Many of you reading this are women in business …some also mums …add to that the pressure to look a certain way and have the perfect home, and you have the recipe for overwhelm and burn out. The truth is that it isn’t possible to do it all perfectly all of the time. Sorry to break it to you so early in the piece!

I think we have all tried for perfection but from my experience it is just not sustainable.

I heard the presenter of the podcast Difficult Happens say recently that “The body keeps the score.” She went on to say how when we keep doing and giving without taking time for ourselves, soon enough our bodies start to send us messages. The sooner we listen to the subtle messages the better, before they become more serious.

There is hope!

Hi there, I’m Kristy the mother of two children, a 5 year old girl and an 8 year old boy. My son has Autism and this has radically changed our lives and what we can expect of ourselves.

I teach flamenco dance as well as yoga so life is pretty busy to say the least.

What has helped me find some balance and sanity amongst the busyness and complexity is taking time out for myself through a slow, mindful yoga practice.

Go with the Slow

I have found that practicing slow yoga even for a short amount of time gives me an opportunity to be more inward focussed. When I take time to ask myself how I feel and how much energy I have that day I can then decide what to do or not to do next. Do I need to rest and go really slowly or do I feel a bit more energetic and up for a physical challenge?

Rather than my yoga practice being something I do TO myself it is something I do FOR myself. I guess you could say it is ‘Innercise’ as well as ‘Exercise.’

This more nurturing approach to yoga can shift our relationship with ourselves to one of being more compassionate and grateful for life as it is.

Embracing Imperfection

The wonderful Taryn Brumfitt, founder of the Body Image Movement said in a Facebook Live recently that the best self care at stressful times can be to “lower the bar.” I loved that so much.  Whether it is lowering the standard we set for ourselves around our homes, our business or our bodies I think it takes a weight off and it may just be one of the keys to avoiding burn out.

I love reminding myself when I feel overwhelmed that I can only do my best – I am only human after all.

Change is the Only Certainty

Please don’t think that I am opposed to exercise that gets the heart pumping or eating well for health and vitality – I’m actually a big fan! But instead of doing yoga to achieve a certain body shape or physical goal, mindful yoga helps us to accept our physical body while at the same time improve its health.

The aim is to not over identify with your body.

The deeper part of the practice teaches us that we are more than our bodies …even more than our thoughts. There is a deeper part of us that always knows what we need to keep balance and peace in our lives.…the practice is to stop, listen and make wise choices whenever possible.

Beat burnout with Kristy from Vida Yoga

Beat Burn Out with Boundaries

As the inspirational Brené Brown says, the most compassionate people have rock solid boundaries. If it’s good enough for Brené then I am in!!

Every time you do something kind for yourself you are reminding yourself that you are enough and you are worthy. Often saying ‘no’ to things and requests that will deplete you is another one of the best forms of self care.

I leave you with this thought

I repeat we cannot do it all perfectly all of the time. Please know that you are enough and you are not what you do or what you or your house looks like. Your true essence is a kind and compassionate person and when we take time to cultivate our inner world and tune into our true essence we peel away the layers of uncertainty, doubt and fear and instead can share our gifts with the world – when the time is right.

What helps you keep your energy levels topped up? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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Kristy Manuel from Vida Yoga



Hi, I’m Kristy, an Adelaide-based Yoga Teacher. I bring to my yoga classes unique experience as a yoga teacher, fitness leader and dancer. I have taught yoga, dance and group fitness classes for over 15 years and take delight in sharing my knowledge of yoga with others and helping them to reach personal goals.

I am mother of two lovely children and have experienced the calming and strengthening benefits of yoga for myself with over 20 years practicing yoga. I use simple and effective breathing and relaxation techniques for stress management and use my knowledge of the body to educate students about how to gain the most from every pose. I am dedicated to continued learning in all aspects of yoga to be able to provide the safest, most effective and enjoyable classes possible.