// Tell us a little about your business…

Naralilla Homes is a small family owned building business located in Mount Gambier.

Building a house has been described as one of the most stressful and financially draining experiences of an individuals life.

Our passion is to provide you with a positive journey that ends with us creating the forever home of your dreams. We are able to create this journey by keeping our business model small with our principal direct Justin also being the builder.

Justin is there to support all of our clients from the first visit to discuss your options, through to creating your plans, council approvals, on site building works, site selections and a whole lot more.

// Share with us how life has changed since being in business…

Personally our family has been able to obtain a degree of flexibility and work/life balance that was not ass easily obtainable when working as an employee.

Professionally we take pride in being able to hold true to the business model of staying small but being effective. This has resulted in us being able to expand into multi-storey and commercial construction.

// What has been your biggest hurdle?

Ensuring that the business works for us and not us for it.

It is always a juggle to continue to develop the business and ensure that we work within our skill set and recognise what investment we need to make in areas that are not our forte like social media.

// What are you most proud of?

The relationship that we continue to have with our clients. The majority of our new clients are referral based which is a great testimony to our ethic and workmanship.

// Do you have a fave place to spend summer/go to for coffee/ go to to relax/ go to for food?

I am extremely passionate about my home Mount Gambier, we have great infrastructure and tourism.

Check out the caves and go bowling then grab a picnic blanket and head to the local cave gardens to relax in the sun and sample to many coffees and cafes in the vicinity.

// What advice would you give other women wanting to start a business?

Get a mentor. The best way to reach your potential is to invest in yourself and your vision. A mentor can help you by providing an unemotional point of difference.

// What is the best advice you have received that has stuck with you?

Remember you’re worth and don’t be afraid to pay for help from an expert. Your time is precious and should be spent doing what you do well to build your revenue. After hours is for doing something you enjoy, rest, relax and immerse in family.

// Share with us a quote or mantra you live by…

There is always a silver lining.



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