AN INCREDIBLE MORNING of warmth, wisdom & laughter

On April 30, the vibe at Adelaide Oval for our Breafast event was palpable!

Bek Smith from Smith & Wellness, Anna Doecke from Journeez  & Annie Harvey from The STILL Effect took to the stage, with almost 100 South Australian women in business ready to soak up their wisdom. Led by our fabulous MC Kate Burr, the conversation dived right into mental health and wellness, and gave everyone so much goodness to walk away with and put into place in their lives straight away.

From the simple acts of not ‘shoulding on yourself’, to getting clear on what your own values are, to being kind to yourself, to knowing your own symptoms for when you’re having a ‘peanut butter day’.

And, so much more!

The morning finished on a memorable note, with Annie taking us all through a Laughter Yoga session – it was the best!

We asked Bek, Anna & Annie to share what they’d love everyone to have walked away with and here is what they said.

Bek Smith from Smith and Wellness

// Bek Smith from Smith & Wellness would love for us all to start being the best version of ourselves – yes please!

Whether you were able to attend the breakfast or not, I’d love to gift everyone from the SA Woman network a free online program to start training your mental fitness. Feel free to share it with others that you care about too!
  1. You can find the online program at www.smithandwellness.com/resources,
  2. There you’ll also find my YouTube vlog and my TEDx talk titled “What if mental health is just a starting point for mental fitness?”.
  3. Plus, click here to download a pdf to Shift from Struggling to Thriving This outlines 9 common challenges to our mental fitness (it might just help you see that you’re not the only one getting stuck in that mental trap!) and the proven antidotes which will help you up your mental game.
Don’t settle for less than you’re capable of. Remove the blocks, find your internal clarity and power, and start being the best version of yourself. Thank you Annie Harvey and Anna Doecke for sharing your wisdom, thank you Kate Burr for steering a chat that filled our tanks instead of redlining our fuel levels, and thank you to EVERYONE in the SA Woman community who is working to uplift themselves and uplift others.
My cup has been filled and my heart warmed by the SA Woman response to our Soaring Beyond Breakfast event on “Upping Your Mental Game”. To get so many people in a room discussing a topic I’m so passionate about was uplifting, not to mention the positive response that has followed. THANK YOU to everyone who I have connected with at and since the breakfast… it’s wonderful to see how many women in business see the opportunities to prevent mental health problems arising, not just respond to crisis when it hits. Prevention IS better than cure!

Namaste. ~Bek



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BONUS: From Struggling to Thriving

Anna Doecke from Journeez

// Anna Doecke from Journeez is a huge advocate for getting super clear on your values, so you can use them as a guidance system & stay true to you. Yes!

The things I’d love people to go away with from the SAW Brekky are:

  • Remember that we are all created specifically and uniquely and there is space for everyone in the business world. The best way to embrace that is to find your lane and stay in it.
  • Honour yourself and your business by getting clarity on your values and use them as a guidance system, so that when you’re feeling blown in the wind, being grounded in your values will help you to stay true to who you are.
  • As we have clarity of our values and what’s most important to us, then we honour ourselves and it helps us to care for ourselves well. It helps us to be the best woman, friend, partner, businesswoman, neighbour, colleague and Mum that we can be.
Then, my gift for you:
  • 28 Days of Self-Care – click here to download!
  • The purpose of the calendar is to encourage people to put themselves first and honour who they are amongst their busy, intense and overwhelming lives.
  • The ideas on this calendar also remind us that self-care is not all spa days and massages, in fact self-care is about doing the hard things too because we know it will honour ourself and what’s most important to us.
It was such a pleasure and a privilege to speak about this important topic of mental health at this SAW Brekky! Thanks to the dream team for making it happen. Thanks to Kate Burr for the insightful and grounding questions and thanks to Annie Harvey and Bek Smith for sharing the stage on this important topic – the joint effort made this the best morning possible! And thanks to everyne who attended in the room and online – without you this isn’t possible. Be kind to yourself.



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BONUS: 28 Days of Self-care

Annie Harvey from The STILL Effect

// Annie Harvey from The STILL Effect shared so many relatable moments & tips, including how her husband knows to ask if she’s having a ‘peanut butter day’.

Here’s a few snippets that Annie hopes stayed with you:

  • Knowing who your Masters, Magicians and Mates are – from the Book STAND OUT by Alison Hill
  • “You’re the average of the 5 people you spend most time with.” Jim Rohn
  • 30 micro mindful moments can be found in my printed book ‘The Little Book of Still’.
  • You can also buy it on Kindle, and click here for the Audio version
  • Don’t forget to laugh along with Annie in her TEDx Adelaide talk 
  • If you would like details of DISCOUNTS for the following programs, then email annie@thestilleffect.com.au      Workshops (in person or self-paced online) on preventing burnout and/or empathy fatigue, Online 21 day mindfulness Challenge.



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Audio Book: The Little Book of Still

Finally, from all of the SA Woman Dream Team, we’d love to say a huge thank you to those who helped us put this amazing breakfast on!

SA Woman’s Events Queen – Anita Martin Event Creative

The most amazing MC – Kate Burr

Adelaide Oval, JAKS Hire and Events & Arcadia Aquatic for a stunning room

Our Event Sponsors –
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Our hearts are full!