On November 12, 2021 – we gathered upon Kaurna Country at the Adelaide Convention Centre for the SA Woman Awards, to celebrate the achievements of women in business in South Australia.

And, oh what a night!

We were joined by over 300 guests & the vibe was electric. Our Founder, Carly Thompson-Barry, kicked off the night with a rousing speech, and then the mix of shock, joy and pride as each winner was called out was just brilliant to witness. And seeing women supporting women in every single category & every corner of the room!

Our inaugural SA Woman Awards were held in 2018, and ever since then we have had more & more to cheer about!

From start-ups to employees to major businesses, our award categories recognise women who are excelling at all different stages of their business and career journey.

Women in all industries, businesses sizes and locations. Women of all backgrounds, family dynamic, colour, cultures and experience.

We are proud & excited to announce the Winners of the 2021 SA Woman Awards and share their acceptance speeches. 


Our Winners + Finalists

Rise Up Award


For a woman who has had a year of growth in their business.

Meet the Winner of the Rise Up Award for 2021 - Bec Hardy
  • Bec Hardy – Bec Hardy Wines
    Bec Hardy Wines is a family-owned wine business based in McLaren Vale & their premium wines are enjoyed across the world.


“Thank you so much to the SA Woman Awards and awards sponsors for this amazing honour. I’m so grateful to accept this Rise Up Award, especially in the company of the other outstanding finalists – congratulations to all of you for the great work that you do.

Since establishing Bec Hardy Wines in 2015, I’ve had a strong focus on creating an attractive workplace for people from all backgrounds and life experiences, offering flexible opportunities and championing women in a male-dominated industry.

As a proud, born and bred SA woman, I can’t ask for a higher recognition that this award – thank you!”

  • Emily Riggs – Iris and Wool
    Iris and Wool is a 100% Australian Merino Wool Fashion Label which is passionate about showcasing the journey from farm to fashion.


  • Kate Barnett + Natalie Jones – We Connect Property
    We Connect Property offers tailored real estate services & started because Natalie & Kate felt there had to be a better, more positive, client-driven approach to real estate.
  • Amanda Hollingsworth – AJ Holistic
    AJHolistic is dedicated to supporting people in a variety of settings to develop the skills needed to achieve set goals, whist promoting inclusion and advocacy and quality of life for people living with disabilities.

Emerging Woman in Business Award


For a woman with a business under 12 months old who has shown strength, courage and a determination to excel.

Meet the Winner of the Emerging Woman in Business Award for 2021 - Emily Bennett from That Hashtag Girl
  • Emily Bennett – That Hashtag Girl
    Emily helps businesses navigate social media and the whole world of hashtags so they can drive their business further!


“Wow what a thrill to be awarded the 2021 Emerging Woman in Business at the SA Woman Awards!

I spend a lot of time celebrating the amazing achievements of my clients that it’s quite a thrill to be able to sit back and celebrate my business! It’s been a big year so far in my businesses life with so many life lessons learnt and this award really is the icing on a pretty delicious cake.

Firstly I’d like to thank SA Woman Australia for not only running such a wonderful awards but also for creating a space where SA Women can come together and celebrate each other’s business achievements.

Thank you also to Louise from Pottering Around for sponsoring this category. Wonderful businesses like yours really do trailblaze the way for us newbies and encourage us to keep going.

It was a scary step to leave comfortable full time employment to go out and start That Hashtag Girl and one I simply wouldn’t have done without the help of my mentor Jo Schneider who pushed me to go out on my own with the simple words, “yeah look I reckon you should just do it!” Every day I’m thankful for your confidence and drive that helped me make the leap.

Thank you to my amazing partner Wes who picked up the slack and supported me so much, especially while I was working a full time job weekdays and a full time job after hours! Also to my trusty floofy four legged colleague Barry who never leaves my side no matter how loudly I bash the keyboard!

Thank you also to my family and friends who have offered advice, support and simply asked how the business was going. When you’re starting out just asking how things are going and being excited about my wins means so much so thank you all!

Most importantly thank you to all of my amazing clients, who have trusted me with their businesses social media and marketing. You are what makes being in business so great and I truly cherish every interaction I have with you all. I’m always getting off the phone or stepping out of a meeting thinking “Wow, how did I get so lucky to work with such lovely and inspiring people every day.” Here’s to another year of making magic together!”

