Become an SA Woman Member.

Joining SA Woman is joining a movement of women working together to elevate the lives, stories, and futures of women in South Australia. It is joining a community of women who support each other. From every corner of South Australia and across every industry, business, and career path.

As a community, we know that the women of South Australia “can’t be what they can’t see” and we are fierce advocates for showcasing exactly what our women are capable of.

SA Woman challenges you to create a lasting impact on the future women of South Australia and encourages you to find connections and support from the community to do so. 

Being part of SA Woman means that, together we will:

Connect women across South Australia at events, in our virtual support groups, through coworking, professional development opportunities and more

Elevate the profiles of women and businesses and careers with features in our magazine, across our socials, on the blog and in person at our events.

Empower each other to grow and forge your own individual path, with connection, community and celebration of every step along the way.

Becoming a member:

For far too long our women have been separated based on career choices. And it is our mission to bring our women together. So no matter where you are in South Australia, what industry you are in, what career path you are following – our membership is about bringing us all together to create an uplifting, encouraging and empowering community.

Being an SA Woman is more than just having a membership. It is embodying a belief in the potential of South Australian women to forge an exciting new path of leadership, of togetherness and of a collective voice for the betterment of our women of today and our women of tomorrow.

Therefore,  together we are one community with one membership. Careers or Business. Regional or Metropolitan. Together, we soar higher.

Being part of SA Woman gives you access to:

– A Community to belong. Where you are celebrated for who you are and recognised for your achievements. A place to ask all questions, no matter how small.

 – Opportunities to connect and network whether virtually in our online groups or in person at our events – with a diverse community.

– A listing in our SA Woman Members Directory, with a focus on YOU as the feature. While your business or organisation is important, we focus on getting to know you and showcasing your achievements. Therefore, enhancing connection and future opportunities.

– Discounts to SA Woman events and invites to member-only events.  (Full Members Only.).

– A support and connection network, to help link you with who and what you need in your circle to soar.

– Opportunities for additional showcasing and connection, including social media and first access to sponsorship opportunities.

– Playing a part in the future of South Australian women and being part of the legacy for our next generation. All memberships help us also develop our Girls who Soar initiative.

And More!

Full Membership

This gives you full access to the opportunities SA Woman provides, including our event discounts. This is for those looking for that added in-person experience.

For all women, whether you are a woman in a career, a woman in business or a woman finding your path. 

Virtual Membership

This is our membership that excludes in-person events. Perfectly suited for those not needing in person networking or live regionally – but want to build connections online and at a time that suits them.

Also for those looking to get behind and align with the SA Woman mission and purpose, but may not have time or a need to build connections. 

For all women, whether you are a woman in a career, a woman in business or a woman finding your path. 

Starting a business is scary. SA Woman makes is SO much less scary! The support network it provides is invaluable and I couldn’t be more thankful! On many occasions I have had wobbles – mainly fuelled by self doubt and Carly and her team have been the most amazing cheerleaders. Keep up the awesomeness! 


Cook n Create

I joined SA Woman as a way of meeting self employed women who “just got it”. The experience has given me more than just meeting people – the connection , the ability to ask questions & access a huge “brains trust” has been invaluable. It’s been a fabulous supportive environment all round.


Wednesday Night Supper Club

Things to know…

We know you may have questions, so have a read below for our FAQ’s.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to send us an email HERE.

How long does my membership last? How does my membership renew?

ALL MEMBERSHIPS AUTO-RENEW upon your anniversary date. While you will receive reminders, we recommend you also pop it in your calendar. 

For Annual Upfront Memberships:

Your membership will be up for 12 months from when you sign up. You will then receive a reminder a  week before it is due for renewal (we recommend you also set a reminder, just in case this email ends up in ‘junk email’). If you have a credit card setup that is current, this will happen automatically. 

For Monthly Memberships:

Your membership is monthly, pay as you go. You can cancel anytime. Your directory listing remains active as long as your membership payments are up to date. Your membership renews on the 1st of each month. 

Membership prices are subject to change. And you will be advised accordingly of any increases.

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes! You can upgrade anytime (you will set up a login when you join). The amount charged is pro-rata based on the length of time left on your membership.

Do you offer team memberships?

We sure do! Please get in touch with us with team numbers and we will organise an package just for your team! Email us HERE.

How do I get showcased?

In addition to the directory and membership inclusions, opportunities will be shared via email and/or in the members groups. Collective Plus members will have first access to opportunities provided and this will be shared in the members facebook group. Then shared in the LinkedIn group. 

It’s important to acknowledge that you will get out of your membership what you put in. Just having a directory listing and accessing one showcase opportunity or making a valuable connection will more than equal the value of your membership for the year.


Why is the virtual membership cheaper?

Our virtual membership excludes in-person member-only events and event discounts, therefore reducing the cost. It is prefect for those regionally or those not looking to create those in-person connections. 

How do i access the members facebook group?

When you join up you will recieve an email that gives you the low down on all things related to your membership.

If you can’t wait and want to get in asap after joining up, you can click HERE. (note. Only Financial Members are added).


how do I receive communication?

The majority of our communication happens within the members facebook group, however you will also receive regular member news emails from our founder Carly. 

Your details are not provided to anyone outside of SA Woman and are kept confidential. You will only be emailed information that is relevant to our members. 

how do events work? what if i can't go?

We provide numerous opportunities to attend in-person events throughout the year (covid restriction dependent). Events are held mid-morning, evening and breakfasts during the week and at varying price points. Occaisonally we will have a weekend event.

Full Members receive a special Member Price on all events and also have access to the member-led gatherings. Events will be posted on the SA Woman Facebook page and sent out in emails.

In-person connection is something pretty special and the energy from a room full of powerful women is a true vibe. We really hope you have the opportunity to experience it during your membership.

Are you registered for GST?

Yes SA Woman is registered for GST. This will be itemised on your order and completed tax invoice.