Meet SA Woman Member, Jane Whiting.

Business/Organisation: Samadhi Healing
Job Role: Company Director

Tell us a bit about you:
For decades I have been committed to pursuing holistic and spiritual modes of healing. As a long-time registered nurse, I often wondered what was happening in people‘s lives beyond the clinical presentation.

My quest to understand and help people led me to study and research many different modes of healing. I have worked with clients for over 25 years in the spiritual and energy healing arena.

My path as a certified relationship coach revealed that the women who committed to meditation and working at the soul level had better results and more powerful healing.

This experience confirmed that true healing went beyond the physical to encompass body, mind, and soul.

In 2010 my journey of discovery led me to Ekam in India, where I have studied and trained many times to facilitate spiritual growth and meditation courses.

My strong desire to help people is now more fully realised with the opening of Samadhi Healing, as the EE System goes way beyond anything I have ever experienced.

The body wants to heal, and I believe that the EE System creates the environment for the body to do just that, heal itself. And that’s exciting!

Tell us a bit about your business or organisation/role: Samadhi Healing is dedicated to Quantum Healing through the Energy Enhancement System. This revolutionary bio-photonic scalar wave technology provides an optimal environment for the body to recharge, rejuvenate and heal.

Around since the late 90’s, this cutting edge equipment is making its way into Centres around the world as more and more people are experiencing amazing results on every level.

The EES was developed over 20 years ago by Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, Ph.D, DNM, DCSJl, and uses custom-installed computers to generate morphogenic energy fields that can promote healing.

The EESystem generates multiple bio-active life enhancing energy fields which can allow cell regeneration, improve immune function, helps you achieve peak performance, reach higher states of consciousness, provide relief from pain, detoxify the body, elevate moods, and assist in balancing right and left hemispheres of the brain to increase energy level.

What region of South Australia are you in?:
Adelaide South

How can you best contact you:

Phone Number: 0431 921 246

Work Address: 69 Finnis St, Marion, 5043

LinkedIn Profile:

Website:    https://samadhihealing.com.au/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090225559558

Let’s get to know you a little more:

What has been a lesson you learnt in your career or business that has stayed with you?
The value of community, friendship and collaboration with like-minded souls.

What is your favourite place in South Australia to visit?
Encounter Bay

Why is being part of SA Woman important to you?
I love community, we need each other, and I find the women here are very supportive.

What is a quote or mantra you live by?
Pause and breathe! I need reminding of this one!