  • Kristie Kemp – The Picnic Tribe
    Beautifully prepared & presented picnic experiences have made a ceremony of slowing down – sharing locally produced food & spending quality time with those we love.


  • Jodi Facy – Facy & Co.
    Jodi helps business owners better understand their financials, clarify their strategy, and confidently grow their business, the right way.
  • Lauren Lewis & Kara Copetti – Alora Conveyancing
    Our mission is to provide professional, specialised and accessible conveyancing solutions. Conveyancing is our business and our passion.

First Nations Woman in Business Award


For an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander woman who has had a year of growth in their business (for both new or established businesses).

Meet the Winner of the First Nations Woman in Business Award for 2021 - Rebecca Wessels from Ochre Dawn
  • Rebecca Wessels – Ochre Dawn
    Founder. CEO. Peramangk & Ngarrindjeri Proud. Former computer whizz turned creative dream maker. Committed to turning the everyday into a celebration of story and art.


“Thank you for awarding me this.

This award represents so much for me and for people like me.

This award is for those who had a childhood dream to run their own business, since watching in awe as their parent/s did so successfully.

This is for those who dream of making their side hustle an exhilarating career – and are up for leaving the comfort zone of their day job to do it.

This is for those who check their suit for baby vomit and play Eye of the Tiger in the car before heading into the boardroom to win that next big client.

This is for those who walk in two worlds each day as they seek to honour their cultural identity within their professional one.

This award is a moment to reflect on where I’ve come from and where I’m going.
It’s tough.
And exciting.
And exhausting.
And magnificent.

I’m so thankful to all those whom have been in my cheer squad along the way. You’ve encouraged me.

I’m thankful to those whom have challenged me. You’ve made me stronger.

I’m thankful to those whom have come before me. You’ve inspired me.

I’m proud to be a First Nations business woman. I’m proud to win this award. I would have been equally proud to have cheered for either of my sistas to win in my stead.

Again, thank you.”

  • Bianca Stawiarski – Warida Wholistic Wellness
    Warida Wholistic Wellness is an international Indigenous social enterprise providing unique mental health services to women around the world.


  • De Greer-Yindimincarlie – Yindi Artz / XcessFIT
    Yindi Artz – Authentic Aboriginal creations. This creative produces stunning authentic products from paintings, graphic design, textile design, hand made jewellery, & wood turned creations to edited movies, recorded soundtracks, & live performances that will bring a tear to your eye.

    Quiet Achiever Award

    PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: Angela Pickett Copywriter

    For a woman who has done phenomenal things consistently in business, but rarely toots her own horn.

    Meet the Winner of the Quiet Achiever Award for 2021 - Chloe Cocks from Roar Speech.
    • Chloe Cocks – Roar Speech
      Roar Speech are here to support & nurture children to become confident communicators, so that they can ROAR.


    “Wow, thank you so much to Carly & the SA Woman team for bringing fabulous women in business together to celebrate all that we offer in SA! To be a part of this celebration has been a truly humbling experience.

    I would like to thank my amazing team at ROAR. I would not be here without each of these truly brilliant and inspiring ladies. Day in and out they give their absolute all to support our wonderful children & their families providing the very best speech pathology services across Adelaide and the Fleurieu Peninsula.

    To my coach, Hayley Hall. What an incredible year we have had, growing our team from 3 to 8! I’ve learnt an astounding amount from you and would not be where I am today without your support, ideas, and gentle reminders of how far I’ve come and holding my vision for Roar in the forefront of all that we do.

    Finally, thank you to my family; Adam, my boys, mum and dad & in laws, for always believing me and supporting me through every happy moment, and also the more challenging ones… Running a small Business is not always easy, and without their support, love and guidance, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love to do. “

    • Alysha Sparks – Alysha Sparks Artist
      An impressionist artist who creates technicolour landscape and floral artwork, Alysha’s ethos is to make you feel happy & present.


    • Rachel Reiter – Hopscotch Branding Studio
      Heartfelt branding for flourishing online entrepreneurs that attracts their dream customers and aligns with their purpose led vision.
    • Kara Lambert – Kara Lambert
      Kara Lambert helps business motivate the people they rely so their business succeeds: clients, staff, & owners.

      Regional Woman in Business Award

      PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: Your Estate Lawyer

      For a regional woman in business who has created a thriving business and is an advocate for her community.

