Hi, here is my story: I am a Swiss and Australian National who has trained and worked in both hospitality education and the hospitality business for all of my working life. I have lived in Australia, Switzerland and Singapore. I have worked in high-end restaurants like Magill Estate and Bridgewater Mill. I used to manage Haigh’s Chocolate at Glenelg and the Visitor centre.

Two years ago, when my husband and I started building our house, I finally got the opportunity to create my dream kitchen. I love cooking and sharing my knowledge with other people. I love working with small groups, and I run different classes like bread making, unique starters, desserts, quick and easy meals…..nutrition… However, I am also able to meet peoples specific area of interest.

I am so grateful to have Evie Foster, my web designer, and Rebecca Patterson, my mentor, on my side. These two amazing people helped and still are helping me a lot to build my business.

I love working in South Australia, with its wonderful and unique food products.

Keeping consistent is my mantra, which I would advise to any other women starting a business.

Get in touch with Anita:

Facebook: Anita Robin – Foodbuilder

Instagram: @foodbuilder_anita.robin

Website: www.foodbuilder.com.au