// What do you love most about working for yourself?
It bring me so much joy to have clients look in the mirror and smile after a treatment. I also have the freedom to choose hours and days around my family, I honestly still haven’t found a balance (if someone has it- please tell me your secrets!). I can say however I do more hours and stressing now working for myself, but I find it so humbling everyday I have a new clients referred to me.

// Why did you decide to go into business?
After working in the mainstream Nursing industry in Emergency and Mental Health facilities- the lack of time and funding took a toll on clients and what I could offer them, it was a case of a revolving door. My husband had to console me from what I often considered as situations that could have been averted with proper treatment. And we had the hard conversation that I was only one person and the industry wasn’t going to change with me alone.

After working for someone else in a large franchised owned clinic, I knew I wanted to offer clients a holistic and personalized approach- as no ones need or wants are the same.

// What were you doing prior to your business and why did you get started?
Since I was a little girl I always wanted to be a nurse, to help people; however I could.
I have worked in most areas of nursing and found my niche in Cosmetic Injecting and Results based Skin treatment Clinic by giving clients back self love and esteem, due to physical issues like dog bites, scaring or birth abnormalities.

The industry is often portrayed as ‘fake’ or ‘over the top’. I offer naturally refreshing and undetectable treatments. We buy clothes, Wear makeup or have our hair done to feel good about ourselves, why can’t we have Injectables treatments to reduce aging and increase our confidence and self esteem.

I’m here to make that change in our societies misconception.

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