One year into running Chiropractic on Winston with her husband, Philip, Loukia Papageorgiou can look back and say how proud she is to have made it through the strange and scary year that is 2020! 

Our Head of Showcasing, Jess McEachen, chats with Loukia here about why she feels like she hasn’t worked a day since opening her business, the power of chiropractic, what this year has taught her and why she loves being part of our network of strong minded women.


// Tell us about your business! How long have you run Chiropractic on Winston?

Hello! My husband, Philip and I have run Chiropractic on Winston for one year now. We’re very proud of our efforts this year to be able to have made it this far in business, considering the strange year that 2020 has been.

Our business is a Chiropractic and Remedial Massage clinic. Our clinic is based on providing holistic treatment, understanding that your skeletal structure, nervous system function, muscular system, nutrition, hormonal and emotional wellbeing all play a part in your health and wellbeing.


// What services do you offer & who do you find they’re best suited to?

Currently the services we offer include Chiropractic, Remedial Massage & Dry Needling.

These services are best suited to all people. I do however like helping with pregnancy and paediatrics and have done further training to help people in both of these areas.

Chiropractic and Remedial Massage are wonderful therapies to help you be the best version of yourself.


// How does chiropractic differ from other health care & therapies?

This is a great question!

Chiropractic treatment focuses on your neuro-muscular skeletal heath, what this means, is that we help your nervous system, which is composed of your brain, spinal cord and spinal nerves communicate with the rest of your body including your muscles, hormones, nutrition, emotional system.

Chiropractic treatment is very unique in the way it delivers treatment, because no other health care providers are able to provide specific manual therapies to improve the function of your neuro-muscular skeletal system.

// How does your work support a whole-body approach to care?

Most of our bodily systems are linked to our central nervous system. Being able to create better health for our nervous system means that the systems linked to it can work more efficiently. This in turn creates a better functioning body.

For anything that may fall out of our scope, we have a wonderful local network of caring, and thorough health care providers who we refer to, to help support the whole body.


// It’s been a super tough time for so many in business. How has your business held up during the pandemic?

*big sigh*  What a year hey?

To be honest, being a new business, and only having had opened in September 2019 and COVID19 hitting in March 2020, it really was a scary and uncertain time.

Phil, our Remedial Massage Therapist had to stop working for approximately 4- 6 weeks, which made things stressful. However, as a Chiropractor, I was fortunate enough to continue working during this time, we obviously put the appropriate and safe measures in place to make our clinic safe during this time.

Our business did slow down, but because of our wonderful community being so supportive and so many people working from home, we found we were able to stay afloat and provide care.

We did try to pivot our business and think of clever and creative ways to provide care, however, in our jobs this is hard, as our main business is providing hands on, manual therapy.


// Putting COVID aside, what have been the shining lights of 2020 for you? What do you love most about your job?

I think despite how terrible COVID has been, it’s really brought to light how the community has banded together to support each other and local businesses.

There are many aspects about why I love my job:

Firstly, I don’t feel like my job is a job. I don’t feel like I’ve worked a day in my life, since opening Chiropractic on Winston. I wake up in the morning and I’m excited about the day ahead, because no two days can be the same, and I’m met with new challenges each and every day – which excites me.

Secondly, I enjoy meeting people, I enjoy hearing people’s stories and I love being able to be part of the ups and downs of life with patients, and I am grateful and honoured to be part of the journey of life with them.

Thirdly, I’m able to provide care and help people get better. The power of chiropractic becomes even more powerful when you get to see the amazing things that can occur as a result of treatment.

Oh and lastly, I get to be nerdy and creative.


// Looking ahead, where do you see yourself and the business five years from now?

Again, this is a good question, and an important question as well.

I think I’ll have some children by then, because my Yiayia (grandma) keeps harassing me about it, so that’s one thing and with that there is whole set of new challenges. 

I would love to be able to expand our business by creating an allied health services hub, and especially a pilates studio.


// Lastly, what do you love about being part of the SA Woman community & supporting women in business in general?

I’ve always been a firm believer in women backing each other. If you think about women, we’re resilient, courageous and powerful!

It’s great being part of a network on strong minded women who are here to support each other through business but also life.



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