Jenna O’Dell is a local, Adelaide-based powerhouse of a woman, who has activated the SA-exclusive market scene with her business Gathered SA.

Fatema ‘Tema’ Sitabkhan, had a sit down with her to find out more about the Gathered journey and the vision that has come to life.

With a focus on creating a space that was all about celebrating the vibrancy of the South Australian business industry, O’Dell started off the movement of gathering businesses from a range of different industries – fashion, homewares, artworks, jewellery, accessories, food, and drink – as a way of channeling the community support towards small scale businesses.

Initially starting off with her other business By The Oaktree, which specializes in wedding planning, O’Dell kickstarted her business of Gathered SA to maintain a focus on creating a community of local individuals, who are talented in their skills to provide services and products that are all about quality rather than quantity. By filling a gap in the market (pun intended) for offering South Australians with a one-stop shop that was exclusively local and South Australian, O’Dell hopes to maintain a level of authenticity through businesses that are driven by innovation, creativity, and have something on offer that will be long-lasting, memorable, and unique.


Through Gathered SA, O’Dell and her community of businesses hope to allow their customers to realize, appreciate, and give them a chance to do as many happy dances when people walk in and buy their services / products. O’Dell has also managed to help small businesses use the Gathered SA market platform to get their products and/or services in front of the customers, which in turn, has resulted in them flourishing to fruition by expanding their business to a larger scale.


While Gathered SA might be smaller than other markets that run more frequently in Adelaide, it is a cohesive space that imbibes a strong sense of community. By maintaining a high standard of quality control and handpicking businesses that add to the magic of being a small scale business in a vibrant and talented state like South Australia, customers of Gathered SA can be guaranteed to enjoy a high level of authenticity and affordability with the competitive price point and uniqueness in the products and services that deserve the recognition they receive.


In the lead-up to the more recent markets through Gathered SA, customers can also get an in-depth focus on some of the stall holders, so that you know the individual / business that is participating in the market prior to your visit. It personifies the sense of community that is achieved by being part of the Gathered SA community. When you go to this particular market, you are introduced to a set of exceptional individuals and businesses, who are silently proving their drive and passion to create something that is one-of-a-kind and special. It also puts the customer and the stallholder face-to-face and offer an experience where the customer can meet the maker first-hand and know and learn about what they are paying for and appreciate that it comes from a real person, rather than online (where it may not be possible to gauge the level of authenticity / originality).

Each of the businesses that are welcomed by O’Dell’s Gathered SA family work towards being able to support their families, put food on the table, pay the bills and being in a small community and a small city like Adelaide, it can be tough to stand out, but they do what they can to offer their customers with something different and functional.

Gathered really embodies the philosophy of supporting local and supporting South Australian!


Fatema ‘Tema’ Sitabkhan – Freelance Writer based in Adelaide, Australia

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The next Market is on Saturday 26th + Sunday 27th October 2019 at The Queens Theatre, Playhouse Lane, Adelaide. 10am-4pm. Entry is just $2 and parking is readily available adjacent the venue.