      Meet the Winner of the Regional Woman in Business Award for 2021 - Sandy Davis from Davo's Deli
      • Sandy Davis – Davo’s Deli
        We aim to provide all the community needs, from everyday takeaway and groceries to external catering and then we’ve also got the local post office services as an added bonus.


      “I would like to firstly acknowledge the amazing work that goes on behind the scenes by the whole SA Woman team to make these awards possible and bring such an amazing night together! Thankyou so much.

      I was so privileged to even be a finalist with the caliber of this years nominees I am blown away to be the winner of Regional woman in business. Thankyou to Your Estate Lawyer for their generous sponsorship for this award.

      As every person in business knows it takes more than one to make a business, it takes a team. Whether they are staff, family, or friends it takes a team. I have surrounded myself with supportive, honest and driven people who continue to inspire me with what they achieve and that helps drive me to push myself in so many areas of my life. I am coming into my 16th year of being a business owner and I still aim to grow, learn and better my management skills, my business and networking skills and my leadership skills. I cannot express how important self development is.

      I am so proud of what I have achieved aver the last 15 years, marriage, business owner, three children, separation, continuation of running this business with my ex husband and all of the curve balls life and business throws at you along the way.

      Compartmentalising work from personal was huge mental achievement for us in still being able to run a welcoming and safe space especially in times of stress for our community when they needed somewhere to gather and support each other.

      Lastly I’d like to thank that one man who in 2007 came into the shop in my first week of business and heard we were making some changes and told me I’d never make it work. Thankyou for unleashing the most stubborn part of me and that’s the part that when someone tells you you can’t, it so much more enjoyable when you do.”

      • Alison Meaney – Bukirk Glamping
        Bukirk Glamping is an Award Winning unique experience – providing bespoke, Adults Only Luxury Accommodation in the stunning Clare Valley.


      • Nicola Adams – Redwing Farm
        Redwing Farm offers visitors a taste of life on the land; a truly unique farm stay experience offering deluxe self-contained accommodation, function centre, animal interactions and Agri education.
      • Nan Berrett – Word Solutions
        We use our words, both written and spoken, to provide a wide range of services & mentoring to support to small business and local government.

      The Heart Award

      PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: Warida Wholistic Wellness

      For a business that has at it’s heart the needs of their local community (eg. Social enterprise/not for profit/community organisation).

      Meet the Winner of the Heart Award for 2021 - Dinah Thomasset-Hearn from Villagehood Australia
      • Dinah Thomasset-Hearn – Villagehood Australia
        Villagehood Australia is a not-for-profit centre for mothers located in Adelaide with the aim to expand nationally (first in different locations in SA then interstate).


      “Firstly, I would like to acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land I live and work on, the Kaurna people, and all First Nations people across Australia.

      It is such an honour to have been nominated amongst so many inspirational women and to accept the SA Woman Heart Award.

      Thank you to the judges and the people who voted, for acknowledging the importance of building a village of support to protect the mental health of mothers and advocating for their rights.

      For those who don’t know me, I am Dinah Thomasset Hearn, an advocate for mothers and the founder of Villagehood Australia, a not-for-profit centre for mothers based in Adelaide.

      Villagehood Australia was launched in March 2020 and despite all the challenges we have faced due to the global pandemic, we kept going – one small step at a time – because of a story you may have heard before.

      Today, as my acceptance speech, I would like to tell you more about that story.

      This is the story of a mum who wasn’t prepared to become a mum,

      The story of a mum who is struggling with anxiety & depression,

      The story of a mum who thinks she is failing as both a woman and a mum,

      The story of a mum who believes she is not enough,

      The story of a mum who feels lost and isolated despite being loved by her family and friends,

      The story of a mum who wishes to enjoy motherhood more but finds it so hard at times,

      The story of a mum who loves her children unconditionally but doesn’t want to “mum” all the time,

      The story of a mum who wants to be better for herself and her family,

      The story of a mum who is setting healthy boundaries around her,

      The story of a mum who feels empowered to speak up and stand tall,

      The story of a mum who holds space for other mums so they can feel safe too,

      The story of a mum who is on a journey to become more and whole again,

      The story of a mum who will help change the world we live in.

      This is the story of a “woman who mums”.

      This is your story.

      This is my story.

      This is our story.

      And our story is our voice.

      With your help, we can amplify our voice so we are heard.

      With your help, we can join conversations that will impact the life of so many mums.

