Today we meet the lovely Karyn Hindle from Head2toe First Aid, some might say she is a lifesaver, because she helps families to have the tools they need to apply first aid in emergency situations. She has an ability to make learning first aid fun and engaging and being a mum of a child with allergies has first hand experience in the challenges that can bring. Not only does she run her successful business, but she also works part-time as a nurse.  Meet Karyn…

Tell us all about your business…

Head2toe First Aid has now been operating for a year…. and what a year it has been! The mision of Head2toe First Aid is to provide fun, flexible, professional and relelvant first aid training to organisations and small groups. This is achieved by delivering high quality, individualised, nationally recognised training to organisations AND personalised hands on niche training to parents/caregivers.

Why did you start your business?

Head2toe First Aid is a passion of mine which I felt compelled to start after consistently hearing messages from patients and friends that concerned me. Comments such as:
“thank goodness you were there…..”

“I am terrified I wouldn’t know what to do if…”

“I always meant to do a first aid course but….”

“I wish I had done that first aid course, something awful happened at work the other day…”

“I find first aid courses so confronting, I admit I have avoided them”

I saw situations where the outcome could have been different if people had known how to respond to the early signs of a medical emergency.

I saw firsthand the anxiety, stress and fear that a first aid situation produced in people. I firmly believed the right training, delivered in the right way could alleviate a lot of this anxiety and stress and replace it with a feeling of confidence and empowerment. I also knew that I could remove many of the barriers that prevented a lot of people from doing a first aid course.

So, drawing upon my 19 years of nursing experience dealing with the medical and first aid needs of both adults and children, and on my years spent as a trainer, Head2toe First Aid was “born.”

The best piece of business advice you have received?

Wow, I have been blessed to receive lots of amazing advice in my first year it’s hard to choose…. perhaps the best piece of advice is to stay true to what I want my business and be clear on what success looks like for me.

What do you love most about running a business in South Australia?

I LOVE the gorgeous inspiring and talented people that I have met. I love the supportive communities that I have discovered

What has been your biggest challenge in business? And your biggest success?

The biggest challenge is a tie between: getting out of my comfort zone by beginning to learn the MANY skills/hats that a small business owner wears…. marketing, social media, graphic design, accounting, web design. The list goes on. I quickly realised that investing in people to help witht he set up of some of these things relieves stress and helped me portray my business how I wanted to. The other challenge has been the juggle of maintainin a job 2 days a week, a family and start a business. Madness! Thank goodness for the amazing support of my husband and the pride I see in my children’s eyes.

My biggest success: securing a small amount of funding (with hopefully more to come) to offer FREE parent first aid courses to vulnerable parents. This was one of my biggests aims of starting Head2toe First Aid. I am also very proud of the feedback that I have had from people I have trained telling me how doing my course has helped them confidently manage first aid situations in their lives. Giving people the confidence that they would know how to save a life…. how amazing is that!!

Do you have a favourite place to visit in South Australia?

I LOVE a walk along the beach to blow away the cobwebs. If I was to choose a “happy place” to escape to and destress, I love Second Valley. Beautiful scenery, wildlife, a beach and solitude.

How can people find out more about you?

People can visit my website www.head2toefirstaid.com.au or my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/head2toefirstaid/.