Our Mission

At SA Woman, our mission is to connect, empower and showcase all women. We are here for the executives, the entrepreneurs, the business owners and the backbone-of-your-organisation employees.

We connect you with other like minded women to build friendships and networks, to delight in each other’s successes and support each other through the hard times and hurdles.

We empower you to value yourself and your contribution to society and strongly believe that you cannot be what you cannot see.

We showcase the stories of your career and encourage you to roar about what makes your tale unique. Not just the successes or the milestones, but the hard days, long nights and roller coaster rides. 

SA Woman is here for all women, across all stages of life. We understand that what it means to truly soar in your industry will not be identical to any other SA Woman and we welcome your diverse background and goals with open arms. 

SA Woman is your place to shine, be seen, support others and learn from each other. 

SA Woman is empowering you to soar.

We have three main areas that encompass our mission to support women in business in South Australia.

Connection. Belonging. Community.

SA Woman is here to bring women together. To connect them with opportunities and resources to soar. To connect them with inspiring local women. To create a place online and in person where women feel they belong to a community of women who want to see them rise.

Hear me roar. See me Soar.

SA Woman is dedicated to bringing women to the forefront. To showcasing their achievements, to sharing their stories, to showing the world what our State has to offer in business, in career and in the community. EVERY South Australian woman is worthy of being seen, it is our mission that they are

We can’t be, what we can’t see.

Every piece of the SA Woman journey is about empowering South Australian women to soar – however that looks to them.  By creating connection, sharing stories and creating a movement of women soaring high and empowering one another, we are dedicated to showing women and girls what is truly possible. It’s our time!

What our members say…

Starting a business is scary. SA Woman makes is SO much less scary! The support network it provides is invaluable and I couldn’t be more thankful! On many occasions I have had wobbles – mainly fuelled by self doubt and Carly and her team have been the most amazing cheerleaders. Keep up the awesomeness! 


Cook n Create

I joined SA Woman after being told about it by a friend. This community is the most supportive and inspirational community of women I’ve ever encountered.
Not only is this a safe space to speak and learn but the wealth of knowledge of the women and their willingness to share that knowledge is invaluable.
I know encourage my friends who have started in business to join this group, and it’s been great for them all.

Head to Heart Health

I joined SA Woman to learn from other women, to support other women in business, and to lift my profile. I love reading the success stories and challenges other women face. It is empowering to share and receive wisdom from other women in a supportive environment.

Complete Communication

I joined SA Woman as a way of meeting self employed women who “just got it”. The experience has given me more than just meeting people – the connection , the ability to ask questions & access a huge “brains trust” has been invaluable. It’s been a fabulous supportive environment all round.


Wednesday Night Supper Club