I teach women how to speak and lead powerfully.

My work is born out of a desire and vision to see every woman own and stand in her power.

I believe that when women speak up and share our ideas, gifts and brilliance, driven by purpose, self-trust and our own inner wisdom, the world will be a better place for all of us.

My clients work with me to speak and lead powerfully as public speakers and in presentations, media interviews, at work in the boardroom, meetings and conversations, and at home. I help them unlock their genuine power and confidence in ways they’ve never experienced.

I started my business in 2012, and teach and coach in person at Norwood and online.


// Why did you decide to go into business?

I’d reached a point in my career where I felt like a fraud, and I was longing to have my own business and do things on my terms. I had so many ideas but nowhere to put them, and I cared about making a difference and didn’t feel I could do that in my job.

I’d done so much for many years in my own life personally trying to find my voice and unlock more of my power, and wanted to be able to support other women to do the same.


// What has been your biggest hurdle? How did you overcome it? 

My biggest hurdle initially was a deep and unhelpful belief that no-one would actually pay to work with me. That turned out to be wrong, thankfully.

I overcame that, and many other limiting beliefs, by working with a mentor before I launched my business. There was a moment towards the end of our work together where I knew I had to make the leap – it was now or never – so with a mix of feeling terrified and excited I launched a public speaking workshop.

I had no idea how to have a business. All I knew is that I wanted women in that workshop, and I worked super hard to tell everyone I knew about it and get bookings.

The women who came loved it, the transformation for all of them was palpable, and I had the best time. That workshop meant I was in business, and I filled the next one within a week. It’s one of my proudest achievements of my life.


// What are you most proud of?

I’m proud that I’ve supported hundreds and hundreds of women to shift past what used to hold them back, so that they could stand up and speak and share their message.

It means we have more unique ideas, brilliance and wisdom being shared, and I truly believe that when women do that we make the world better for us all.

I’m also proud that I’ve built a business that allows me to comfortably support myself and my teenage daughter.


// What do you love most about working for yourself?

I love that working for myself continues to teach me so much about myself, because I have to take full responsibility for what I create. There are times this has challenged me enormously, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love that I get to work with wonderful women. They’re people I genuinely like and whose company I enjoy. I’ve been privileged to draw clients to me who are intelligent, wise and kind, and care about making a difference in the world.

I love it that I get to make a difference in the ways I do best.


// SA : What do you love most about doing business here?

I love the six degrees of separation here, and the ways we support one another within our networks.


// What is the best advice you have received that has stuck with you?

The best advice I’ve received is to do what I love, to follow my own desire. I’ve learned that when I do this, I’m always supported in my business – not just financially, but also by attracting my right people who I love working with.

It’s never worked for me to do anything just for the money, and never will.


// Share a quote you live by:

What you want wants you.



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