Well, I just want to be upfront here. There is no right or wrong answer to this one. But, I can show you the huge benefits of having them in place.

First, let’s look at your online marketing and sales environment, and then I can explain why you would need a sales funnel even if you already have a website, a Facebook business page and/or Instagram account. 

We’ll also finish up with examples of how Sales Funnels act like sales staff for you 24/7 and can help you to make money in your sleep!


What role does your website & social media play in your sales?

First of all, think about your website, your Facebook business page or Instagram as your storefront – that’s open 24/7, worldwide.

(It’s a bit like Sephora, the shop that carries different cosmetic and skincare products worldwide. Most of the products are mid to high, and their staff are usually quite chic.) 

People randomly visit your website, look around and go. You might get a few sales, but a lot of visitors do just come and go.

Your website’s nature is to give basic information about who you are, what you do, how to work with you, and how much you charge. Your social media channels show people a snapshot of what you do.

But, when was the last time someone bought your course or hired you straight from your website or socials without speaking to you or emailing you?


Are you answering all your customers questions?

Let’s remember again that your website operates 24/7, so people are visiting from all over the world. Who is going to be sitting next to a computer and waiting to answer questions 24/7? You are leaving money on the table. 

This is where a Sales Page comes in. Rather than being Sephora, it’s like a shop only selling Laura Mercier translucent powder. If someone walks in; they are more likely to buy. Why? It’s because they already know this shop only sells one product before they come in.

A typical sales page will tell you:

  • Who needs translucent powder (usually for people with oily skin)
  • Why you should use translucent powder
  • Why it is better than coloured powder
  • Why Laura Mercier
  • What ingredients are used
  • How to use
  • Pricing
  • What customers say
  • Before and after images from real customers
  • Who is not recommended to use this product
  • Refund policy
  • Q&As

Now, let’s look at where Sales Funnels can boost your business

As you can see above, a sales page covers most of the customers’ enquiries. The good thing is you can always add more onto a sales page.

If you have already addressed their potential questions, you don’t even need staff to be there. It’s called AUTOMATION and this is where Sales Funnels come into play.

Customers are now ready to go to the checkout page and pay. But what happens next?

  • If they happen to leave the checkout process, you can still retarget them using Facebook pixels.
  • If they gave you their email address, you could start your abandon cart email sequences.
  • If they do decide to purchase, they will come to an upsell page. You can choose to upsell a kabuki brush to go with the translucent powder. Again, the upsell page explains why a kabuki brush and translucent powder are a perfect match! Some customers will buy, and some will just go directly to check out.
  • Once they have purchased, they will be landing on a “Thank You” page. On the thank you page, just like actual sales, you thank your customer for their purchase and hope they enjoy the whole shopping experience. You could mention the refund policy and how to contact you when there is a problem. 

These steps can all be done without physical staff, and people still go through each step to become your customer.

And, that is what a sales funnel is – a sales process. 

People walk in and start from the top of your funnel. If all goes well, they finish the purchase and reach the bottom of the funnel. 

You’ve heard of making money while you sleep? This is how you can do it – through automation!

As a digital marketer and a funnel creator, I think every business needs a landing page for each of the courses and services you sell and a funnel to complete your customers’ entire shopping experience.


An example sales funnel from Vanessa Choi



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