Together we will elevate our South Australian women of today and our women of the future.

Since 2017, SA Woman has been here to create impact and shine a light on the contributions of women in South Australia and on the future, our girls.

We believe that all South Australian women and girls deserve the opportunities to forge their own path, in a business or in a career. We believe that connection is key to a sense of belonging, encouragement and empowerment. We believe that “we can’t be, what we can’t see”, and sharing the stories and paths of the women who walk beside us, is key to elevating the status of our women and girls and empowering us all to unleash our potential. .

Connect Her

We create opportunities for connection, belonging and support through our membership community, our varied events and our storytelling.
Community and Connection are key to a State where we truly see women supporting women. 

Elevate Her

We elevate the profile of women and girls in businesses and careers, through our social media, blog, magazine, awards and advocacy.
We bust through ceilings, break down barriers and show what is truly possible, from right here in South Australia .

Empower Her

Through connection, community and elevating the achievements and contribution of the collective of women and girls across SA, we encourage her to grow and feel self-empowered to forge her own path. Nothing is impossible when we believe in ourselves.

“We can’t be, what we can’t see. SA Woman is here to show all women and girls what is possible.”

Meet an SA Woman.

Our members are the beating heart of all we do and believe in our vision of an empowered and equal future for our women and girls.

Read and be inspired by a selection below or head to our directory to search and connect with a South Australian Woman.

Caitlin Thomson  – Dandelion Business Support

Caitlin Thomson – Dandelion Business Support

Hi, I’m Caitlin and I own Dandelion Business Support. I am a virtual assistant for allied health professionals who are looking at moving their business to the next step through outsourcing their admin or creating systems in their business. I am a previous social worker, who had to stop working full time, because my children needed additional support. Both my children in 2023 were FINALLY approved for NDIS and both were diagnosed with ASD. I am a choc-o-holic, lover of reality TV and I’m in my reading era!

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Sarah Martin  – Mynd Money Coach

Sarah Martin – Mynd Money Coach

I’m a former Financial adviser turned Certified Money coach and Financial Wellness advocate dedicated to assisting the sandwich generation and their families with everyday money matters. I’m a lover of the outdoors and staying active through sports like hockey, running, and bushwalking. I also enjoy gardening and meditation. With a supportive partner, adult children, and a fur friend, I find balance in my life.
After navigating the challenges of divorce with young children, I transitioned into a career as a financial advisor with a focus on empowering women.
Living in the sandwich generation then became a balancing act with my business, family, and caring for aging parents. Taking on financial responsibilities for my parents due to my dad’s Parkinson’s diagnosis led me to realise the challenges for other people in the same situation without my financial background and lacking time. This inspired me to help simplify money management for others in similar situations, aiming to instil confidence in handling everyday finances.
I’m excited to share the knowledge I have acquired and provide firsthand support based on my extensive 20-year career in the finance industry. As a member of the sandwich generation, my primary focus is on empowering women in this generation to attain financial security and independence. In this stage of life, financial hurdles often stem from conflicting priorities. I love assisting clients to overcoming challenges such as feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or lacking confidence, and instead help them gain clarity, courage, and control over their financial situation. I am also passionate about providing support tailored to their loved ones and their unique needs, often stepping in to alleviate the stress of dealing with Centrelink, simplifying daily household finances, and overall helping ease the burden of managing their loved ones’ finances.

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Meredith Woolsey  – Move to Live – Exercise Physiology

Meredith Woolsey – Move to Live – Exercise Physiology

Hello! My name is Meredith … lovely to meet you!

I started my small but mighty clinic eight years ago because, as my Mum says, I need to be captain of my own ship.

I came the long way around to Exercise Physiology, but I have definitely found my place in the world and how I want to make a difference.

I am super passionate about equitable healthcare, particularly for marginalised folks such as the LGBTIQA+ community, neurodivergent people, BIPOC, and those living in larger bodies. When I am not in the clinic helping my clients you can find me on a soapbox somewhere, advocating to students, other health professionals, businesses, or anyone who will listen.

