Hi! I’m Claire, and I operate my own recruitment agency, We Know Recruitment. A music producer by trade, I believe there is a need for a balance between the creative and corporate worlds, and fostering this balance is crucial to successful business operations and people management.

I started my career journey in 2013, in a contract management role, which quickly shifted into the recruitment space. Since then, I have worked in various capacities within internal and external positions, with a handful of agencies.

My core values within the workplace encompass integrity, honesty, collaboration, transparency, great branding, customer satisfaction and lean processes. I found it to be challenging within a few of my previous roles where these values were compromised, leading me to embark on my own venture, where I am better able to navigate challenges through great communication, negotiation, where people are the core focus, providing mutual solutions that just make sense.

// The aspect I love most about operating a business, is the relationship building and networking.
It is an absolute pleasure to build long-lasting relationships through trust and true understanding, while learning from others experiences. Having the ability to build bespoke solutions that align with both mine, and stakeholders values is paramount to me, and something I only gained when operating my own business.

Being a business owner, I have had the flexibility to really balance life and work in a way that is best suited for my family. This balance has given me both the time, and the opportunities for my own personal and professional development, and the ability to control what that should look like for me, in line with my own goals.

Having a handful of great mentors, all with different strengths, has given me the guidance and the strength to push through. This is a huge contributing factor to my success, and I wouldn’t have the knowledge or the resilience I have now without their support.

// Ahhh, South Australia.
SA is my home, I was born here, I grew up here. What I love most about business is SA is that we are like a little community. We support each other, we are passionate, and we are resilient. We are so open to working collaboratively, and there are so many opportunities to get involved!

// Both the best advice I’ve been given are also my mantras, and the same advice I would give to any woman starting their business.

“Nothing changes unless you change.”

For me, this isn’t about pointing the finger at yourself, but rather, understanding that we can become comfortable in our routine whether it be positive or negative – we are creatures of comfort. So many times I have found myself wondering why I am in the same position without really having made any conscious changes at all. Changes to myself, or the circumstances. I learnt that even small changes can be extremely powerful.

“The scariest part about making a decision isn’t the outcome, it’s the decision process itself. Just decide.”

Many times I’ve sat there and stressed over left or right, option 1 or option 2, and I beat myself up about making the “right” decision. Oftentimes, we don’t know until we’ve made it, but the decision process alone can be crippling. Just making one decision either way, without battling yourself for too long, or even flipping a coin, will immediately take the pressure off. Once the decision is made, you’re committed, and you can begin to plan accordingly.

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