If you want your reader to make it to your call to action – it’s about so much more than the words you write.

Because let’s face it…

Who here ACTUALLY READS every word?

Who here SCANS?

Where are the juicy points? Does it solve my problem? Is it credible?  Where’s the call to action?


In the digital age, you’re lucky if people spend more than 5-10 seconds deciding if they’ll stay or go. Because gosh, who has time to read now?!

So in short – you need to spend the time to get your formatting right.

  1. It has to be “scannable” – make it eye-catching.
  2. Your real value has to pop and quickly.

Compelling subheads guide your reader.

Subheads acts as mini headlines throughout your blog or webpage.

And just like a headline, they need to be enticing and explain why the visitor needs to read that section.

For each new point – start a new section. And, if it’s longer than a few paragraphs, it’s time for another subhead, image or a video.

Once you’ve finished your piece, stand back and only read the subheads then ask yourself:

  1. Would they draw you to each section?
  2. Can you make sense of the piece just by reading the subheads?

Make your key points POP.

If you want to guide your reader to the most important points, make them bold or another colour.

Or put them in a larger font. 

Another trick is to Use Capitals Where They Don’t Usually Go.

Just don’t go crazy! 

Making every other word bold, looking like a rainbow vomited on the page, or using 700 exclamation points will destroy the impact!!!!!!

White space is your friend.

As you already know, readers scan webpages in search of their answer. So make your blog readable by utilising white space.

And the easiest way to create this is…

Hit enter!

Keep each paragraph to a maximum of 3-4 short sentences.

Continuous loooonnnnngggg paragraphs just don’t work online. You want to create a compelling rhythm by changing it up with 1, 2 or 3 sentences at a time.

And don’t shy away from one sentence paragraphs.



Because. They. Break. Things. Up. Ha! But again, don’t go crazy with them.

Break it up with bullets

Have you ever noticed that bulleted or numbered lists are:

  • Easy to scan
  • Attractive and draw your eye
  • Super simple to absorb
  • A simple & clean way to present numerous ideas on a subject
  • A welcome change from reading paragraphs!

So if you’ve got a variety of points to make on a subject, create a punchy list, with your key point last.

Are you still here? Woohoo, we’ve done our job!

Which is a point to make in itself.

If you’ve got the right combination of compelling words, valuable and trustworthy content and it’s easy on the eye – there’s no doubt your ideal customers will scroll down.

And they’re the keepers!

Feel free to let us know your favourite formatting tricks to make your website copy super attractive.

And don’t shy away from commenting with the things you HATE too!


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