Yaffa Dunning  – Zhav International Pty Ltd

Yaffa Dunning – Zhav International Pty Ltd


Over 35 years she’s successfully built an empire from her iconic Adelaide salon, Yaffa Zhav Anti-Aging & Slimming Centre in conjunction with her Wholesale Business, ZHAV INTERNATIONAL, distributing the latest innovative technology in Anti-Aging PLUS her very own skincare, YZ Derma Skincare.

Recognized as an industry evergreen, Yaffa is renowned for her commitment to natural solutions. As well as dedicating her life to researching and refining natural beauty techniques, Yaffa has gained a reputation as an entrepreneur and innovator. Her forward-thinking, for the beauty industry has driven exhaustive research and development. This led directly to the creation of technology and products that today are recognized as the highest standards in the field.

Once again, she’s demonstrated why she is a true innovator and legend within the beauty industry. She has revolutionized how beauty professionals can now operate clinics ensuring their business success. Yaffa wanted higher revenue potential for greater business success. This led her, single-handedly, to curate and design her concept with an award-winning team of local engineers, developing the NEW and ONLY one in the World, breakthrough cutting-edge innovation in Non-Surgical Face Lift an all-in-one HANDS-FREE machine, ZHAV Dynamic Lift TM + Moisture Testing.

Kama Gore  – Kama Health

Kama Gore – Kama Health

Kama is a Natural Health Coach with over 14 years experience in helping many people achieve better health and well-being through natural solutions. She is a degree qualified natural health expert with a special interest in holistic stress management, and helping women who are stuck in stress, overwhelm and anxiety to find deep calm, clarity and vitality.

She integrates many tools such as BodyMind coaching, meditation, energy work and an in-depth knowledge of natural health to support her clients. Her approach is down-to-earth and practical, balanced with spiritual intuition. She applies her knowledge and guides her clients with integrity, compassion and care.

Kama is a Mum to 2 girls and is passionate about connecting the community with natural health, breaking down the expectations of “motherhood martyrdom” and is committed to making emotional and spiritual health just as important as physical and mental health.

Susie Ford   – Let’s Just Be Fabulous!

Susie Ford – Let’s Just Be Fabulous!

After years of working in the corporate world I am still intrigued as to why some people cannot see their potential. Seemingly, they lack confidence and make negative choices unaware of their insecurities and fears.
Through experiences and research, I developed processes that enabled me to see the souls who, without help, may never in this lifetime recognise their detrimental beliefs, and patterns of behaviour. Those that have been absorbed into their subconscious mind, and unconsciously being played out.

When hit by my own adversity, through adult eyes, I came to see clearly my own damage! The effect it had on the course of my life and the love I deprived myself.
Ultimately, I recogised the subconscious beliefs I took from my parents and other significant influences, from early childhood.

I was a Master of Imitation! Like many of us!

Certified in NLP, CBT, and using modalities of brain science, transactional analysis and positive psychology, I guide others to develop their self-awareness, have realisations and most importantly gain clarity.
Of what they absorbed from the impact of past conditioning through early childhood,. And with a conscious mind lose the fears and gain the confidence, they need to move towards what they aspire
to be and have in this lifetime.

Jaynie D Morris  – TransformingNOWTogether

Jaynie D Morris – TransformingNOWTogether

I am a passionate woman over 50 who discovered many years ago that, once having reached that age the very real aspect of ‘being invisible’ on many levels was in play! This discovery fuelled my already ‘life passion’ to make a difference wherever I could and drives who and what I do today.

I am an Wholistic Life Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, Media Commentator and Transformational Speaker/Trainer.

Along with being Mother to 2 Adult sons and ecstatically in love Grandmorther of 2, I am protective of my inner circle of girlfriends who contribute to life adventures.

I love all things health, wellbeing and fitness and am qualified in the areas of Classical Yoga Instructor, Naturopath and am a Master NLP & TimeLine Therapist.

Travel is in my blood and I grab any opportunity to do so.

I am both a health survivor (having been given only 2 months to live in 2012) and a domestic violence survivor (having fled in 2021)

Suzanne Ingleton  – SA Weight Loss Hypnosis

Suzanne Ingleton – SA Weight Loss Hypnosis

Suzanne Ingleton is from SA Weight Loss Hypnosis and is a Womens Weight Loss Coach who is dedicated to helping women to break free from emotional & binge eating so they can learn to have peace and freedom around food and body forever!

As a Hypnotherapist, Eating Psychology Coach & Master NLP Practitioner, Suzanne has dedicated the last 20 years to helping 1000’s of women and men to be the healthiest versions of themselves by prioritising their mental, physical and emotional wellness.