Reedesign Garden Solutions is a residential focussed garden design consultancy based in western Adelaide (although I travel to wherever you are in metro Adelaide!). I offer consultation, design and plant sourcing services for people who want to make the most of their outdoor space.

I have qualifications in landscape architecture, horticulture, garden design, small business management, sustainable design and policy and social research. I design gardens that best suit the needs of my clients and am particularly interested in incorporating food plants.

I started the business in April this year after nearly 15 years working for other people in landscape design. The thing I love most about working for myself is that I can share my skills in a way that best aligns with my values, ethics and life goals. I don’t have to compromise on anything that “feels right” when I am the boss.

Since I have started working for myself, I have a much better life balance, much less stress and my confidence has skyrocketed as I make my own decisions and see the positive results of them. 

The thing I am most proud of this year has been giving myself permission to follow my heart. This has allowed me to connect with others who are working at doing excellent things in related fields to my own and to find my path among them.

My favourite place to work or play is outdoors! A lot of my design work happens in my garden, in other people’s gardens, at the beach or in parks. The Adelaide Botanic Gardens are a particular favourite space. Thank goodness for the long battery life in modern computers.

There are two pieces of advice I have been given that stick with me now.

Firstly, a genuine, human connection is critically important in small business. You never know where those connections will lead, be it business, friendship, community, support or more and they are a basic human need.

Secondly, if you do something well, (like really excellently well) then you are very likely to be able to make a living from it. Combining these two pieces of advice, I strongly believe that loving what you do and being genuinely committed to producing the best result for the sake of doing good work, not of making the biggest profit is the surest way to generate the resources you need to support your life.



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