If you’ve been home schooling and are now starting to twitch because you’re desperate for adult company, or just want time to get your work done without 20 questions fired at you every 15 minutes – then I take my hat off to you.

It’s not easy.  

Like the rest of the world, I didn’t plan for destruction of the economy, life as we know it, AND self isolation for months on end, I have to admit I’m feeling unsettled!

Uncertainty can create anxiety, and this is definitely an anxious time for many. As we can’t control the events unfolding in the world right now, it makes sense to turn inwards, and put your CEO hat on with the things that you can control – and improve!

So Q2 of 2020 will look a little differently to normal, but I’m committing to taking small steps forward. I know I have the tenacity to come out the other side, and I know that you wouldn’t still be here if you didn’t know that either.

I want to stretch myself and reach a wider audience of small to medium service based business and focus on improving customer experience and profit with process improvement, business efficiency and project/task management systems, so am using my time to put this into action.

Here’s my list of ways to improve your business, making it stronger for post-corona:

1. Get clear on your messaging again.

Nail down what you stand for and clarity those content buckets so that you can batch some great content and get ahead when you’re busy again.

2. Analyse your marketing

Find out which marketing activities provide 80% of my business. Actually crunch the numbers so that you know for sure where your customers are coming from. Then you can use this time to really focus on that strategy, and improving on what’s already been working for you.

There’s no point continuing with strategies that aren’t bringing you clients, so it’s time to review and make some strategic decisions.

3. Give away resources

Give your current amazing tribe resources that you know will help them. 

Record some online training based on the top questions you get asked, spread it around, and re-purpose it. This is why I’ve been creating the Systems For Success Training Series, now with Asana, Dubsado and coming shortly, Ops to Outsourcing.

4. Focus on needs

Focus on exactly what your clients need to navigate this storm. Ask them what they need, connect, hold some market research interviews, or just have conversations. 

5. Review all costs

Review your subscriptions and costs, so that you know what your base line costs are monthly. #survivalmode 

6. Consider your cashflow

Consider offering payment plans for clients, because you know cash flow is a nightmare for many right now.

7. Get the right idea

Dig into your  ideas bank and see what might be relevant. There might be something you thought of earlier that wasn’t right, but could be a short term solution for you and your clients.

8. Get organised

Tidy up your cloud storage and hard drive so that it’s organised, old files aren’t taking up space, and you can find everything easily. This is probably one of those jobs you never get round to, and now is the perfect time.  

9. Listen in to you

Lastly – I’m trying really hard NOT to pick up all the free things that are adding to the noise in my head.

I need clarity, not someone else’s take on things. My strength will come with listening in to what works best for me.

If life was flying by way too fast #beforecorona and you used to wish for everything to stop so that you could catch up, then ‘your wish is granted’!  

This IS the time to catch up, to set up better systems, to improve your customer journey, to capture the info you need to make better decisions. 

Put your CEO Hat on, and let’s ride this together!


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Aerlie Wildy is a Business Systems Strategist and mother based in the Adelaide Hills. She helps services based businesses nail then scale their business. 

After starting out as a Life Coach for Busy Mums after her second daughter was born, Aerlie  quickly learned that her superpower was for simplifying business, streamlining with systems and cutting through the mess, and that’s a much more powerful message that all entrepreneurs need to hear.

Now she loves to share her knowledge and experience, and help you escape the busy trap.