I own a Wellness Studio in Tea Tree Gully called Nurture Nook – a space for women to connect to the power of the present moment and their inner compass.

After feeling stagnant in the world of HR I dived into the more holistic world of nurturing others. Now, after 18 years of consulting one on one it’s wonderful to have my own bricks and mortar space to really unravel my offerings and delve into hosting group sessions.

As an Holistic Therapist I love attending to the whole person for maximum healing with ease of transformation. My toolkit is that of Healing Facilitation, Transformation Coaching, and Mindset Mentoring.

// Why did you decide to go into business?
Because I found the corporate world underwhelming! It was so bureaucratic and heady! I yearned for an holistic work environment.

// What led you to the career you are in?
Women – talking with women! I love talking with women and talking about real life stuff – no superficial bullshit! I love supporting Women to identify their hearts desires and live a thriving life, now that’s fulfilment!

// What has been your biggest hurdle?
Comparisonitis! Women are addicted to comparing ourselves, and it really holds us back from authentically expressing ourselves. Learning to stay in my own lane by staying in my head, heart and hara has been so liberating and has change the trajectory of my business and it’s success.

// Do you have a favourite SA business that you are passionate about supporting?
Yes, my hubby owns and runs Prospect Home & Garden (www.instagram.com/prospecthomeandgarden/). OK, he’s a bloke, but he’s hard working and passionate, and surrounded by wonderful SAWomen helping his lil business to thrive!

// What advice would you give other women wanting to start a business?
Resist getting stuck in your mind – use your breath to connect to your head, heart and hara, so all your decisions and dreams come from your whole self, you inner compass.

// Share with us a quote or mantra you live by…
“The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, nor to worry about the future, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly”. – Buddha.

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