// Tell us a little about your business…

Vashti Starling Freelance Personal Assistant was started out of my passion for small business. I saw a gap in the market of affordable interim solutions for small businesses experiencing growth. Originally I was a temporary solution to create and implement roles and processes, assist with appointing an employee and moving on. This has evolved and pivoted, today I work more intimately with solopreneurs as a mini business partner, I stay in their businesses now and help with administration and business development.

// What do you love most about being in business?

I love knowing that all of my hard work directly benefits my clients.

// Who has supported you the most on your business journey?

Me. I have had to push through, believe in myself and my business and make things work.

// What are you most proud of?

I’m now in my fifth year of business!

//Do you have a favourite SA business that you are passionate about supporting…

Hark Coffee Roasters. I’m new and committed. I am really just relieved the coffee is the best around because I was going to have to drink whatever they had on offer to pat Pilot! They also stock Saudade Portuguese Tarts and are middle ground between School drop off and the office, my car really stops there automatically now!

// What advice would you give other women wanting to start a business?

It’s like having a baby, you’re never ready to do it. You just have to jump in and wing it.

Foster relationships with other business owners like your own version of a mothers group, because at some point you will need to bounce off ‘how to word that email’ or ‘do you know someone who can…’ and we are so lucky to have SA Women to connect so many businesses.

You can bet if someone doesn’t know the answer they know exactly where to find it!



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