When I was about 6, I used to have this hideous, itchy jumper. It was sooo 90s, multiple colours, patterns, and all types of cat-vomit-looking-craziness…and it was itchy as hell

I’m sure you can imagine it.

But it was warm, so I had to wear it, right?

Anyway, life, and change – is kind of like that itchy jumper.

Sometimes in life, our jumper starts to get itchy.

A scratch here, a scratch there, just an irritating type of rub. For a while it’s annoying but not unbearable.

So, you put up with it and go on with life.

But over time …

That jumper gets itchier and itchier.

You start to realise that at some point something has to change, you’re going to have to take the bloody thing off because the itchiness is getting really annoying.

And yet you keep it on, because it’s cold outside, right?  Because despite being itchy, you’re nice and warm and cosy.

But eventually, as time passes, what was once an annoying, irritating itch…is now unbearable.

Like, I would rather read a pamphlet about butt holes than keep this thing on a second longer.

But it’s cold, and if I take it off people might see my nipples through my camisole. I’ll shiver, it will be freezing, and what if I can’t find another jumper to put on? What if I regret taking it off, what if I freeze to death?

Here’s the deal though…

To level up in life and move forward (in other words – to find a better jumper), there is going to be a period of time, no matter how short or long, where you’re jumper-less. Where it’s uncomfortable, and you could accidentally key a car with your nipples it’s that freezing.

But you just gotta do it!!

You have to temporarily be uncomfortable for growth and better things to occur.

But, isn’t it sad that some people will never take off the metaphorical jumper? 

That they would rather stay itchy and frustrated forever than be uncomfortable momentarily cold but itch-free while they find a different jumper to wear??

So, what’s the itchy jumper in your life?

A relationship?

A job?

A business that you know isn’t fulfilling you?

A hobby that you have lost your passion for?

Are you ready to take the itchy jumper off?  

I did. It was cold and scary, and I felt raw and vulnerable …. 

But it was like switching from the cat vomit sandpaper itchy jumper, eventually to the softest coziest cashmere ever created.

Growth is on the other side of your comfort zone. So get uncomfortable and…

“Stop Delaying your Happiness”.


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Shona Gates,
Sexy Selfish

Shona is a Mum of 3 from Australia. Self-proclaimed badass, wine lover and authenticity ambassador.

Shona is Passionate about helping Mums overcome their limiting beliefs about money, totally transform their Money Mindset and Un-complicate their finances.

Giving them the tools and support to Empower Mums who want to learn how to manifest Wealth … without all the fluff.