// Tell us a little about your business…

My business South East Property Sales and Management was born out of a desire to operate a local owned Real Estate business which has a strong Community focus where we value the business we earn our living from and equally put financially or in kind back into the community through events, groups and fundraising. I am so proud of my Staff who are so invested in their career roles and daily work that has made us an attraction business.

The introduced concept of our “Community Funnel” sees us donate $100 for each settlement, plus and create events to engage with the public and put back into any event or application for funding that benefits the community as a whole as much as possible. 

// What did you do before you started your business?

I have had a variety of different jobs and business ventures. Some employed by others but I always come back to starting up and running my own businesses.

What drives me has been a question I have often wondered. I now enjoy the challenge of assisting where I can helping other young and upcoming people my knowledge to set up their own businesses.

I recently completed a 6 month leadership course and found it both validating on what I already do and know and a confronting challenge for what I don’t. It’s OK to be vulnerable ladies!!! It can open doors for you to be real…

// What do you love most about being in business?

I have always loved sales and found selling something to a buyer rewarding and a satisfying feeling and although I discovered the Real Estate Industry later in life [wish I had back in my 30’s] but everything we do brings us to today!

// Let’s talk South Australia, what do you love most about doing business here?

Our slogan for SEPSM is Live it, Love it!

We seriously daily are selling the benefits and lifestyle of the South East or Limestone Coast. Our location and region is fast becoming a popular area to reside and invest in.

We are an area rich in many things. Love Wine so lucky we live in one of the “Best” parts of South Australia or I should say Australia for that. I feel like we are set for amazing development and growth here.

Opportunities are available and waiting and if you are someone who thinks outside the box then talk to us…

// How do you find IT being a regional business?

I don’t view being in Regional SA a problem with too many challenges. The travel for training staff can be difficult in terms of distance. We have asked for industry roadshows in our industry and getting more and more which is great. I tend to look at bigger events and take staff as a getaway should the opportunity arise to do so. I also looked at what city businesses do well and tried to put into my business other approaches that our more in tune to our area.

// Anything else you’d love to add…

I seriously love what I do and thank the amazing staff and family unit that has set the foundation of our business.



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