the community.

SA Woman is dedicated to connecting, empowering and showcasing South Australia’s talented women in business.

We are on a mission to support, connect and showcase women in business in South Australia.


All women. All industries. All careers. All locations.

What does being an SA Woman member mean for me?

Being an SA Woman member means you become part of the largest and most connected community for women in business in South Australia.

Whether you’re running your own businesses, in leadership and marketing positions or working for organisations, it’s a community that you can be supported, connected and cheered on by.

Here is a snapshot of what you can expect from being part of SA Woman:

Be part of our warm & supportive virtual community from anywhere in South Australia! Make genuine connections, learn from others and access help at any time you need it for any question you have!

List your business in our online directory – a central resource for members and the public to find and support a woman in business!

Take advantage of additional opportunities when they arise to showcase your business through our blog, social media, sponsorship and events.

Access exclusive offers and discounts for SA Woman members throughout the year.

Members are invited to enjoy discounted tickets to all of our events. With events at varying sizes and budgets, in person and online, there is something for everyone to escape the office and meet other women who ‘get it’.

Choose to be a Soar Premium Member and have your profile up in lights on the SA Woman blog and distributed through our regular e-newsletters.

Access memebrs only Masterclasses within the group so you can learn from other members and share your expertise.
Attend events and lunches designed for your level of business.

Released twice a year. Have the opportunity to submit an article, be featured* and read a whole mag of local inspiring articles and stories.
*Available to Soar Premium Members Only & chosen by editor.

Ready to get involved?

We like to keep it simple and super affordable so that all businesses can access the support and opportunities of SA Woman.

Our Rise Essentials membership is just that.  Designed to be affordable and with the essentials you need to rise up, this option allows you to add on as you go. No paying for the things you don’t need!

Our Soar Premium membership is for those looking for more! With the opportunity to list in two categories (or have two listings if you have more than one business) and complete a Member Profile that will shine on the SA Woman blog and be shared in our regular e-newsletter – this option is a great way to gain extra exposure!

Our Regional membership is for members 100+ from Adelaide. Recognising the additional challenges our regional women can sometimes face, particularly with accessing events, this membership is an affordable option to be part of our Statewide community from afar.


Simply select your option below and join over 800 fellow South Australian women in business!


For all businesses.

  • Listing in the SA Woman Directory (one category)
  • Curated Online Membership Community for 24/7 support and connection.
  • Member Portal + Masterclasses

BONUS: Business Showcase opportunities.

BONUS: Exclusive invites to member events, event discounts and more.

$99 Annual

Do you need a payment plan? Email us HERE to set one up. 



For more exposure.

  • Premium listing in the SA Woman Directory or Two Standard listings (multiple categories).
  • Curated Online Membership Community for 24/7 support and connection.
  • Member Portal + Masterclasses 
  • Opportunity to have your Business Profile on our website.
  • Copy of SOAR Magazine (coming in early 2022)

    BONUS: Business Showcase opportunities.

    BONUS: Exclusive invites to member events, event discounts and more.

$199 Annual


For Regional Businesses.

  • Listing in the SA Woman Directory (one category)
  • Curated Online Membership Community for 24/7 support and connection.
  • Member Portal + Masterclasses

BONUS: Business Showcase opportunities.

BONUS: Exclusive invites to member events and more.

This is for regional members 100km+ from Adelaide.

$89 Annual

Looking for more?

Other opportunities throughout the year for those part of  The Community. :

SOAR Magazine
Monthly Spotlight
Annual Partners
Event Sponsorship
Showcase Blogs
Business Visits
Member Benefits
VIP Membership
And More.

Looking for a Corporate Membership for your staff or association? Email us HERE for a tailored package.

What our Members Say… 

Starting a business is scary. SA Woman makes is SO much less scary! The support network it provides is invaluable and I couldn’t be more thankful! On many occasions I have had wobbles – mainly fuelled by self doubt and Carly and her team have been the most amazing cheerleaders. Keep up the awesomeness! 


Cook n Create

I joined SA Woman after being told about it by a friend. This community is the most supportive and inspirational community of women I’ve ever encountered.
Not only is this a safe space to speak and learn but the wealth of knowledge of the women and their willingness to share that knowledge is invaluable.
I know encourage my friends who have started in business to join this group, and it’s been great for them all.

