Equality Lawyers is a law practice for people with disabilities, their families and supporters. We provide legal advice and representation on everyday legal issues facing people with disabilities and their families such as disability discrimination, the NDIS and guardianship and administration issues.

I founded Equality Lawyers was founded in 2019 on the back of a career in disability rights law and advocacy. Combining my lived experience of disability with my legal skills, Equality Lawyers offers an affordable, accessible and authentic legal service to the disability community. I decided to start the business because there was no private legal service available to people with disabilities where they could choose and be in control of how they received legal services. The fact that now exists is the thing I am most proud of!

Being a business owner is the most challenging and rewarding thing I have done! One of my biggest hurdles as a business owner is striking some work/life balance. With Equality Lawyers still in a “founding phase”, I struggle to take time on evenings and weekends away from the business because there is always so much to do!

The best part of working for myself is that I can be as agile and innovative as I want. I do not feel confined by resources or other people’s priorities like I have in other roles. If I have a good idea, or someone asks me to act on a good idea – I can do it!

While Adelaide is perhaps not the expected backdrop for a leading law practice, I think it is the perfect home ground for a progressive, innovative and thought-leading practice. We have a tight-knit business community, great opportunities and plenty of room to grow and expand right here.

The best advice I have received is “know your ‘why’ and stay true to it, always”. Equality Lawyers is heavily values-driven and it is important that I always keep my “why” at the centre of my business decision-making so that our work and goals all point to that “why”.




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