// Tell us a little about your business…

I began my business Word Solutions in 2012 after working as a rural journalist. I had a previous career in marketing, event management and public relations and my combined knowledge base helped me create a thriving media and marketing consultancy based in the Clare Valley.

// Why did you start your business?

I had worked as a journalist for 24 years and decided to resign from my job when my husband retired. I ended up on Centrelink with no idea what to when I was offered some work writing media for my local Council. This casual consultancy work developed into a fully-fledged business within 18 months.

I have been involved in owning or partnerships in several small businesses over the years, none of which were very successful, but all of which have taught me resilience and enduring skills.

I love working for myself – choosing my own adventure – and growing my client base.

// Let’s talk South Australia, what do you love most about doing business here?

Doing business in South Australia is wonderful – it is a real community and the chances of bumping into people you know at all kinds of networking events is high.

//Do you have a favourite SA business that you are passionate about supporting…

When it comes to doing business – I have a home office – I prefer to meet clients in cafés – favourites are Zest Café in the Clare CBD, The Java Hut in Gawler and Whipped Bake Bar in Semaphore.

I’m pretty passionate about supporting SA businesses in general and particularly local businesses in my region.

// What is the best advice you have received that has stuck with you? Do you have a quote or mantra you live by?

The best advice I’ve ever been given is that opportunity knocks on the door with a wet sponge, so you’d better be paying attention; and my favourite quote (apart from the Nike method ‘Just Do It’) is ‘Do or Do Not – There is No Try’ – Yoda.



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