​I am the founder of The Youth Reboot Project, through our unique Reboot Program, Tech Foundations workshops, school programs, one on one coaching, and seminars we support parents re-establishing boundaries around technology use and behaviours in the home.

We support families through our unique programs – The Reboot Program and Tech Foundations. Many parents have dived into our programs, stating that there is a lot of information out there about how to set boundaries and manage challenging behaviours, but no other program supports them quite the way our programs do.

Beyond this I am branching out into emotional regulation and trauma in children and how as parents we can best support our children through our own self-awareness.

// Why did you decide to go into business?

I decided to go into business because I found that there was little to no support for myself and my then 10-year-old boy during a family crisis.

In our area ( regional SA) there was little mental health support for my son, the resources and services that were available, were so overstretched that the waiting periods were 12 months longer and there was no subsidised services, the only service I could get my son into at the time cost me more per hour than I was receiving in a whole week, and even then the appointments were few and far between and the support for myself of a mother of a young child with previous trauma was frustrating to say the least and the judgement was phenomenal – apparently my parenting was the reason for my child’s ill-mental health. 


// Share with us how life has changed since being in business?

My relationships with my children have improved 100000 fold and my son is still with us ( he was suicidal at 10) My self worth as a mother and a human being in general has improved and I have been able to help other mothers do the same. I have taken risks and improved my financial standing dramatically since being on this journey.

// Who has supported you the most on your business journey?

On my journey within my business my biggest supporters have been in The Coaching Institute community. They champion me every step of the way and help me feel safe when the story I tell myself is that I am failing.


// Lets talk South Australia, What do you love most about doing business here?

The fact that I live in regional SA, yet my business has no locality boundaries. I get to live in one of the safest and prettiest places to live in SA and work internationally.


// What is the best advice you have received that has stuck with you?

It is how you do all the small things consistently that counts.


// Share with us a quote or mantra you live by…

When negative thoughts creep in I ask myself “ What is the story I am currently telling myself?” I thank myself for the thought and for trying to keep me safe.


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