Meet Our 2018 Quiet Achiever, Janine Boyd

It seems you can’t slow Little Picassos and My Creative Child founder Janine Boyd down. She runs two busy businesses and recently opened her fourth art studio for Little Picassos. Lauren Zwaans from KIS Communications quizzes last year’s Quiet Achiever Award winner about the year that was, being part of the SA Woman community, and being recognised for her efforts.

Congratulations on your award last year! What impact did winning have on you and your business?
Winning the Quiet Achiever Award was very exciting. I think when you are running your own business you just get on with it, so it was really lovely firstly to be nominated, and then so fantastic to have people voting and commenting, with support and positive comments; it was really lovely. It was also great to give lots of others who weren’t so familiar with my business a chance to learn more.

Tell us more about your amazing business. Have you expanded your offering since last year?
Yes, earlier this year we expanded again and opened our fourth Art Studio on The Parade at Magill. This has been so great, with the expansion now allowing nearly 480 students across the state to join our classes weekly. This has added three extra staff to the team, as well as more offerings in school holidays and special events. We have also added a kiln and pottery wheels to the studios, so that has been an amazing addition, with children as young as two enjoying working with clay and pottery.

Why do you love being a member of SA Woman?
It’s a wonderful place to belong. Sometimes business can be really isolating, especially when you create your business from scratch, so it’s so nice to have other likeminded women in business you can call on, meet for coffee, or just check in with now and then so you don’t feel so alone.

If you could describe the SA Woman community in a word, what would it be?
Supportive and caring.

Have you nominated anyone for an Award this year?
Yes, I have. It is such a fantastic idea to have other women in business recognised for the amazing things they share, do and achieve. I haven’t told the nominees I’ve nominated them, so it is really a great surprise.

What was it like when you heard you’d won an Award last year?
It was a little bit surreal actually, everyone was of such a high standard, and being quiet achievers we didn’t really know that much about it, each other or sharing our stories, so I loved meeting the other
women. I didn’t have an acceptance speech prepared as I really thought some of the other amazing women would win. It was a super fun night and I cannot wait until this year’s event!

What advice would you offer this year’s Award winners?
Bask in the glow, enjoy every minute and pat yourself on the back for achieving great success.

I just love everything about being part of this community, so thanks to everyone involved, keep going!

Thanks, Janine! We love having you involved!

Grab your ticket and come along on Awards night to cheer on a fellow SA Woman (and yourself!): FIND OUT MORE HERE.