      With your help, we can create a better reality for all South Australian families and communities.

      With your help we can be change to lead the change.

      Join Villagehood Australia and help us extend that village of support.

      Because our story matters, our voice matters.

      We – women who mum – matter.”

      • Heleen Roex – Doctors for Nutrition
        Doctors For Nutrition is an independent registered charity advocating for whole food plant-based nutrition for optimal health throughout Australia and New Zealand.


      • Sabrina Davis – Stories for Impact
        As an award-winning storyteller with a background in Brand PR and Marketing, I can help you make an authentic connection with your customers or target audience.
      • Coralie Bubner – Creating Community Locally
        I support people with disabilities and their families to achieve their goals and to connect with the local community.

      Young Woman in Business Award

      PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: The Carers Place

      For a woman under 30 (as at 1 July 2021) who has started her own business and shown personal growth, tenacity, determination and an entrepreneurial spirit.

      Meet the Winner of the Young Woman in Business Award for 2021 - Emma Duncan from Halo Hair Collective
      • Emma Duncan – Halo Hair Collective
        Halo Hair Collective – a sustainable, professional salon with a team culture like no other.


      “I am still in shock that I won and feel very very blessed!

      Firstly, I would like to thank Carly & the amazing team at SA Woman for creating such an amazing, accepting & incredible business built on the foundation of women supporting women. I feel so blessed to be a part of this journey moving forward.

      Thank you to my gorgeous, supportive, hard-working, extremely talented, amazing team: Fab, Sam, Liv, Jess, Talia & Taylah. Having them in this business makes every day incredible. I have never met a more like-minded, driven bunch of ladies in this industry and we are absolutely in awe of the work they do & the environment they create for our clients.

      I will always believe that HHC has a team culture like no other. I’ll never take any of my team for granted. They are the soul of this salon, and I love them all ENDLESSLY.

      Thank you to our NAK Hair tribe for always believing in us. Having the incredible colour techs & brand reps that we do with this amazing Australian company makes this job/business so much more enjoyable. Jess & Emma- you guys ROCK & thank you so much for having faith that HHC can and will do big things for the hair industry.

      Lastly, but mostly- my husband Fraser. He has been my biggest & best support from day one. When all of this started as a little idea (that grew quite rapidly) he was by my side helping me & our growing team in any way that he could. Fraser, who owns his own electrical business Evolve Electrical SA, knew a lot about business before we started HHC. He has taught me so much, and I will be forever grateful for what he continues to do. He is a wonderful father to our children & a wonderful businessman too.

      Winning SA Young Business Woman of the year is just- WOW. I am truly humbled. I am proud of myself, & blessed that I have the best village of supporting people around me that make what I do possible.


      • Courtney Schultz – ASD Support and Education
        A business offering a self written, uniquely tailored social and emotional program implemented for children on the Autism Spectrum Disorder.


      • Chelsea Whitbread – Le Dance Performing Arts
        Le Dance is a performing arts school based in Trott Park, sharing a vibrant and vivacious community, which we are proud to provide a safe and supportive environment where students can thrive.
      • Terri Williams – Clever Fox Creative
        Based in the heart of Adelaide, we work with clients around Australia who are ethical, visionary, and have a compelling story to tell.

      The Disabled Woman in Business Award

      PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: The Growing Space

      For a disabled woman in business who has created a growing business and contributes to the positive conversation about disabled people at work (through deliberate campaigns or simply by leading through example).

      Meet the Winner of the Disabled Woman in Business Award for 2021 - Keli Doubikin from Spiral Co-ordination
      • Keli Doubikin – Spiral Coordination
        Spiral Coordination pride themselves on helping people living with a disability, their family & the community to navigate the NDIS & live as independently as possible.


      “OMG I am absolutely gobsmacked!

      It was an honour to be nominated, even more so to be named a finalist. To be named the inaugural 2021 Disabled Woman in Business has to one of the biggest things to happen in my world, especially this year.

      This year has seen some of my biggest hurdles, on both the personal and professional front.

      My world is pretty crazy and I juggle so many balls so to be recognised for all this hard work is quite humbling.

      But in all honestly, I wouldn’t be able to achieve any of it without the AMAZING Spiral Coordination team who have my back, who share my passion and who I truly adore.

      Without my AMAZING parents, whose unwavering belief and encouragement I wouldn’t have even achieved half of it.

