Tobie Herbert  – Zyia Activewear

Tobie Herbert – Zyia Activewear


My name is Tobie Herbert.

I am passionate about aging as gracefully as I can and to help women feel both incredible and comfortable in their own skin!

I am a wife/mother/daughter/sister/friend/comedian/nurse and business owner (just to name a few). You are more than likely some of these things too, and I am sure we have much in common.

Now that I am entering my 50’s my priorities have changed. Feeling good in my own skin and loving what I wear is now particularly important to me.

Sally Carruthers  – Organised by Sally

Sally Carruthers – Organised by Sally

My name is Sally Carruthers and I’m a Professional Home Organiser and Declutter Coach based in Adelaide, South Australia.

I am a mother, partner and cat owner.

I love reading, baking and painting.

I am also directionally challenged, so even after 10 years in Adelaide (originally from Newcastle NSW) I still get lost! haha

I started my business because I wanted to help others by lifting the burden of clutter from their shoulders and allowing them to breathe again.

Nicole de la Perrelle  – Encourage OT

Nicole de la Perrelle – Encourage OT

I’m an experienced Occupational Therapist who has been working with clients with physical and neurological conditions for over 20 years. I have particular experience with supporting individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals around driving and community access. I currently work primarily in the NDIS and Motor Accident space. I have a background in leadership and management across multiple sectors including public and private health. However, having experienced professional burnout through my work a few years ago, I have shifted my practice to be more focussed on supporting other allied health practitioners to prevent and manage burnout and to be the best therapist they can be, whilst still taking care of themselves!
Outside of my work, I’m a mum to 2 little boys and a dog mum to old dog Ella and puppy, Stevie. I love reading, LEGO, Barbies, painting and the performing arts. You’ll find me at park run most weekends or else creating a podcast with my sister or starting a new personal or professional project (I always have a 1000 things on the go at any one time!).

Cathy Domoney  – Cathy Domoney SuperAbundant Mentor

Cathy Domoney – Cathy Domoney SuperAbundant Mentor

An expert with over 20 years of experience in teaching, counseling, hypnotherapy, cutting-edge trauma release techniques, and coaching, Cathy specializes in working with high-achievers, including 7-figure entrepreneurs, to dissolve their blocks, triggers, and trauma hindering their true greatness. Her focus on empowering high-performance entrepreneurs and professionals through innovative techniques and technologies underscores her commitment to unlocking their infinite potential, leading them to experience more love, impact, legacy, success, and financial wealth.

Featured on TED-Ed, Fox, NBC, CBS, Montel Williams, and other renowned platforms, Cathy’s expertise is widely recognized for its transformative impact. By embracing cutting-edge techniques for resolving trauma and empowering high-achievers, Cathy aims to inspire leaders to address their issues proactively, ensuring their leadership practices steer clear of negative influences and echo a message of healing, empowerment, and immense success.

Justine Reynolds  – Woodleigh Hills

Justine Reynolds – Woodleigh Hills

Hey, I’m a mother of 5, married to a local Washpool farmer, we reside on our farm Woodleigh Hills situated between Jamestown and Spalding SA.
I originally hail from Orroroo when I grew up with with Mum, Dad, along with my five sisters, who are all more like best friends, we have a very close supportive family , 21 grandchildren between us,
I keep busy with being a mum, farmers wife, community member and an entrepreneur.
I am caring, creative, outgoing, relaxed and inclusive and love living on the farm where I am surrounded by nature, peace and privacy!

Emma Horgan  – YOUR ADMIN HERO


I’m Emma, a Yorkshire-born lass, and Australian citizen. I first came to Brisbane in 1998 and have since lived in Sydney, London, Singapore, and now Adelaide. I love to travel and having my own business allows me the freedom to create a life that works around my family and still have the opportunity to explore the world.

My background is varied, just how life should be! – Executive Administration, Sales, and Recruitment all of which share the same goal, hunting, gathering, and achieving targets that I love to exceed.

I have 20 years of executive administration and sales experience across industries such as IT, Education, Manufacturing, and Recruitment. I now apply these skills in my Virtual Assistant business Your Admin Hero, helping entrepreneurs and small business owners with overwhelming admin, managing their day-to-day tasks so they can focus on growing their business.

Caitlin Thomson  – Dandelion Business Support

Caitlin Thomson – Dandelion Business Support

Hi, I’m Caitlin and I own Dandelion Business Support. I am a virtual assistant for allied health professionals who are looking at moving their business to the next step through outsourcing their admin or creating systems in their business. I am a previous social worker, who had to stop working full time, because my children needed additional support. Both my children in 2023 were FINALLY approved for NDIS and both were diagnosed with ASD. I am a choc-o-holic, lover of reality TV and I’m in my reading era!

Sarah Martin  – Mynd Money Coach

Sarah Martin – Mynd Money Coach

I’m a former Financial adviser turned Certified Money coach and Financial Wellness advocate dedicated to assisting the sandwich generation and their families with everyday money matters. I’m a lover of the outdoors and staying active through sports like hockey, running, and bushwalking. I also enjoy gardening and meditation. With a supportive partner, adult children, and a fur friend, I find balance in my life.
After navigating the challenges of divorce with young children, I transitioned into a career as a financial advisor with a focus on empowering women.
Living in the sandwich generation then became a balancing act with my business, family, and caring for aging parents. Taking on financial responsibilities for my parents due to my dad’s Parkinson’s diagnosis led me to realise the challenges for other people in the same situation without my financial background and lacking time. This inspired me to help simplify money management for others in similar situations, aiming to instil confidence in handling everyday finances.
I’m excited to share the knowledge I have acquired and provide firsthand support based on my extensive 20-year career in the finance industry. As a member of the sandwich generation, my primary focus is on empowering women in this generation to attain financial security and independence. In this stage of life, financial hurdles often stem from conflicting priorities. I love assisting clients to overcoming challenges such as feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or lacking confidence, and instead help them gain clarity, courage, and control over their financial situation. I am also passionate about providing support tailored to their loved ones and their unique needs, often stepping in to alleviate the stress of dealing with Centrelink, simplifying daily household finances, and overall helping ease the burden of managing their loved ones’ finances.

Meredith Woolsey  – Move to Live – Exercise Physiology

Meredith Woolsey – Move to Live – Exercise Physiology

Hello! My name is Meredith … lovely to meet you!

I started my small but mighty clinic eight years ago because, as my Mum says, I need to be captain of my own ship.

I came the long way around to Exercise Physiology, but I have definitely found my place in the world and how I want to make a difference.

I am super passionate about equitable healthcare, particularly for marginalised folks such as the LGBTIQA+ community, neurodivergent people, BIPOC, and those living in larger bodies. When I am not in the clinic helping my clients you can find me on a soapbox somewhere, advocating to students, other health professionals, businesses, or anyone who will listen.

Outside of work I have a human (Luke) and a doggo (MacDuff). I love gardening, boardgames with friends, Disney movies, and swing dancing.