do you differentiate your brand above and beyond the generic personal branding photography, the face to face Insta stories and the countless videos?

I’ll tell you one way…through a truly unique visual branding personality that complements your vibe, tells your brand story and shows your ideal client how you can solve their problem. 

They say that a brand is not about what you say it is, but what they say it is.

So get a head start by creating a branding identity that is rich in visuals that encourage your audience to feel a certain way about your brand before they even realise it’s happening!

Let’s look at an example. 

How about we dive deeper into the impact visual branding has on the customer journey.

Just imagine hubby has offered to take the kids for a few hours so that you can go and get a blissful facial.

That happens, right?!

You’ve been following a couple of beauty salons on Instagram and both businesses have similar content. They engage with their audience via videos and are interactive with their audience. Both are in the same area, have similar price points and offer the same treatments.

Hmmm…how do you choose which one is right for you?

You start by checking out their websites.

Let’s just say the first one is immaculately presented, has engaging copy, aligns with the graphics you’ve been seeing regularly on their Insta feed and is easy to navigate.


You check out the second one, only to be utterly shocked by the ghastly neon graphics, inconsistent fonts, spelling errors and confusing images.

Which one do you choose? I can tell you which one I’d choose!

So how can YOU avoid this happening to your brand?!

Ensure your branding identity is a harmonious display of cues, references and symbols that work together to tell your story in just a few moments.

It must align with the human element of your brand by being authentic, with a unique personality.

And I feel, that if you have a heart centred brand, or are serious about humanising your brand, hand illustrated branding elements give that feeling of realness.

They are visually appealing and yet perfectly imperfect.

Just like us humans.


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Rachel Reiter,
Hopscotch Graphic Design

Rachel is a brand stylist, graphic designer, illustrator and brush letterer, who creates one-of-a-kind brand identities that help blooming boss-ladies radiate.

She loves to guide women with maturing businesses to create a look and feel for their business branding that is reflective of their philosophies and captivates their ideal clients.

Rachel is an SA Woman Member. Click the link below to join her and hundreds of other like-minded, local South Australian women in business.