Today we meet Peta Shannon, Producer, Actor, Writer and one half of the duo that created multi-faceted Scarlett Media!

Scarlett Media is an Adelaide based Video Production and Digital Marketing Company producing videos and commercials for Adelaide, Australian and World Wide audiences. We bring together industry professionals from feature film productions, TV series and digital media projects to produce commercial grade videos (Including SA Woman’s Awards and Summit last year!)!

What I love most about being in my business, is the ability to be able to enrich other people’s lives for the better, through inspiring and impactful videos.

I am most proud of working with the Aboriginal and Mitcham Council and Schools Communities to create a moving documentary about the Colebrook Home in Eden Hills. It has been accepted into the Cannes Short Film Festival and has already helped many on the path of healing and learning. Those close to the story, are being able to talk about their experiences or experiences of others they know who were impacted, in a way that has helped them with their healing. Students are already using the documentary to learn about the history and after watching the film, are more inquisitive when they tour the site.

What I love most about working for myself, is the freedom it gives me to be creative and balance work with family life. My children see me doing what I love, my dog sometimes comes to work with me and I enjoy working with my husband every day.

What I love about working in South Australia are the people who live here and the access we have to such beautiful landscapes. Our clients value relationships, our crews are exceptionally talented and eager to work and the talent are a joy to have on set. We have a lot of freedom when choosing a great location to film in as everything is in close proximity from the beach to the hills, and it is very easy to travel to each destination.

The best advice I have received is to find your why and be positive. Knowing your purpose will help you get up in the morning, no matter how difficult the day may present itself. Whatever energy you radiate, the universe will reflect it back and others will want to work with you. Being a business owner is tough but it takes resilience and positivity to battle through the tough times.

“Dream Big, Work Hard and Surround yourself with Good People”

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Website: www.scarlettmedia.com.au