Moveon Counselling was born from a desire to help people literally move on from what was holding them back. After over 25 years of nursing, and seeing people staying stuck but desperate to leave behind their pain and suffering, I knew that there had to be a better way.

I started with counselling but quickly moved towards using more emotional, body based hypnotic techniques, because we don’t just hold distressing memories in our mind, they’re actually in our body too! How you think is a consequence of your experiences. Basically I’m helping people to feel differently so they will automatically think and behave differently.

I have clinics in Mt Barker and Blackwood, but also see clients all over the world online. You can find lots of information and helpful blogs on my website.  

Many people come to me who are experiencing overwhelm, anxiety, PTSD, depression, rage and who may be self medicating with alcohol, food or anything else that’s distracting themselves! I also see people with physical symptoms, such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, as the body really does hold the score…

When my husband asks are you working today? I would always reply with no I’m at the clinic! This shows for me it doesn’t feel like work, because it’s uplifting and so rewarding, so if you asked my why I like being in business, then the answer has to got to be that I’m so fortunate to be doing what I love, making a huge difference in people’s lives long term. I don’t use band aid solutions that help you just cope with life, but getting to the core of someone’s long term problems and resolving them in a healthy powerful way, so their past is no longer driving their future.

I do believe in collaboration and love to build authentic connections with other health professionals, this is why SAWoman is a great place to hang out. I have amazing naturopaths, coaches, physio and other health professionals I refer to, so my clients can get all the support they need for holistic care.

My advice is to seek out people who you feel really aligned to and be sure to be authentic and develop a relationship.

I moved from England in 2006 and I’m so grateful to having the amazing beautiful beaches on our doorstep. I live in the stunning Adelaide hills and a short drive to the beach, best of both worlds!

If you are wanting to venture out and start a business, I would ask you you to think about what you love doing and see how you can turn it into a viable business. I was fortunate to be able to reduce my nursing hours and increase my business hours. Consider how you can can you build a business whilst reducing your other work load.

It takes time, you will learn and have ups and downs and that’s all part of the experience. Remember building a business is a journey not just a destination!

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