There have been some circumstances in my life which have created some deep emotional scars – sexual trauma in childhood will do that. However, today I want to speak on other parts of my journey and why I cleaned up my lifestyle, environment and well, everything really. 

I would come home each day from work in tears and always felt stressed out.

I was living with constant illnesses…bronchitis, laryngitis, tonsillitis… all of the ‘itises. Plus I had asthma, eczema, migraines and the most painful periods which would make me sick with the pain unable to move for at least a day a month. My joints were sore in primary school so I needed a rug in winter to ease the pain, I would go through a couple of boxes of tissues a week, was allergic to numerous foods and had hayfever so bad I needed ice cubes to ease the swelling on my face. 

Something HAD to change!!!

So, I began to change things in my life. I started eating organic foods, began practising yoga, upped my nutritional game and things began to change for me. So much shifted and for the most part, the majority of the lifestyle symptoms I had been experiencing for years had depleted to almost zero occurrences. 

However, I had experienced inflammation in my body which showed up as Hives. I had a live blood analysis done and my stress levels were through the roof and this was AFTER I had been implementing all of the organic food, yoga, nutritional supplements. And, even though I felt less stressed and things seemed to be ‘sorted’.


Hitting Rock Bottom

I was surrounded by stressed out people on the path to burn out (myself included) when I went through a divorce, and was left with almost $50,000 debt.

I hit rock bottom.

I was left with nothing, then lost my job and ended up waiting in a line for food at Wesley Uniting Care in Brompton.

At the time, I had a number of people close to me pass away…and then, I just got on with life. But, I was just surviving. 

I remember reading a book ‘You were Born Rich’ by Bob Proctor which helped me connect with the people I owed money to and arranged payment plans I could actually do at a fraction of what was required, it worked out and I got it paid off eventually. I drew on all of the personal development principles I had learned over the years…just to get through.

I don’t think I had ever quite “come back” from those dark years yet and I definitely didn’t feel ready for any more huge life events, but then when my Godfather, Stepfather and Dad passed away within about 12 months of each other from lifestyle diseases. And, I had to deal with Estates and all of the crazy which can accompany these things.

But still, I pushed through.

During this time I had started seeing Stu – my now hubby. I had known Stu for years and we had only just got together when my Dad passed away. Then his business went through a very shit time as we survived by the skin of our teeth through these crazy few years. 


Add Infertility to the mix

Things calmed a little, we grew stronger as a couple and then wanted to begin a family.

I had become a Yoga teacher and Integrative Nutrition Coach during this time and had strengthened my wellbeing knowledge, but we still weren’t getting pregnant. 

We tried for 4 1/2 years before we went to a Fertility Clinic. They told us that there was no real reason we weren’t getting pregnant and to keep trying naturally but they reminded us that time was not on our side due to my age.

We ended up back at the clinic after another 9 months, and then we did all of the things required by them for our program, all the while trying to reframe the process in my mind. 

I chose to support my body naturally while going through the treatment. I did yoga, walked by the ocean, received fertility acupuncture, wore crystals and cleaned up any remaining toxins left I could find (did you know that studies have found more than 200 toxins in the umbilical cords of babies?! This is a whole other topic I will jam on really soon). So all of our household cleaning products and any beauty products I finished swapping out for low tox options using essential oils.

I doubled down on nutrition, added extra support for my gut, also added essential oils for fertility, de-stressing and supporting emotions. Oh, and I left my corporate job! Allll of the things to lower stress levels in the body and lower toxins in my environment…

And, we got pregnant first round.


Pregnancy brings more beautiful lessons

While pregnant I learned so much more about my body and my wellbeing. I highly recommend each woman learn at least some of the content we did in our Hypnobirthing Course….each session literally BLEW OUR MINDS!!! 

I was able to support myself naturally using essential oils during pregnancy and I had an empowering experience with my pregnancy and birth which ended up being natural delivery, drug free with music and essential oils instead of what I had previously been told it would be like.

I am excited to share that we are choosing to go again to create another soul to add to our little family with the support of a fertility clinic.

I am now 42 and I am tightening the reins on a few things again, with love of course. Things like no alcohol (even my one glass of organic preservative free red wine is taking a back seat for the moment) and definitely gotta cut down on the coffee to put my body and mind in an optimal state for fertility.

Bring on all the extra self-love rituals!!


Then 2020 changed everything

We did get pregnant naturally earlier this year and I would have been due to deliver our bubba in a couple of months’ time but it wasn’t to be. Going through a miscarriage is tough and it was exceptionally hard during lock-down and am super grateful for the support of essential oils for my hormones and emotions as I go into this next chapter feeling abundant.

We had some big plans of travel and adventure but 2020 turned that on its ear and we have ended up using our caravan as a home away from home for the past year while living torn between Yorke Peninsula and Adelaide where all the work has been for Stu’s Landscaping business.

We chose to stay in the van because when lock-down hit earlier in the year it split our family up. So, we decided to be together and that meant staying in the van for the time being. I am excited to say that a house is finally on the horizon this month, back across the waters so that we can be together as a family and this is what feels right for us.


Which all leads me to why I’m Going All In

So, all of that brings me to now. To the clarification on what our future looks like and how that responsibility lies with me. What life do I want to create for my family now and in 2, 5, 10, 20 years and what impact do I want to have on people and the planet in the process. 

I saw something today which moved me and reminded me of the power of GOING ALL IN to make your dreams a reality.

I was thinking about the impact my choices have had on my life and that if I hadn’t chosen to go ALL IN on my life, then I wouldn’t be here. And, that who I could impact in the future because I chose to go ALL IN on my dream.

My vision of what’s possible is to inspire others to be ALL IN on themselves…on their vision. I lost a few friends this past year, one just recently… and THIS has been the topic of all of our last conversations. 

I don’t know what it’s looked like from the outside in, but it’s taken a lot of lessons, time and energy to be in this current space, choosing love over fear to elevate and GO ALL IN. 

My mission is to empower you to create a thriving life no matter your circumstances.

I’m looking forward to changes over the coming weeks and months – with new classes, new programs, new music and new opportunities.

Welcome to the next chapter.



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Alicia Bettison from The Soul Collective



Alicia is an Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Musician who has been hosting Wellness Festivals and Workshops for the past 17 years. She’s graced both local and International stages to television while working with legends in music and wellness.

She was working four jobs, running a business, a family and playing up to 7 gigs a week. Then after a divorce she hit rock bottom and found herself lining up for food at a local community service. During this time too, many people she knew had passed away from lifestyle diseases including her Godfather, Stepfather and her Dad. She ended up in a corporate role for a global health and fitness company and was simply stressed out and burned out.

She knew there had to be something more…Her mission is to empower women to thrive through providing connection, tools and inspiration nourishing Body, Mind, Soul and Finances while supporting the planet through philanthropic projects.