      My kids, who are my WHY!, they are the reason I get up every morning and why I fight for the system to change, for people to live as independently as possible, to achieve anything they set their minds to because they deserve a life where their disability is their superpower and not their curse.”

      • Natalie Wade – Equality Lawyers
        Equality Lawyers provides a premium legal service to people with disabilities, their families & supporters.


      • Helen Edwards – Australian Bookish Shop
        Dr Helen Edwards is an author of books for children & teens, an award-winning blogger & founder of The Australian Bookish Shop.
      • Alinta Neumann – Macey + Me
        Macey + Me creates custom, personalised laser engraving and cutting to suit many different needs delivered with care, love & pride.

      The Backbone Award

      PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: Bully’s Meats

      For a woman in business who is the backbone of the family business or place of employment. Recognising the valuable contributions of women – even if they aren’t the listed business owner, because without them the business would not run nor operate as smoothly.

      Meet the Winner of the Backbone Award for 2021 -  Jodie Hawkes from Bowhill Engineering
      • Jodie Hawkes – Bowhill Engineering
        Bowhill Engineering build heavy & complex structures that matter – 15 bridges on the North-South Expressway & 4 steel-hulled ferries for the River Murray – contributing to the success of our region & our state.


      “This award is not only about an acknowledgement of me or my achievements. Winning this award, for me, is a wonderful tool, to leverage my position within our region. Showcasing that a female, from a small business, in regional Australia, in a male dominated industry, who is a mother of four, is capable of making a difference – to her business, to her region.

      It gives me credibility to what I’m trying to achieve via my role as Chair of Regional Development Australia Murraylands Riverland. To all those people who I coach & mentor and to those small businesses I listen and give advice to this award would be validation for them.

      It gives confirmation, that one small person, can make a difference and hopefully it gives someone out there the courage and determination to forge their own path and create their own story.

      To my husband, who often wonders why I put so much on myself, telling me, “I’m my own worst enemy”, validation for us, that juggling work, parenthood and our marriage isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it. That sometimes putting others before us, isn’t my long-term goal, but it’s what I feel I need to do right now, whilst I have a calling of something to give.

      To my kids, who think the laptop is attached to me. Who I hold accountable and to a very high standard, and bring them up with a sense of gratitude, rather than that of entitlement, it isn’t easy, and that motherhood has been my hardest job, but also definitely the most rewarding as well. That my hard work and dedication has been recognised at a personal level, not just at an industry level.

      To our business clients, that when we have a purpose of “Together we Thrive” that we mean it. One of our core competencies of “Committed to the Community” arn’.t just words, it’s a way of life, it’s in our DNA.

      To our male dominated blue collar staff, that running a business isn’t easy and not always profitable, but that we are only as strong as our weakest link in the chain and that I rely on their commitment and support, just as much as they need me to process the payroll. That we aim for win/win solutions, that keep all stakeholders happy & engaged.

      To me, when sometimes during my sleepless nights, when I question my own WHY, that all that really matters is that hole-heartedly I’m true to myself and that I try to help others forge their own path.

      And lastly, to my mum, who is my role model she’s the true winner here and taught me how to have a backbone, she is selfless and committed to her community, she’s tough but supportive, and has always encouraged me to be the best version of me, my true authentic self.”

      • Tracey Gordon – JVS Bodyworks
        JVS Bodyworks is a Vehicle Collision Centre with a highly regarded brand known for being dynamic, progressive & customer-centric.


      • Rebecca Bendikov – Lumination & Beam Camp
        Lumination works with Government, Education, Defence, and Industry to build and implement advanced immersive learning technology, improving workplace capabilities and preparing learners for jobs of the future.
      • Rebbecca Giannone – Spizzico Fine Foods
        Spizzico Fine Foods has a strong passion for food and culture, with the best quality products around!

      The Mum in Business Award


      For a woman who is juggling motherhood and business and shown great growth in their business in the last 12 months.

      Meet the Winner of the Mum in Business Award for 2021 - Maggie Dmochowski
      • Maggie Dmochowski – Adelaide Bakes
        The most supportive & engaging baking & decorating classes encouraging you to develop your skills, confidence, & individual style.


      “I am so honoured and blessed to receive the Mum in Business Award for 2021!! 🎉

      Thank you so much to Carly and the amazing team behind SA Woman who have made this all possible!