Outside of work I have a human (Luke) and a doggo (MacDuff). I love gardening, boardgames with friends, Disney movies, and swing dancing.

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Katrina Parrington  – Parrington Finance

Katrina Parrington – Parrington Finance

Katrina Parrington is one of Australia’s most successful mortgage brokers. An award-winning expert on financial services, she specialises in home loans, investment loans, commercial loans, refinances, and plant & equipment finance.
Having worked in Financial Services for 30 years, she understands the key strategies and structures involved in buying your first home, building a successful property portfolio, or buying a single investment property.
Katrina takes a holistic view, inclusive of research on relevant markets, types of properties, strategy, structure, risk management, and the all-important financial analysis.
She has unique abilities and qualifications that ensure a real understanding of her clients’ financial needs, and that enables her to provide professional advice and solutions that delight her clients.
Her reputation is based on the trust she has established with her clients in Northern Territory and South Australia.
Katrina holds a Diploma of Financial Services, and she is a member of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia.
Katrina’s achievements and professionalism have been recognised by her industry and her peers. These awards are a testament to her knowledge, skills and work ethic.

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Shani Prideaux  – SJP Wellbeing

Shani Prideaux – SJP Wellbeing

BA in Counselling (minor coaching) ~ children and youth, trauma and grief, family therapy, addiction.

Diploma in Positive Psychology & Wellbeing ~ Positive Parenting & Coaching.

Diploma in Youth Work.

Brainspotting Phase 1.

Mental Health First Aid – Master Trainer

“My passion is in promoting well-being and post-traumatic growth (as opposed to post-traumatic stress) for people who have experienced an activating event, a problem causing distress, or a desire to create a life change of some kind. As a counsellor I work with a lot of young people and parents, but can work with people from all walks of life.

Talking to people has always been my forte, from my early years as a hairdresser I was aware that my clients trusted me and I would bear witness to many things in their lives, happy, sad, and even traumatic.

When I began my career in health and fitness in 2011 I originally used it to keep myself motivated after having kids. I had to turn up, people were relying on me, but it was my time out. I worried constantly about my children, after some traumatic events both during and after their births, in fact, I barely have any memories of those early years because my brain was so full of worry and hypervigilant for potential dangers or things that could make them sick, it was one of the few things that could turn my brain off for a while.

I quickly attracted people who were using the gym to help with their own issues, like mental health, body image, self-worth, relationship problems, and more. Studying one thing turned into another and slowly my career and work have shifted. My first role outside of talking to people at the salon or the gym was as a well-being coach at an eating disorder clinic where I worked with women in a group setting, under the guidance of a psychologist to redefine their relationship to food, and moving their bodies.

Fast forward to the last 6 or so years and I have worked as a parenting coach with foster networks, in high school wellbeing teams, and as a mental health and wellbeing educator around Australia and NZ, both for Red Cross and in my own business. Program Counsellor SA for Raise Foundation and as a therapist in drug and alcohol residential rehabilitation Tumbelin Farm with young men.

I provide mental health and wellbeing education for workplaces, including Mental Health First Aid for organisations small-large, and clinical supervision to various organisations whose staff work with vulnerable people.

My passion for mental health and education revolves around social inclusion, mental health, and wellbeing literacy, and advocacy of a healthy Australia.”

Modalities most used: Trauma Focussed Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Narrative Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Systemic Family Therapy, Mindfulness, and Somatic Therapy, Brainspotting.

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Rachel Reiter  – Rachel Reiter | Hopscotch Branding Studio

Rachel Reiter – Rachel Reiter | Hopscotch Branding Studio

Hey! I’m Rachel, brand stylist and mentor, illustrator, designer and ultimately… your brand BFF. Which means I create one-of-a-kind brand personalities that help flourishing online business owners radiate.

I get to the core of who you are and why you do what you do with my exclusive brand discovery process. Then I combine brand strategy, colour psychology, bespoke illustrations, imagery and typography to capture the heart and spirit of your business in a brand that captivates your ideal clients and makes them desperate to work with you!

I live in Glenelg, SA with my hubby and four gorgeous girls.

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