Head to Heart Health

I joined SA Woman to learn from other women, to support other women in business, and to lift my profile. I love reading the success stories and challenges other women face. It is empowering to share and receive wisdom from other women in a supportive environment.

Complete Communication

I joined SA Woman as a way of meeting self employed women who “just got it”. The experience has given me more than just meeting people – the connection , the ability to ask questions & access a huge “brains trust” has been invaluable. It’s been a fabulous supportive environment all round.


Wednesday Night Supper Club

Things to know…

We know you may have questions, so have a read of our FAQ’s below.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to send us an email HERE.

How long does my listing last? How does my membership renew?

ALL MEMBERSHIPS AUTO-RENEW upon your anniversary date. While you will receive reminders, we recommend you also pop it in your calendar. 

For Annual Upfront Memberships:

Your listing will be up for 12 months from when you sign up. You will receive instructions on how to set up your listing when you sign up. You will then receive a reminder a couple of weeks before it is due for renewal (we recommend you also set a reminder, just in case this email ends up in ‘junk email’). If you have a credit card/paypal setup, this will happen automatically at the membership price you signed up for initially.

For Monthly Memberships:

Your membership is for a minimum of 12 months, paid monthly. At the end of 12 months, your membership will be month-to-month and you can cancel at anytime. Your listing remains active as long as your membership payments are up-to-date. Your membership renews on the 1st of each month. 

Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes! You can upgrade from Rise Essentials to Soar Premium at any time by logging into the Member Portal (you will set up a login when you join). The amount charged is pro-rata based on the length of time left on your membership.

Do you offer team memberships?

We sure do! Please get in touch with us with team numbers and we will organise an exclusive code for you and your team! Email us HERE.

How do I get showcased?

For all members, there are opportunities in the members Facebook group (eg. about you profiles and collective blog opportunities) and also through Sponsorship options that are released during the year. The are so many opportunities in the connections you can make through being active in the group and/or attending an event when you can.

For the Soar Premium membership, we have set opportunities where we showcase your business. Please have a look at the membership details above. We have a schedule to showcase our premium members each month.

For the Rise Essentials and Regional level memberships, this is through the directory.   The Rise Essentials membership allows you to build your membership as you grow and only access what you need.

Keep your eye on your Member News emails and the Facebook group for these opportunities.

It’s important to acknowledge that you will get out of your membership what you put in. Just having a directory listing and accessing one showcase opportunity will more than equal the value of your membership for the year.


Why is the Regional membership cheaper?

We have added a Regional membership to our lineup to recognise that while they have full online access, our Regional members may not be able to access as many events and other member benefit offers that those within or closer to the city can.

This is for those 100km+ from Adelaide CBD.

We plan to hit the road and visit our regional members areas 1-2 times per year and will organise an event or two while we are there, stay tuned for when we are in your local area.

How do I access the members Facebook group?

When you join up you will receive an email that gives you the low down on all things related to your membership.

If you can’t wait and want to get in asap after joining up, you can click HERE. (Please note: only Financial Members are added).


How do I receive communication from SA Woman?

The majority of our communication happens within the members Facebook group, however you will also receive regular member news emails from our Founder, Carly or our Head of Showcasing, Jess.

Your details are not provided to anyone outside of SA Woman and are kept confidential. You will only be emailed information that is relevant to our members.

How do events work? What if I can't go?

We provide numerous opportunities to attend in-person events throughout the year (dependent on Covid restrictions). Events are held mid-morning, evening and breakfasts during the week and are at varying price points. Occasionally, we will have a weekend event. 

Members receive a special Members’ Price on all events (dependent on membership level). Events will be posted on the SA Woman Facebook page and sent out in emails. 

We view events as an added bonus to your membership, so it is entirely up to you if you want to attend. It is certainly not expected, and we understand for some it can take some courage (we are super friendly and promise to look out for you if you decide to come along!). For some it is the highlight of their membership, for others just the online interaction provides them with the connections they need. 

I don't have my business yet / I work for an employer - can I still join?

Of course! We have a number of members who are in the early stages of business planning and use the group for inspiration and a place to seek advice. We also have a number who work in organisations, especially those in marketing/business manager roles where they would like to spread the word about the business they work for. We are here to support, connect & showcase ALL women in business in South Australia.

Are you registered for GST?

Yes, SA Woman is registered for GST. This will be itemised on your order and completed tax invoice.