      I feel so blessed that I’m able to combine motherhood with business.

      I started Adelaide Bakes when my firstborn was 4 months old and sleeping in 45-minute blocks.

      I found my studio while my toddler was napping in the car.

      I found out I was pregnant again one month after signing a 5-year commercial lease.

      I built my business between nap times, feeds, and nappy changes because I had a driving desire to create a business on my own terms.

      I am a mother and a business owner and I love both roles tremendously.

      I want every parent out there who has a burning desire to start a business, who is listening to training and podcasts in nap times, who is making plans while feeding, whose baby isn’t sleeping through the night yet, but you have the ambition to start or grow a business, you can totally do it.

      Surround yourself with the right people, be kind to yourself, ask for help, find a mentor and just go for it.

      Being a mum in business has its challenges but I feel so fulfilled every day.

      What a blessing.

      I could not do this without the wonderful support of my family, my fiancee Kyle, kidlets, Alex & Maddles and our family who have always supported me in every way to achieve my goals.

      And finally, I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who nominated me, voted for me, and supports me every day to build such a wonderful community.

      You’re all so amazing and I am so honoured to share this journey with you!

      Thank you.”

      • Beck Woodland – Inky Soda
        I create art that I love & turn it into high quality handmade ink & resin jewellery that make other women feel happy & good about themselves.


      • Mary-Jane McArdle – McArdle Projects
        McArdle Projects is a custom home builder specialising in energy efficient homes that are more comfortable to live in & cost less to run.
      • Rachelle Lessue – Tangled Kids Hair Care
        Home to the Dream Detangler Brush, exclusive Deter and Detangle Sprays, new Organic and Vegan range of hair/body products & the biggest range of colourful hair accessories (bows, korkers, scrunchies and claw clips) in Australia.
      • Alice Pennington – Paliant Design
        Paliant Design in an Adelaide based design studio, creating better & more functional design that perfectly aligns with your brand & connects with your customers.

      The Innovator Award

      PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: Webb Software

      For a woman who has created a business that shows innovation in an existing industry or new concept.

      Meet the Winner of the Innovator Award for 2021 - Yovanka Loria of Yovanka Loria
      • Yovanka Loria – Yovanka Loria
        Yovanka Loria is a multi-faceted company, comprised of a boutique salon, signature line of luxury hand-tied hair extensions & exceptional education.


      “Winning this award signifies a lot for me – it’s for every single girl who was told no. It’s for every immigrant parent that had to fight to build a better life for their children.

      It’s for every girl that got told they weren’t enough, or in my case ‘you’re just a hairdresser’ For every girl who got told they were too uneducated, too inexperienced and were too different – this award signifies that anything really is possible!

      What an honour it is to be a part of an incredible calibre of women in business. I really believe in women empowering women and helping each other out. Thank you for bringing this amazing event together to celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

      I’ve been working on my career for a long time (precisely 29 years, but who’s counting), always evolving and changing up my direction to stay with the times. It’s nice when everything aligns and your hard work is recognised. I hope by winning this award, I can encourage other women to persevere in with their dreams.

      I would like to thank my husband and business partner, Vlad, who has always believed and supported me from day one. He stepped in to facilitate our rapidly growing business and team and helped me overcome the many challenges that presented themselves throughout this journey. Vlad, you really are the best partner and father I could ask for.

      My incredible, resilient little humans; David and Teya. Mummy loves you and hopes to encourage you to follow your dreams and don’t be afraid to try something new. I love you for all your support and understanding of the sacrifices we’ve had to make.

      Thank you to my hardworking, funny as hell and supportive team. We all knew from day one we were making an impact by restoring confidence in women. I couldn’t have pulled this off without their dedication, attention to detail and exceptional work ethic and I am so very grateful for them. This appreciation extends to my mentors and colleagues who have helped, advised and supported me along the way.

      A huge thank you to all our incredible clients who believed and trusted us from day one and really helped push us forward. We truly cherish each and every one of you! The reward that comes from our makeovers has become everything to me, my team and our community.

      Lastly, I can’t thank my fellow hairstylists enough for taking a chance on me. Our industry has been massively undervalued, and I feel very grateful to have this opportunity to share a little of my experience and journey with so many amazing, talented hairstylists. The impact this has had on so many already, assures me we have found our purpose and we are only just getting started.”

