My business is called LumArt Photography. (meaning to create Art with Light). I specialise in Commercial Photography and have my own studio located in Tanunda. I work with businesses on their branding and Image needs, and do product images in the studio for cataloguing, as well as styled shots in the studio or on location for lifestyle editorials.

// Why did you decide to go into business?

I was working my butt off for 50hrs plus a week for someone else’s business. I don’t like to do things half-arsed so I was putting a lot of myself into the work, creatively and emotionally. It left me feeling so depleted. And so undervalued.

I wanted my hard work to be worth something – to be building something for my future.

I also wanted the freedom to push my ideas and pursue my creativity, and I wanted to spend more time with my family. With so many ‘wants’ I decided to take a leap and start working for myself- in a way that could be authentic to my style and values.

// What has been your biggest hurdle?

The biggest hurdle for me is the business side of business! All the admin and quoting and emailing and marketing. It doesn’t come naturally to me, I’m naturally a private and introverted person. Sharing my life on social media isn’t me – so I try to share my work and my process while still remaining authentic to who I am and giving my family some privacy from the business.

I still have a lot to learn about running a business but I am trying to enjoy the journey and be kind to myself.


// What do you love most about working for yourself?

I love that I can be my creative, distracted, messy, flighty self. I am so blessed to have my own studio where I can photograph, paint, sketch, stamp or sculpt. I can edit photos for a few hours and when I feel like I need a break I can start designing a set for the latest products I have in.

It was a dream for so long and now it’s all right here, and as my girls get older they will be lucky enough to have an art studio and a darkroom in the back yard. And I hope that they in turn will be able to find creative things that they love doing.


// Do you have a fave place to spend summer/go to for coffee/ go to to relax/ go to for food?

Fish and chips on the beach, followed by a swim and a glass of wine at sunset is a perfect day off for me. The beach is my happy place and leaves me feeling recharged and reconnected.


// Share with us a quote or mantra you live by…

“Where attention goes, power flows”

This is a doozy. It’s so simple, but I feel like if you don’t understand it, you can spend all your days fighting against the current. To me it’s a reminder to pour my energy and thinking into positive thoughts – because our thoughts become our actions and our actions become our habits. Don’t let negativity and doubt rule you. You owe yourself better than that.



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