In my Veterinary Nursing time I started learning about training and behaviour and soon after adopted two Siberian Huskies who were not so fortunate in their first home. The first of these two dogs Koda ignited my fierce passion for being able to provide the best we can and to be able to adapt and try many options so no dog or owner is ever left without hope for improvement and a better life. Koda ignited this as he had many inappropriate behavioural patterns which seemed to be impossible to address with the standard conventional methods, I found when reaching out for help my options were limited and I felt he was categorized in the too hard basket.

This inspired me to work on building something where we could do more for those who may be the social misfits and outkasts of the doggy world. Along with being in an industry where I felt our options where so limited of how to help people the vision of ABT grew and the desire to build a team dedicated to do all they can to improve the wellbeing of all dogs and relationship with their owners. Thankfully my other Husky Saaba did not have the same problems but seemed to know from the day he met me it was his purpose to help me to help others, once Koda worked through his problems he played a vital role in ABT working with Saaba and our other Behavioural Trainers. I am forever grateful for all of the lessons Koda taught me and the years of service from both him and Saaba for ABT.

// Why did you decide to go into business?
I found something I really wanted to do and was passionate about and there were no employment options to do it at the time so I made my own.

// Who has supported you the most on your business/career journey?
My family & friends

// What do you love most about working for yourself?
Being able to do something I love in the way I want to and to provide the opportunity for others to do the same.

// Lets talk South Australia, What do you love most about doing business here?
The community atmosphere and willingness to support each other

// What advice would you give other women wanting to start a business?
It will be really really hard, especially in the early stages so you need to be highly determined and resilient but it is worth it.

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