Do you know about the gift of learning?

When was the last time you learnt something new in your business?

Do you apply that learning to your business?

Do you regularly reflect on what you learn?

Learning comes in many formats, including formal learning through a registered provider and informal learning such as experience based learning, knowledge based learning, self-paced learning, peer learning, micro learning and learning exchange.

Read on for 8 ways to embrace the gift of lifelong learning for your business journey.

1. Be open to learning

The conversations and interactions with people we have every day provide an opportunity to learn. 

One of the greatest gifts I have received as a parent, is to pay attention to the moments of micro learning.

When meeting with others, remove distractions and give them your full attention, and actively listen to the conversation. When something goes well or not so well in your business reflect on it, debrief it and explore what you learnt from the experience.

2. Make a commitment to give something new a try

Feeling nervous about going solo to a networking event, training session, presenting to a group, sharing a live video etc?

Consider this… if you cancel or decide not to do it how could that impact your reputation and your business? The opportunity to learn through experiences is a gift.  

Remember that you are worthy of your dreams so sharing your truth and engaging in the opportunity may be exactly what is needed.

3. Filter the learning

The simplest way I have found to filter learning is to ask these questions…

  • “Is it relevant to my business?”
  • “Do I have the capacity to complete, apply and reflect on the learning?”
  • “Will I get a return on time investment (ROTI)?”
  • “Does it align to my business purpose, vision, mission and core concepts?”

Another golden truth is that if you are already thinking of a way out of the learning opportunity such as “I can always cancel, reschedule, postpone” then it’s time to ask yourself the questions above and be brave enough to filter it out!  

4. Schedule learning into your business

Sign up to a webinar, download a helpful guide and use it to apply to your business or attend an in person event. Be brave and bold and ask someone you admire for their advice. Tackle a gap a month in your business and plug it!

Building your knowledge and self paced learning is a gift.

Make it part of your business plan and commit to learning something new every month.

5. Search for free or low cost opportunities to learn

Learning exchange for business owners is one of the ways to learn the technical and essential skills needed for your business.

Your knowledge of how to use programs eg. accounting, project planning, social media scheduling, websites, marketing, automation systems can be invaluable to other business owners.

You do need the skill and patience to help others learn and having a level of technical skills and knowledge to complete the knowledge exchange using screen share and video.

Giving of your time in-person may also be preferred. Managing expectations by keeping it to a set time and agreeing on what is included and what will cost extra upfront is essential.

6. Up the ante on your learning

When you have got to the stage that you have planned, searched, filtered, applied, reflected and leveraged learning it might be time to sign up for a business accelerator program available through federal, state and local government and independent providers or look at formal study options for you and your business.  

7. Reflect on your learning

When you have learnt something from the experience follow up!

Send an email (or DM via social media) to thank the person or provider and be specific about what you learnt and how it may impact you and your business. Also sharing it as a review or testimonial supports their business.

When you have completed a learning experience schedule it into your monthly business review to take a moment to reflect on what you learnt, how it has helped you or your business evolve.

Reflecting on learning is a gift.

8. Leverage the learning

There are many examples of how to leverage your learning including affiliate links, referral bonuses, and the ability to increase your products/services to customers.  

My favourite way to leverage learning in business is to reflect on what I have learnt, apply it to my business and look for ways to build my reputation and offering to customers.

Learning is a gift and directly supports business owners to evolve. You deserve this gift, don’t waste it.



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Kathy Wooller is the Founder of Evolve Pro Australia. Providing coaching, projects and consulting services to individuals, teams and businesses. She is driven by her purpose to evolve people in their unique learning and career journey. To broaden, challenge and engage adults to evolve on their career and learning journey and to impact future generations in this approach.

She is a wife, a mum, daughter, friend, a student, a woman of faith and family values. She loves exploring and sharing her time with others over food and wine.

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