When I was at school, I was pretty mediocre at everything, really bad at others, but the 2 subjects I was pretty good at were English and Business Studies.

What I liked about Business is that I understood it, things in that class made sense to me, even when the dreaded maths was much harder to resonate with me.

So early on I had an interest in having my own business, and as time went on and online shopping became more and more prevalent, I saw a pattern in people shopping online for (mostly) clothes, and other retail items traditionally bought in a shop. So I wanted to veer away from retail.

Prior to all this, however, I had a fairly quiet interest in flowers and floristry.

Quiet in the sense that I never really went around announcing it, but I always had a creative side that wanted to explore being a florist, but the mining town I grew up in didn’t really offer up much of an opportunity for me to be able to explore that.

So, fast forward about ten years, the online learning prospects allowed me to complete various courses for florists online, and also finish my business certification to go with it. 

I felt as though I was building towards something, and when my old boss from my first florist job was forced into administration, I wanted to help that business recover so much that I tried to buy that shop myself.

It wasn’t meant to be that time, but it made me realise that yes, indeed I could start my own business, why did I have to work for someone else? 

I had 2 young girls in tow, and it’s not very often a boss is really truly understanding when you have to stay home with sick kids without warning, so I made the decision and the rest was *not* smooth sailing- nor history, but it was the beginning of my business journey!

My interest in flowers was one thing, but I made the choice to enter into the business of flowers for these reasons.

1. Theres no way people can buy a cheaper, nastier version of your product from eBay.

So yes, people may be able to buy flowers online from another source or competition, but there’s always going to be demand for flowers in your physical place because they’re a real, in person, perishable product. 

They’re not like a T-shirt or pair of jeans that you can look up on GetPrice and find a cheaper version of it on a website somewhere else, it has to be sourced locally to some extent.

2. Many trades have been phased out through the layers of time, but floristry isn’t one of them.

There’s always a chance that some jobs of today may not be around tomorrow, because as technology advances and changes the way we do things, there’s just no need for some things anymore, enter: Milkman, Lamplighter, Bowling Pin Setter (yes, that was a job before 1950’s).

One thing is for sure though- flowers and the flower industry have stood the test of time, since the first examples of bouquets wreaths and garlands were found preserved in tombs and in hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt (that’s 2500BC!), China and Rome!

The tradition of giving flowers has never diminished, it has certainly changed over the years on who gives flowers, and the sentiment of everyday couples has changed in dynamic, but the bones of it is still there, people still want to adorn their weddings with them and people still want to gift bouquets to those they love, and use them to remember those they love with funeral flowers.

3. They’re a beautiful product.

Seeing floral works of art is something that people never tire of!

It’s because they’re so beautiful, visually satisfying, so marketing them to people is not cringeworthy, it’s pretty and interesting, visually stimulating!

It has the upper hand in this department, as marketing a product such as window handles or glass panes, for example, would be much harder to market; bottom line, flowers are enjoyable to see!


So they’re the main 3 reasons I chose floristry as a business. 

I truly love what I do, and enjoy working hard when the rewards start to appear.

I truly want to do this industry justice and be the best florist and entrepreneur I can be, and that is the reason behind sharing my initial story with you, to educate other women (and men)  about my inspiration and in turn, hopefully inspire you to, at the very least, think about buying someone flowers, as the sentiment will always be carried with it long after the flowers have died in the vase.



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Haylet Ball, Little Boho Flower Co



Hi, I’m Hayley! I’m 33 and the owner of Little Boho Flower Co.
I am also a mum of 3, wife of a FIFO (fly in fly out) worker, florist, blog writer and entrepreneur.
My florist specialises in all things whimsical and free flowing; we do flowers for special events of all sizes, and daily bouquets which we send out all over Adelaide.