There is a lot more to decluttering a home than we care to admit, and anyone who says its easy is onto something! The key is to take the focus off the clutter itself, and you’re on your way. I never would have described myself as a collector of things and clutter, but in a world surrounded by materialistic temptations it naturally occurred. Moving home four times in five years, I truly realised the weight of my possessions. Being a naturally organised and motivated person – this did not sit well with me! And so the organisational journey began.

From my own personal experience, and through the work I do with my clients, I have been given great insight into principles that can help anyone declutter their home. I have also had the privilege of working with some amazing clients who have taught me along the way as to the true value of an organised home, and the impact clutter can have.


Five principles of decluttering your home

1. Procrastination certainly gets to us at the best of times, but when it comes to reorganising your home, make it short lived. Waiting to feel motivated, inspired, or in the right headspace creates a cycle that is less than supportive.;

2. Make a coffee (or whatever your poison) and sit outside – think about the first space that comes to mind that once organised, will have the most impact on your wellbeing and your productivity.

3. Think small – declutter the bench, instead of the whole kitchen, remove toys that make you the feel the most frustrated and are the least used, such as small get-under-your-feet type ones, or even larger play pieces that could be stored away on a rotation basis. Then tackle the whole play space next.

4. Remember organised doesn’t have to mean perfect – it’s about being deliberate with all that you own, and all that you own having its place.

5. Handle items once only as moving items around just creates more work – go with your initial gut feeling when considering whether to donate or keep – and it is completely fine to have a ‘maybe’ pile to consider for a little bit longer. For these maybe items, ask yourself whether you would buy it again, if you had the option.


What now that I’ve decluttered? Work out what is important to you – are you wanting to buy less to save money, or to reduce your impact on the environment, or perhaps you’re wanting to create a calm and clutter free home. Regardless, question each purchase, whether it be big or small.

Once you’ve pondered these principles you’re ready to think big. Treat each of your spaces as categories and tackle them one by one.


Top tip for each space


Toys are a treasured and magical part of childhood but its amazing how much they are valued by children because of what we choose to keep in our home as well as how they are stored. Choose as many open-ended toys as possible, and keep a minimal amount on display by adopting a rotation system.


Kitchen benches seem to attract the most of amount of traffic when it comes to random items! Consolidate the mess into a basket once a day. Spend five minutes sorting what you can into its exact home.


Wardrobes house clothes that define our style, and they’re a snapshot of where we are at in our lives. They hold special memories, and they hold the promise of upcoming occasions. Hence, editing a wardrobe is often one of the hardest spaces you will face. If you are not quite ready, consider doing some prep work. Firstly, turn each coat hanger the same way. Set yourself a time frame of your choice – anywhere from one month to 12 months. If it hasn’t been worn within that time, donate it. Alternatively, or in addition, monitor your thought process over the coming months. If you ever go to wear a piece, then hesitate, and choose another piece for whatever reason – donate it.



 can often take a long time to reorganise! The key is to not keep things so they become meaningful, only keep them if they are truly meaningful.


Home organisation is very personal – our homes are a reflection on who we are, how we live, and the things we enjoy. Make yours it’s best version.





Melissa Gray, BrightBox Solutions

Melissa is an Adelaide based home organisation specialist, offering services to recreate your everyday living spaces to be organised, calm, and clutter free.  

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