      • Bianca McLean – The Pond Swim Centre
        The Pond Swim Centre sets itself apart from other swim schools by combining the latest technology & 100% natural minerals for a healthier swim in a boutique, calming environment.


      • Fiona Ahern – Intermix Workforce
        Intermix Workforce is a digital platform offering an agile based contingent HR workforce for businesses.
      • Crystle Range – Luna Boutique Massage Caravan
        A luxury mobile massage caravan that provides stress-relieving & calming treatments for events, functions, parties, corporate, weddings & more in Adelaide & surrounding regions.

      The Leadership Award

      PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: Wine Angels Australia

      For a woman who has demonstrated exceptional leadership, overcome challenges, shown determination and exemplified team spirit – in a business or organisation.

      Meet the Winner of the Leadership Award for 2021 - Deb Penaluna from DEWC Services
      • Deb Penaluna – DEWC Services Pty Ltd
        DEWC Services is a defence consultancy organisation providing sovereign capability within the STEM domains of ISREW, where our passion is helping the ADF achieve mission success and bring defence people home safely.


      “I would like to thank SA Woman for showcasing women in business and providing a platform where together, we can celebrate the remarkable achievements of so many women. The SA Woman team have done an awesome job of creating such a spectacular celebratory worthy event, particularly with the restrictions we have all been living with over the last 2 years.

      I would also like to congratulate all of the nominees and finalists. You have been recognised by your teams, customers, friends, communities and families because you are doing work that is valued and makes a difference to them. You are all great examples of what women are capable of achieving. Well done!

      I would like to recognise my phenomenal work team who nominated me. They are the most fabulous group of people who each bring individual uniqueness and strengths to our team to achieve our common purpose. They are a phenomenal group who continuously go above and beyond for which I am very grateful. We achieve together, so this award is definitely because of, and for you.

      Thank you to my wonderful husband, Al, who is always a source of inspiration, strength and encouragement. You are one-of-a-kind. Thank you for being you.

      Finally, my favourite phrase at the moment is “growth and comfort do not co-exist”, so ladies, let’s keep following our dreams and convictions, seize opportunities as they arise, break through the glass ceilings, celebrate and achieve amazing things together.”



      • Caroline Phillips – District Council of Karoonda East Murray
        In addition to being the Mayor, I sit on several regional and State Boards, am an active community volunteer, & run two small businesses (Caroline Phillips Consulting & a farming partnership).
      • Amanda Ewbank – Pebble and Palm
        Amanda is founder of Pebble & Palm Interiors, a homewares store specialising in coastal, boho and tropical styling. She also leads a a complex program of work across the IT function at SAPOL.

      The Allrounder Award

      PROUDLY SPONSORED BY: SA Woman Australia

      For a woman who has excelled in a number of areas and shown persistence and dedication to their role and has overcome hurdles.

      Meet the Winner of the Allrounder Award for 2021 - Libby Trainor Parker from Expressions Media
      • Libby Trainor Parker – Expressions Media
        Libby is a writer, speaker, performer, venue manager & women’s health advocate who is dedicated to educating, informing & empowering through entertainment.


      “A close business colleague once said to me, ‘Surround yourself with women who will mention your name in a room full of opportunities. At the SA Woman Awards, I heard an entire function room of people praising, recommending, referring, complimenting and congratulating. That’s the culture I want to be a part of. That’s the roomful I have been searching for.

      To be a nominated for a SA Woman Award in the Allrounder category was an absolute honour. To be a finalist alongside a lineup of smart, successful businesswomen was a privilege. To receive the award was a highlight of my professional life.

      Thank you SA Woman. Thank you to the community and thank you to the nominees and finalists. I am so grateful to be a part of this wonderful culture of positive, hard-working and inspiring people. Thank you so much and cheers to all of the nominees, finalists and award recipients. Let’s keep lifting each other up and mentioning each other’s names in a room full of opportunities.”

      • Lauren Whiting – LIFT Cancer Care Services
        Lift Cancer Care Services is a centre providing cancer patients with evidence based allied health treatments to improve their health outcomes.


      • Amy Van Dyk – Advance Behavioural Training
        This Dog Behavioural Training and Doggy daycare centre is run by a team that is passionate about supporting & guiding you & your dog to have a happy, healthy relationship.
      • Madeeha Usman – The Kalculators
        This team of award winning accountants provide affordable accounting solutions to clients across South Australia with 8 offices across SA.