Beaumont Solutions makes it easy to keep your business WHS compliant. Every Australian employer has a duty of care under the Work Health and Safety Act to provide a safe workplace. At Beaumont Solutions, we collaborate with businesses of all sizes to make this task simple. We take our detailed knowledge and experience in the field and use it to design a WHS solution that is tailored to your unique needs. Located in Littlehampton, in the Adelaide Hills and available to work with SA wide located clients.

“Anna is a senior health and safety professional and accredited auditor, with experience in various industries including automotive, energy, insurance, government and not-for-profit organisations. Her passion is guiding business owners through their WHS challenges by helping them understand their responsibilities, and then providing them with everything they need to ensure that their approach is effective.

She believes strongly that complex programs do not stick around, and it is this philosophy that underpins Beaumont Solutions. By keeping recommendations simple and understandable, business owners are empowered to manage, monitor and resolve any issues with the minimum of effort, whilst continuously improving to avoid incidents and injuries.

Most of all, Anna prides herself on being someone people can trust to align with their values and attitudes to get the job done.”

The dream and planning to work for myself started in June 2018 when I quit my full time National HSE Manager Position to spend more time with my family. With the help of legend @kyliekaufmann from Hays, I took varied positions to keep funds afloat while working hard to make it happen.

Friends and family have helped me along the way. Damien Beaumonth is a rock, top level exhorter and dream feminist husband. Powdermonkeydesign has been a graphic design dream to work with and family that work in media for being my copy and proof readers plus an old friend for guiding me towards the right team for my financial needs as this is my area of weakness yet they makes it my area of strength.

I have complete faith in my skills and in my ability to support any WHS business concerns. This has been the benefit of working for myself, to realise that overheads and bosses are amazing but to have clarity in personal purpose is thrilling. I like putting people at the centre of everything I do and I can do this in my own business.

I am originally from the UK and South Australia has been my home for 12 years. I love the place and its people… probably why I married one! When people ask me why they need to be WHS compliant it is clear that it is not just about the law but indeed protection of their brand. Small business is a key to making SA thrive and the passion behind these brands is incredible.

I enjoy supporting local so here’s a shout out to @honeybangbang in Littlehampton, @gawlerstreetcafe in Mount Barker and @missperez in Stirling. Great food and great people! If anyone wants to meet for a coffee there to talk about WHS, I’m free!

My advice to new female founders is to believe in yourself and believe in your cheer team – what they are telling you is true. You are amazing and worthy of success. Leadership training long ago led me to a book, “what got you here, won’t get you there”, I remember this when I need to make change. Life is full of changes (good and bad) but it is necessary to embrace them.



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