Supporting you and your business

“It takes a village to raise a successful business.

Your Village is here. Let’s soar together”.

Cluttered. Confused. Jumbled. Scattered. Full. Unsure where to start. Self-Doubt. Fear. Procrastination.

Running a business can be a huge undertaking, not to mention daunting. Whether you are just beginning or been on the path for a while, there are times that you just need an opportunity to figure out where to go next. The rollercoaster of highs and lows can sometimes leave us exhausted. You may be waking up in the middle of the night with a full mind. You may be scrolling the socials or your emails trying to feel productive,  but not actually getting anywhere. You may be holding back on putting yourself out there, because you just aren’t sure what you are even offering!

If only someone could help you gain some clarity, so you can figure out the next step! If only someone could hold space for you to get it all out, in a safe, non-judgmental, encouraging space!

That’s where the support arm of SA Woman comes in. Sweeps you under it’s wing and helps you to rise above and soar in business!

In addition to our diverse community of women offering a range of services (check out our directory HERE), you can also work 1:1 or in small groups with our founder Carly Thompson-Barry. She will help make sense of your ideas take you under her wing and nurture you towards the business you have been dreaming of.

The Circle

SMALL GROUP business nurturing

An affordable group session designed to help you work ON your business not just in it. Meet monthly to reflect, set goals and plan for the month ahead. While accessing support and sharing the journey with a small group of other women in business. Let’s rise and soar together!

Current sessions (held once per month refer to facebook events for dates):

Thursday 9:30am – Seaton
Friday 9:30am – Southern Adelaide (Coming Soon)

Open to Members only.

Investment: $88/month (incl. GST)

business nurturing

1:1 Sessions

These 1:1 sessions are either a full focus on you and your business or a quick dive into a specific area. Together we will braindump and brainstorm. Mindmap or list make. We will review your business and set tasks to work on moving you from feeling unsure where to go next, to clear and in control – all while considering body, soul and business. So you have the clarity and next steps you need to Soar!

Open to Members Only.

Investment: 45mins – $165 per session. (incl. GST)
Investment: 90mins – $295 per session. (incl. GST)


Who is Carly Thompson-Barry?

Carly is the founder of SA Woman and has been a business owner for the last 11 years, all while juggling careers, study and family. As a multi-passionate woman in business (she is a personal trainer and also created Australia’s first coworking space with onsite creche!), she knows what it’s like to have oodles of ideas. But she also knows how to make sense of them. She is passionate about building businesses on a strong foundation and having an action plan to move forward. She loves to work with those in the early stages of their business journey, or those who have been in the game for a while, but are ready for change.

Carly is a big believer that we are the most important assets to our business, so her mentoring style is to help you create a business that compliments your personal situation and your lifestyle goals. She believes one style or strategy, does not fit all and that your uniqueness should be celebrated. Her holistic approach of body, soul and business helps women to flourish and soar for the long-term – not just today.

You can find her LinkedIn profile HERE. Want to know more beyond the business? She regularly shares the real and raw journey of business on the SA Woman Australia facebook page and her personal blog page, She Nurtures.

how do sessions work? am i locked in?

Clarity 1:1 Mentoring Sessions are booked as you need them. Simply complete the form to organise your time. Session structure is centred around your needs, so each session will be as individual as the next. Payment is required prior to your scheduled session. 

Ambition sessions are a monthly offering, the most benefit is gained from attending regularly to keep accountable and consistent. Places are limited to 6 women, and are opened as a space becomes available. You will be provided with a playbook to either download or complete at the session.

There are no minimum lock-in periods, however you do need to advise Carly by the 15th of the month prior if you do not wish to continue. 


Where are sessions held?

Sessions are held in-person at the SA Woman HQ office at Seaton. Regional areas are also visited and can be requested. 

A travel fee of $50 applies if you would like an in-office or in-home visit in the metro Adelaide area.