Hi, I’m Celia, very happy to be an Adelaide resident and I am founder and Creative Director of ARTARIA.

It’s a classical music company – recording in ultra high quality audio and video with world class artists who are passionate about their music, and with an educational mission as well: to get more people appreciating the benefits of music! I also have my own personal brand where you can find out more about me.

I have synesthesia, that is I respond to music with very specific and personal colours/auras- and this particular work (English music by Arnold Bax- gorgeous) really brought out the mental fireworks, especially with those wonderful players ‘in flow’ so after I had been injured and had to take some time off, I felt it was something I wanted to capture.

I set up a fundraising platform and raised a substantial sum from local and international supporters. We recorded an album with excellent colleagues in super high quality resolution, and after an initial offer from a huge company for worldwide representation, (after reading the small print) decided to go for it as an independent label to keep full artistic control.

We got 5* review from The Weekend Australian, video broadcast by SBS TV and Palace Nova EastEnd, several Album of the Week awards, Finalist in Winnovation SA Awards (Arts Category). Later on, I gave up my job, Principal Oboe of Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, so now I am out on my own! The Master of The Queens Music, Judith Weir CBE wrote me my own Oboe Concerto, so that was also a motivator and very exciting to have a new work premiered here in South Australia.

I now spend a lot more time on reading legal agreements, budgeting and applying for grants than I ever did before! But I get to do the really fun bits too that I wanted: proposing new projects with wonderful new musicians and getting into recording studios with excellent technical teams. It’s wonderful work that really makes sense of my whole life – I love it.

I was expanding into online education work already, because of the geography of our State, it’s a v long way to drive to Clare Valley to teach one oboist for half an hour. So I felt that video could improve some of the musical experiences of our children, give an exposure to classical music and possibly also reproduce some of my synesthesia experience so others could have fun with it too.

I have actual CDs out (two, with another coming soon), digital downloads from all the usual platforms available worldwide, super high quality audio downloads from Dutch independent company Native DSD and all videos and teaching material on ARTARIA’s VIMEO on Demand Channel. You can find everything through the website artaria.co



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