Together we will elevate our South Australian women of today and our women of the future.

Since 2017, SA Woman has been here to create impact and shine a light on the contributions of women in South Australia and on the future, our girls.

We believe that all South Australian women and girls deserve the opportunities to forge their own path, in a business or in a career. We believe that connection is key to a sense of belonging, encouragement and empowerment. We believe that “we can’t be, what we can’t see”, and sharing the stories and paths of the women who walk beside us, is key to elevating the status of our women and girls and empowering us all to unleash our potential. .

Connect Her

We create opportunities for connection, belonging and support through our membership community, our varied events and our storytelling.
Community and Connection are key to a State where we truly see women supporting women.

Elevate Her

We elevate the profile of women and girls in businesses and careers, through our social media, blog, magazine, awards and advocacy.
We bust through ceilings, break down barriers and show what is truly possible, from right here in South Australia .

Empower Her

Through connection, community and elevating the achievements and contribution of the collective of women and girls across SA, we encourage her to grow and feel self-empowered to forge her own path. Nothing is impossible when we believe in ourselves.

“We can’t be, what we can’t see. SA Woman is here to show all women and girls what is possible.”

Meet an SA Woman.

Our members are the beating heart of all we do and believe in our vision of an empowered and equal future for our women and girls.

Read and be inspired by a selection below or head to our directory to search and connect with a South Australian Woman.

Nicki Brunton  – The Patchwork Parent

Nicki Brunton – The Patchwork Parent

Nicki is a dedicated youth worker and mother of four, bringing over 15 years of experience in supporting and empowering young people and their families. Her deep understanding of the challenges faced by both teens and parents comes from her professional background and her personal journey as a parent.

With a passion for fostering strong, healthy family relationships, Nicki has spent her career guiding parents through the complexities of adolescence. She has a unique ability to connect with both teens and parents, offering practical advice, compassionate support, and innovative strategies to help families thrive.

As the facilitator of the PATCHWORK Parent Program, Nicki combines her extensive expertise in youth work with her real-life parenting experience to provide a comprehensive, empathetic approach to parenting. Her goal is to help parents build stronger connections with their teens, enhance their understanding, and navigate the ups and downs of family life with confidence and resilience.

Nicki’s approach is grounded in the belief that every family has the potential to create a nurturing, supportive environment where both parents and teens can flourish.

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Yaffa Dunning  – Zhav International Pty Ltd

Yaffa Dunning – Zhav International Pty Ltd


Over 35 years she’s successfully built an empire from her iconic Adelaide salon, Yaffa Zhav Anti-Aging & Slimming Centre in conjunction with her Wholesale Business, ZHAV INTERNATIONAL, distributing the latest innovative technology in Anti-Aging PLUS her very own skincare, YZ Derma Skincare.

Recognized as an industry evergreen, Yaffa is renowned for her commitment to natural solutions. As well as dedicating her life to researching and refining natural beauty techniques, Yaffa has gained a reputation as an entrepreneur and innovator. Her forward-thinking, for the beauty industry has driven exhaustive research and development. This led directly to the creation of technology and products that today are recognized as the highest standards in the field.

Once again, she’s demonstrated why she is a true innovator and legend within the beauty industry. She has revolutionized how beauty professionals can now operate clinics ensuring their business success. Yaffa wanted higher revenue potential for greater business success. This led her, single-handedly, to curate and design her concept with an award-winning team of local engineers, developing the NEW and ONLY one in the World, breakthrough cutting-edge innovation in Non-Surgical Face Lift an all-in-one HANDS-FREE machine, ZHAV Dynamic Lift TM + Moisture Testing.

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Donna Adams  – Donna Adams Consulting

Donna Adams – Donna Adams Consulting

Hi I’m Donna Adams. As a Behaviour Change Specialist, Healthy Workplace Consultant and Executive Coach I help people break their own glass ceilings and thrive without burnout. I’m the founder of Southern and Business Leaders Circles.

Having over 20 years experience leading teams through change in Government, Not for Profit and Private sector I love bringing the best out of people. I bring unique skills of finance, leadership, mindset and wellbeing to challenge traditional approaches and bring practical tools to inspire action, connection, and positive change.

Enjoying 13 years in the disability sector I have experienced first hand the toll of constantly giving can have on the body and mind. Hence I am passionate about creating healthy workplaces where people can make a positive impact while also preserving their wellbeing and preventing burnout.

Our Leaders have the potential to create the biggest changes in our communities but often they are high achievers, working twice as hard due to mindset challenges like perfectionism, imposter syndrome and self-doubt. That is why I created the Leaders Circles to support business owners and leaders to make a difference without the inner critic and burnout. Connection, wellbeing, and achieving results are top values for me and this is the foundations of the Leaders Circles.

Having started my career as an accountant my fascination with human behaviour and wanting to help people reach there potential saw me go on to become a Master NLP Coach, Hypnotherapist, and last year becoming an NLP trainer.

I provide engaging, inclusive and insightful leaders circles, workshops and coaching programs to support leaders, teams and organisations achieve their outcomes through the power of neuroscience, leadership and wellbeing.

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Kama Gore  – Kama Health

Kama Gore – Kama Health

Kama is a Natural Health Coach with over 14 years experience in helping many people achieve better health and well-being through natural solutions. She is a degree qualified natural health expert with a special interest in holistic stress management, and helping women who are stuck in stress, overwhelm and anxiety to find deep calm, clarity and vitality.

She integrates many tools such as BodyMind coaching, meditation, energy work and an in-depth knowledge of natural health to support her clients. Her approach is down-to-earth and practical, balanced with spiritual intuition. She applies her knowledge and guides her clients with integrity, compassion and care.

Kama is a Mum to 2 girls and is passionate about connecting the community with natural health, breaking down the expectations of “motherhood martyrdom” and is committed to making emotional and spiritual health just as important as physical and mental health.

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Lisa Napier

Lisa Napier

Originally from Adelaide but after graduating from university many moons ago, I relocated to Perth where I worked for many years in Mining and Oil and Gas.
I then transitioned into transformation consulting which I have done for the past 7 years.
I returned to Adelaide 5 years ago with my husband to be close to family and I am loving every minute of it!

I’m in a junction in my career and keen to build relationships with other fabulous business women in Adelaide.

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Thi Kim Hue Nguyen  – TaiNam_Kitchen

Thi Kim Hue Nguyen – TaiNam_Kitchen

My name is Thi Kim Hue Nguyen ( Hannah Nguyen). I’m from Vietnam and migrated to Australia when I was a student. I love cooking and introducing beautiful Asian food to my foreign friends. However, I’m still new in Adelaide so networking with everyone here would help me expand friendships and share my interest in Asian food.

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